Dear heaven I wish you miss me Dec 21❤️

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  • sayitsme 27w

    It's already another year again ,

    I hope you're coming back soon...


  • sayitsme 27w

    Only if I could tell
    how innocent your eyes are,
    I guess I can fill an ocean about it

  • sayitsme 33w

    I don't know how you've enjoyed your childhood as. But I promise I'll give her every happiness you've missed sorely.

  • sayitsme 34w

    As days passes

    The light from my window
    tickles my cheeks with an innocent greet
    The wind, my cheeks have just felt
    Brought the rain to my eyes

    It's been awhile for you've gone for a while
    I'm left with hopes evergreen forever
    As days passes I've left the light agone
    The obsessions for attempting the illusion

    You say you'll come as for now it's late
    I say you stay in the place you have
    I promise nothing would ever stay the same
    As promises never remained my name

    As days passes , a new wish inside me
    Urges to come and visit this place
    I've derived it for a year
    But I feel it deserves a mere sight

    As days passes my wishes uprises
    Old would stay , but the new won't wait
    They wouldn't meet the half way
    Like the way my does for you

    Tash L.bhutia

  • sayitsme 34w


    I lost my home long ago
    I lost my shadow now
    I lost the laughter behind my tears
    The music that played in my face
    I'm manifesting the glorious time of the years
    When I had enough to see
    I feel no present , past has already gone
    I feel no gratitude to my life
    I'm sorry I failed running with time

    Time has always been cruel to me
    Your presence won't matter
    And nor does mine,
    But his presence is always real
    The presence the life runs with.

    Tashi L.bhutia

  • sayitsme 34w

    I live in my dreams, why do you care about reality?

    Close your eyes , you'll find me right
    Dream what I dream is a new reason
    Your life devoid of temptations
    Dear, make yourself a little innocent
    And you'll find your life way too short
    To fit your realities in

    The more you think
    The more you sink
    This ocean has no life for you
    I hope you've got no reasons to reason it out
    As for life itself is smart
    Life is no science but yes literature
    Forgot about science but yes literature

    I live in my dreams
    why do you care about reality?
    Footprints I'll leave will never
    leave this land,
    They'll live the life of stars
    Still if you think it's a thing to worry?
    Then I'll walk my way , dear travaller
    I'm sorry

    Tashi L. Bhutia

  • sayitsme 34w

    You are the reason
    to write my all my heart out
    And why my papers
    gets bedizened beautifully


  • sayitsme 34w

    A more love

    All the 4 moons we've been together is enough to spend thousand years of wait. Our love never grows old here , as we are forever Young. This journey started and now there's no point of return. I will kill this night and you bring the sunrise. We shall plant a new life together.
    No matter how far you stay, how long your destination is . I shall reach it so easily . I shall visit my heart then.
    You brought me your love , showered my life and now I again want it back .
    I have countless questions to ask.
    And yet hundred more to go. But would you be here standing? Stiff, husky and matured enough the same?.
    I am a complete sense of innocence , I know nothing about this . You told me one day , I will be teaching love to you more perfectly you'll ever do. And really now, you give me a puzzle a myriad one, I shall give no sigh , and here's your answer.
    Teaching and learning journey of this process is beautiful, but beautiful still if I could show you my enlightenment darling!.

    I love you my heaven


  • sayitsme 34w

    You feel golden

    I see the days opening black
    And the stars no more bright
    Give me the light of thou eyes
    Give me a wish to lighten those stars
    I'm a keen wisher of those beloved eyes
    I've seen a wisher of those solves desires
    I never felt my eld sweeter
    I'll spend my years with you
    So it's sweeter


  • sayitsme 34w

    Time never turned old to me
    My wait feels young to me
    You come here someday
    Read this love for someone
    You come over tonight
    Stay,and forget the way you've came
    Darling! Never make me wait
    to tell you how much I love you
    Never make me write like such.