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  • sayuki 15h

    Far yet near

    Different countries, miles apart
    Same old gossip
    Same old laughs
    So far but never apart

    PS - We're just a phone call away

  • sayuki 3w

    Little snow

    Dance Like a little Snowflake
    Red as Rudolph's nose
    With a smile brighter than the north star.

  • sayuki 8w

    When you think someone is your support
    Who's always on your side
    Who encouraged you to do your best
    It's a good feeling
    You want to get their approval and show them your progress or achievements
    Even though it may be small it's something you've raked your brain and tried your best at...
    And when you go to them to share your happiness with the people who encouraged you to try your best
    When they just dismiss you
    And act as if I'm troubling them by just telling them the news
    And make you feel small..
    It hurts...
    It really really hurts...

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    It Hurts

    What you hear isn't always what's true...
    Don't always believe what they tell you...even if you trust them...

  • sayuki 8w

    People say, push through the hard times.
    But what if the hard times never end,
    What if there's something new that keeps coming, that keeps pushing you to the breaking point..
    A moment of rest, is just a moment.
    Why should you settle for a moment...

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    What's the damn point...

    Why live life to suffer?
    Why live in suffering for 80% of your life just so that you hope to one day enjoy the rest of the 20%.
    Is it really worth it?
    I mean what's the point...
    Life is life.
    If You're alive then live.
    But why bother trying... Just to get hurt even more...

  • sayuki 8w

    A Parents heartfelt approval and appreciation is something we'll never get in our lives...
    It's never enough
    #parents #approval #notenough

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    Giving in

    Don't try to please your parents
    Cause no matter how much you try...
    They'll ask why you couldn't do something at that moment..
    Forgetting everything you've done in the past

  • sayuki 9w

    #manga #anime #life #mundane #normal #pod
    Anyone else? What do u do when u want to get away from reality?

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    In a day
    80% of my emotions consists of depressing thoughts..
    10% spent wondering why I'm having those thoughts..
    10% trying to cheer myself up by reading manga...
    Ah..well that's fine!

  • sayuki 9w

    Too much

    It doesn't take much to make me happy..
    At the same time,
    It doesn't take much to make me angry either...

  • sayuki 11w


    Some Words cut deep like a knife, twisted onto your heart..
    When you feel your chest squeezed painfully..
    Our brain can't seem to figure out how to make the pain go away
    So we clench our hands to our hearts hoping to protect it...
    It feels worse when it's from someone whom you trust...
    You can see a physical knife coming but an emotional one comes at the most unexpected times...

  • sayuki 12w

    Nostalgia... probably

    Are you the type to think about something you said or did and feel so embarrassed and beat yourself up about it...
    even though it's something you said 3 years ago...
    Just me? No?

  • sayuki 12w

    #love #amorist #mirakewrites #comfort #yearning #warmth
    In the end, everyone is searching for a place to feel loved...a safe heaven...

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    Searching for that sense of comfort,
    Wrapped up in a cocoon of your arms..
    Makes me feel a safe heaven,
    Wanting to stay forever...
    The Slow kisses at the break of dawn,
    Your sleepy eyes grinning up at me..
    Moves my heart like the ocean breeze...