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  • scrawled_soul_ 47w

    You are affable,
    I cannot get away with my affray.
    Never thought we were compatible,
    Forget about forever we used to say.

    But the day you proposed me,
    That idiot smile of yours,
    Your hair swaying in airy,
    Forced me to be eternally yours.

    The chimera of love,
    Seemed to be true in the jiffy.
    The maniac of the moment,
    Left people thinking something was fishy.

    The assurance of 'us',
    It would end never.
    When everyone leaves,
    It would be you, me & forever.

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    You, Me & Forever


  • scrawled_soul_ 55w

    Live in the Moment.

    moon come and shine,
    It is already half past nine,
    I finished dinner of mine,
    I think it's time to rhyme.

    For quite a long now,
    There is a void,
    My pen seems to be paralysed,
    And my ink dried.

    Thoughts of quitting flood my mind,
    All sort of negativity struck mankind,
    For I don't see hope to write,
    Maybe it's time to wind.

    As I gear up to wrap,
    I see some stars up there,
    Then just beneath them I see lives,
    Lives who do not care about surrounding anywhere.

    Sparkling eyes, beautiful smiles.
    For them the moment is the truth,
    They live in the jiffy,
    Not agitated by any forthcoming despair.

    I think we adults are sleuth,
    Following the trails of anguish,
    It's time to learn from the youth,
    The delight of moment, which is the truth.


  • scrawled_soul_ 60w

    Beloved spring,
    Jesus promised to make everything new one day.
    However that day is yet to come.
    So I shall call up on you.
    Give us a glimpse of new beginnings.

    Rejuvenate mother Earth.
    Let the fluttering creatures fill the void in the sky.
    Let new ones sing in unison.
    Let the flowers bloom.
    Let the leaves grow.

    For, it is time.
    Time to let go the chills.
    Time to put off the hearth.
    Time to see the sun.
    Time to let you flourish.

    Time, for the new beginnings.

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    At 12:30 P.M. ,
    Winter called.


  • scrawled_soul_ 61w

    What's being happy?

    What's being happy?
    Is it then when you're lucky?
    Or when you're shabby?

    Being with loving people?
    Sharing love and care,
    trusting each other,
    with equal shares.

    Being hurt?
    Being a spooky dust.
    But moving on & enjoying ,
    from the lessons learnt.

    Being a traveller?
    With hopes of seeing the world,
    Meeting new people,
    & love for wanderlust.

    All about being happy
    is a state of mind.
    In calmness and peace,
    is being happy.

  • scrawled_soul_ 63w

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    Alone i stood for the longest journey,
    when some people got my back.

    While I had some faults,
    they Fulfilled where I lacked.

    In the difficult situations and easiest of all,
    they helped me not fall.

    Celebrated the joyous days with vigour and zeal,
    sat holding my hand in emotional reels.

    Taking revenge for my insults,
    bothering me for my results.

    Friends make life colourful,
    friendship is indeed beautiful!

  • scrawled_soul_ 63w

    The beauty of misery!

    Humans! So busy in abstinence of misery,
    often snub it's beauty.
    For, it is not only abrasive,
    but it's beauty is elusive
    & continually reclusive.

  • scrawled_soul_ 63w

    Since the arrival of covid-19 , we have been suffering. So here are my thoughts carved into words!

    P.S. wear mask and maintain social distancing!

    Stop being abhorrent,
    Why putting lives on stake?
    Everyone prays for your abate,
    What will be your ultimate fate?
    From the new born infants to the ones in their 80s, you didn't leave any.
    Affected everyone's life abnormally.
    Oh yes! We've learner to live with you,
    But deep down we all want you shooed.
    At first some were sceptical about your presence,
    You made them sureby your literal appearance.
    People tried to recede,
    But you took them into your virtue indeed.
    I had never thought I would face a pandemic at this age,
    Corona, you did bring to us, our life's different stage.

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