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  • seher_khan 53w

    Prisoned in our own homes and
    have lost many of our beloved
    ones as this crisis has made our
    days bleak and nights suffocating
    but we have still somewhere flick
    on the light of hope in the corner
    of our hearts that things will get
    changed and yes, Indeed! ❤️

    - Seher Khan

  • seher_khan 55w

    Don't regret for the people for whom you tried your best to be soft hearted and loving but they couldn't understand you or they did but couldn't show you, so just move and and never turn back to them.


  • seher_khan 66w

    The End

    And then Romeo end it by lying about his feelings that he ever had.

  • seher_khan 73w

    "The man was fascinated from outside but had a venom in his heart"

  • seher_khan 75w

    So homophobes are another fucking crisis on earth now

  • seher_khan 75w

    By unknown writer

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    Discrimination,racism,harassment and traumas can be faced by all males,females,commons and neuters.
    So better if we all come together to fight against such problems rather waiting for such things to occur with us.

  • seher_khan 76w

    By unknown writer

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    Indians be like:
    I don't understand Hindi: "awe how cute"
    I don't understand English: "shame on you"

  • seher_khan 77w

    I don't diet
    I don't hide
    I don't care
    I just eat
    Fatty products are still my favourite
    Dude if you'll teach me a lesson of being dietician
    I'll throw you from where you have came

  • seher_khan 78w

    It's better to leave some reasons untold for keeping distances.

  • seher_khan 78w

    Treat them the way they treat you.