let's meet there somewhere...

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  • seraphic_pristine 69w

    I too want to be

    I too want to be famous
    ride in the most splendid car
    walk with the hair of wavy rush
    live in a castle away so far

    I too want to be in everyone's mind
    singing and earning million's of hearts
    nostalgic a bit and also kind
    ruling the world with different arts

    I too wish to have body so slender
    curve on the top and narrow in the center
    carrying the most beautiful dress
    leaving behind the traces of my grace

    I too want to be in someone's song
    lyrics of love of him I'll lend
    notes of it shall forever stay young
    half written lyrics , for them I'll mend

    I too want to build castles in the air
    to walk on the ocean and over the sea
    caring not about any thoughts and care
    a life to be lived but only for me

  • seraphic_pristine 70w

    Life's hug

    I get my happiness where I can
    Oncoming death is terrible enough
    but worse still is its time to spare
    Life is the best reward
    Death the hardest truth to bare

    Things that were mine
    and happiness that might have been mine
    Really becomes clear to me
    but I fail to find myself
    As Ive failed myself by living in a misery
    Everything now becomes clear to me
    I see with an utter lucidity
    all that now Im losing

    Yet I have my heart filled
    and a smile on my face
    I own life, I've owned home
    I own death , agonies yet to come
    I've lived my life
    Life now I have to leave
    Gratitude towards my life
    Life now I have to sleep

  • seraphic_pristine 70w

    My little one (my baby)

    You are my sunshine
    You are my life
    You are the reason why
    I'm still alive,

    How are you doing there?
    Is the place a bit small
    You've got to wait and also take care
    tryna live with your mate placenta I call

    World out here is a bit strange
    HUGE unlike the place you live
    You should make the habit of this change
    This shall be the place where now you'll sleep

    I'll tug you with my arms
    I'll hug you with my heart
    Darlin' I'll save you from every harms
    Nothing for you shall ever get hard

    Bunny bears, clumsy sloth
    soft stuffed pillows
    I have to give you a lot
    Dresses, shoes, castles even the world
    Candies, pops, patties rolled
    I promise to cherish them all

    I'll take your pain
    I'll give you all my paradise
    Oh my sunshine! You bring me rain
    A new hope rises to my eyes

    Dream angels shall come your way
    through my sweet lulaby
    to bring you sleep and to stay
    Just with you and me

    Only a winter long to wait
    I'll dance along , you sing
    Few days to wait and soon I'll get
    My sunshine as you as merry as spring

    Every star shall speckle your way
    Angles have foretold, they've said
    You'll shine over this place one day
    Soon you'll honour my red carpet.

  • seraphic_pristine 71w

    My father

    A sturdy trunk supports its branches
    the tree of my life,
    I want guidance, I seek for help
    I want that shade, he gives it himself
    A shade on a summer day
    A well for my thirst
    The moon that guides my way
    And the monsoon with its brust
    I've found them all
    I wish some rain during this fall
    Snowflakes under my pillow
    without melting you know
    Impossible I believe indeed its tough
    But he makes a magic with his cough
    Ouh! Ouh! He sprinkles the shower
    he brought rain
    Ouh! Ouh! He freezes the water
    And he brought the snow again
    He's my magician my super hero
    He's my father my life you know..

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡love you dadda..

    Your angel

  • seraphic_pristine 71w

    Heaven my love

    It's not right that gentleness meet horror
    You had died right away that's better
    You bring joy
    You bring pain
    Both in equal measure
    Joy because you are with me
    But pain because it won't be for long
    What do I know about sea?
    What do you know about sea?
    Without a driver this bus is lost
    Our lives are over
    Come over
    If your destination is obilvion
    It should be our next stop
    We can sit together
    You can take the window seat
    If you want forever,
    But its a sad view ..


  • seraphic_pristine 72w

    Why? I guess.....

    It's on me that life has smiled again I suppose it's your sunshine that has speckled on me. Why life feels so beautiful ? Why evenings never touched the nights, why it stood alive never giving the black to intermingle .
    And why I've never seen the sun setting?, ever since your footsteps has honoured my streets. Roses I've left for someone else, why haven't they've gotten dried still now.? I dare I say they enunciates more life instead..
    Everything happens for a reason I believe, do those roses proclaims the same ? Or little do I failed in learning their lines. Why does the nights praises its own oblivion by not following its diurnal routine ?, and why does the humid shadows fails to call here the monsoon and bring down rain? Why does the clouds fails to intercept the sunshine everytime?..
    You see I write but why does my papers seldom fills? Is still something left with the life to do with me? Or some forgotten pharses to make me write again? Or some blunders did I make in defining it?.
    I guess life is in a need to make me realise about the most loveliest foretell that awaits.
    I guess it wants my roses to settle under a true life, I guess life wants my smudged lines to recreate...
    I guess it wants to lend down me my true life .. My forbidden love..


  • seraphic_pristine 72w

    I've never forgotten him .
    Dare I say I miss him? I do. I miss him.
    I still see him in my dreams.
    They are nightmares mostly, but nightmares tinged with love.
    Such is the strangeness of the human heart. I still cannot understand how he could abandon me so unceremoniously , without any sort of goodbye, without looking back even once . The pain is like an axe that chops at my heart.

  • seraphic_pristine 73w


    सूना है की आशिक बहूत कम है यहा
    पर प्यार के लिए कलम तोडे है बहूत
    दूनिया प्यार मे पडी थी, एक बार जी हं,
    मगर मंजिल सभी की किस्मत मे कहा?
    प्यार तो किस्मतवालो को ही मिलती है
    हमे नही।
    हम लिखना पसंद करते है प्यार
    और लिखकर ही खूद करते इजहार
    प्यार तो अजी हम, लिखकर करते है
    इसलिए तो हम शयार कहालाते है!।


  • seraphic_pristine 74w

    Dear love,

    Time has come and gone
    The monsoon has perhaps joined the rain.
    The street is the same nothing has ever changed , the pathway of the woods that I take every evening still owns the same tenderness of the summer sun that dapples it .
    I walk through the street , down to the river to sit down for a while to watch those golden glimmer jostling along the water with a unhurried pace .I've came along all your traces and have gathered your fragrance from every leaves that you came across.
    I've kept it on my plams.

    Sometimes I feel jealous of everything that stays near you, I'm jealous of my heart that lives inside you.
    Life that I'm dealing with lately isn't the thing I've wished it to be.
    I wished my life to have your presence forever, but now I fail finding you even a distance far.
    I've lost you certianly.
    You were my past and I adore it as my soul .
    If ever my past life was to be written down as a book than I would like to fold it to the first chapter and read it all again from the very moment the spell began .
    The day we first met!.


  • seraphic_pristine 74w

    I keep my eyes shut down every morning, as it awaits for your lips to kiss my temple then to my ears wishing me love and waking me up.
    my silly fingers seeks for your presence in every rumpled corners of the bed as it draws driven by an irresistible desire to tactual your lips..
    promises never meant easier to meet me and so always does the love.