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  • seulmi 1w

    Sandy shadows dipped in waves
    She moves ahead littlest bruise
    Shrinking in ocean skin
    She mirrors her moon

    Classic beauty laced
    green chiffon braided locks
    Books occupy her nights
    Penned words in sleep n' tight

    Lords favourite child written in gold
    Sweet but fierce as asked
    Please have many more tales
    Shall we speak together

    A peculiar yet a similar soul
    Enchanted yet mine to hold
    Blissful shimmer She is
    In sadden case of my heart

    Happy belated birthday ����
    Sage let's keep our future plans up
    I can't wait for them to come to life ����

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    Cherished person, sister and lover
    She definitely is more than anything I asked for

    Sage in her soul esses the forest I call abode

  • seulmi 2w

    This collection Is for you ,

    Cunningly innocent does she remain
    Laughs and giggles in pure bliss
    Hides from others wiping tears
    Smiles again like nothing she fears
    Young and beautiful , named her
    Scars etched deep in poor soul
    Learning to be voice with a story
    Just so she doesn't die unheard
    Yes innocent is she
    But not ignorant and gullible
    Maturity tested her too soon
    She,her past child is hiding in her memories
    Glimpses and sneaks exchange sometimes
    But rather haunting memories do surface
    But fear not she says
    There's a rainbow after every storm they say
    Calm in hurricane and music in tsunami
    The little dance of earthquake and warmth of fire
    Eccentric but lovely , a little mystery does she remains
    Been friends for long
    Today or tomorrow I still won't know
    What her mind decide but
    It's alright to me
    Life's long and I am not short on time
    ‐- She continues
    I listen as she breathes her story in pieces
    I admire she laughs
    Story has just begun

    High tides on short pier
    High tides on short pier
    Pennies lost in sea foam
    Night bids sunny lips
    As fog breathes yawning chills

    Storm with a silent rage
    Suddenly does it collapse
    Screaming rise the colours bright
    Red , orange ,violet and blue
    Scented rainbow after a fight

    She's sure she'll love her yesterday
    Just a little more tomorrow
    If it haunts you, love it she says
    Cause is it love without pain?

    Young and beautiful people call
    But dreadful is the thought of being forgotten
    Too long do I worry but tears and cheers are funny
    Footprints of past left memories at my door
    Box or display left on me to decide

    Sun rises when it's time
    I will bloom like her lavender
    Bet your Pennies and dime
    Cause flowers blooms all calendar

    High tides on short pier
    High tides on short pier

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    Cunningly innocent does she remain
    Laughs and giggles in pure bliss
    Hides from others wiping tears
    Smiles again like nothing she fears
    Young and beautiful , named her


  • seulmi 3w

    Paint and burn the ambers
    Flames can only hurt so much
    Little more pain won't kill tonight
    Brush the waves to ocean
    Those rosy blue hair
    Ash and clay you will be
    If yer worth is named by world
    Choose a story and a character
    Write a fairytale or a tragedy
    A play or a novel
    Be the one, future you praises
    Grow and rise like the blooming edelweiss
    Love and devotion will root in your heart forever.

    With love,

    This is for all those having a bad day, myself included ����

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    Doors left ajar
    Far from comfort
    Closer to her cliff
    She attaches torn words
    Wishing on stars to write meanings

    Verses run along her veins
    She accompanies her imagination
    Taking her to her seas or mountains
    Palaces, or back alleys
    She runs ,runs ,runs and far She flies
    Chirping her songs, singing aloud

    But alas this story ends in vain
    World lost her in dead faces
    of this crowd again


  • seulmi 3w

    She is the mellow in my shadow
    The blue in my canvas hues
    I might never confess this
    But she matters enough , shh
    One day she'll be better
    All loved and proud
    Shame on shamers
    Let her breathe now

    Happy fuvkibg birthday �� Bish! @_kawaiiyuki_

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    Uncover the veil
    Buried ,she digs up
    Dirt and stones tear nails
    Suffocating soil feeds mouth
    Hungry and shrinked her belly cries
    Marked and counted scars live under her skin
    Have mercy she begs
    Do they not hear her pleas
    I wish she'd see the rainbow after storm
    I hope she becomes selfish with love
    A thrashed doll she is, but loved once now gone she is
    She may not see what my eyes sees in hers
    She wouldn't know my words from heart
    But will my songs carry some love
    In the wind to her doorstep that's all I wish
    Let eyes rest for now
    I am here now

  • seulmi 3w

    Like a rainbow and lightning
    She is bold and loud
    Humble with wings up in sky
    She's everything I need
    From a lover to a friend
    From a sister to a helping hand
    Everything and perfect

    Saccharine in blissful shimmer
    She is the sweet in my smile
    May he bless her more years to come
    I am afraid to live one without her
    Will forever be engraved
    This friendship shall remain
    Even if its floods or rain.

    Lots of love~

    Its a personal writing to a lovely friend ��

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    With brewing storm at arms length
    She set out to boundary her ocean
    At the end of the green land
    Or at the farthest cloud of the sky
    She is damn stuck at finding out
    Just how far can she try!

  • seulmi 4w

    I don't know if it's my selfishness or my loneliness.
    I am driven to the point to find someone who'll treat me like I treat others.

    But it's a woeful effort.

    "Curtains of white
    Spell rays of light
    Like a spectrum of words
    From my heart
    Yet when I look out
    In faces I recognise
    Do not find a spec of love
    Wondering if it's me or them

    Am I just a lost cause
    Or a given up hope
    Am I needed just enough to stay
    But not wanted enough to love"

    Well I guess I am the poignant poetry that even the poet curses after penning, I am the sorrow yet the love they never had but longed till last breathe, a testament of a forgotten lover....

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    It took me long enough to figure out
    I am just searching another me
    In my friends

    And it's pathetic

  • seulmi 4w


    I wish you all a new adventure and a new beginning, I hope you overcome all the obstacles that this year presents to you.
    May ease and love greet you every day. I wish all your fears rock away.
    Enjoy this year, love and cheers to you and your families.
    Stay blessed ��

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    A step ahead in time
    With prints soaked in past
    It's gonna be a new adventure
    Who knows , maybe a new horizon
    Palpitations ring in our hearts
    Desperate for a closure to a new beginning
    I know, the fog still breathes above us
    But a new day shall greet us

    Challenges and problems will knock our doors
    But I only pray do you find ease and love above your fears and more

  • seulmi 4w

    I'm not just a song you skipped
    I am the best story you left half read
    Cry when you remember me
    Cause I surely won't

    For leaves may turn orange
    And rain to snow
    My story will grow
    As the others keep repeating it

    I will forever be engraved where you can't touch me anymore

    I'll be your favourite nightmare!

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    You skipping us
    Is me skipping every song on my playlist
    Just to get to yours
    While you are trying get away with half a lie
    And half a heart torn


  • seulmi 4w

    I'll always be a step behind you
    And two steps forward your lies
    Lost once, I ain't one for seconds
    So keep the change and focus up
    Rain's pouring and nights about to get colder
    It's a good night to go down
    To die for once n' all

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    Can't see where am headed
    Head up in the clouds
    Cause now my ground's sinking
    Beneath, my toes curled blue
    Black prints and blurred vision
    The night growing cold in freezing rain
    Gasoline high in air , smells good
    Breathing poison and tasting death

    It's a good night to die

  • seulmi 5w

    Pluck my Feathers out
    Like the best flower in your garden of doom
    I am just another one you fancied
    Like all the rest that left your room
    You'll be the same no doubt
    Spreading fire of laughter, you run frenzied
    I am completely justified n' evil
    Whereas you'll remain hereby objectified

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    Am aware, the walls are up high
    Within these suffocating doors,
    Lockedl n' forever hidden away
    From prying eyes of the day
    Even the will can't find a way
    When this soul does not pray
    To be mortal again, what else can I say
    Even a flight isn't spared in this sky
    Once mine now yours who's to say