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  • seyfert 43w

    May this year brings with it happiness and contentment for you❤️

    Happy Birthday Aishwarya ��


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  • seyfert 43w

    For me Happiness was never a feeling it was always some people who surrounded me with their vibes and made me carve an upward curve over my lethargic face, the legacy continues till date and you know what you've been part of that.

    To be honest, whenever I had a conversation with you or interacted with you if felt a tide of fresh breeze with positive vibes around my corpse that made me feel great about myself no matter how I kept up.

    On this special day of a special person like you, I just wish that you never have to look down upon anything, may the clouds of despair never rain over you and the rainbow of contentment embellish you always.

    Live. Laugh. Love.
    I love you ✨

    Happy Birthday Vandita ��

    @cosines ��

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  • seyfert 44w

    N O S T A L G I A.

    and then as we took right from under the cold lamppost, he unhurriedly brought his body near to mine through his sweatshirt as if, he was trying to put me close to his breathing, and his hands trying to search for mine in the intense darkness of the moonlight.

    He with leisure in his eyes looked at me and murmured to sit with him on the lonely bench by the corner of the town park under the silhouette of cherry blossom,

    The mild drifting zephyr was touching my cheeks and then his as if was enabling us to touch.

    My Heart and My Breathe were running and my eyes couldn't find a sight to rest, I was all that one may call as anxious and this wasn't only me, he was sweating too and then summoning all his courage he offered me his pair of earphones to share with him over his favorite muse, I held them and put one into my ear he played a song and I couldn't resist looking at him, maybe my eyes finally found what they were looking for.

    Then slowly he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to his heartbeat, I could hear "our" hearts beating, they were as if in synchronization, and with this, he made his lips meet my cheeks and then shifted towards my lips, I closed my eyes telling him that I was ready and then he slowly pressed mine against his.


    @galactus ♥️��

    I tried @starrdust

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  • seyfert 44w

    I recently earned one year on mirakee and through this stint of mine I stumbled upon so many people, some stayed, some walked and some managed a place in my heart and to be honest you fall in the third category.

    To be very honest, when I first saw your account it was a black Display with a one-liner in the bio, and that very squint carved the picture of a badass damsel who didn't give a shit about anyone and made me create distance but then one fine day you commented on one of my posts and I was so guilty of thinking that trash!

    Man, you are one of those few people who are the best Melange of Affection and Savageness, God Damn those replies, and of course your sense of humor,

    *bows down*

    I loveeeee the way you waste people's replies and add to their plight with humor!
    Just keep this good work up. xD

    More power to your Brain. :p

    //you're a butterfly, blooming and helping bloom every flower around her//

    On this day of yours, I just wish that you receive all that you wish for.

    I love you and you matter✨
    Stay Savage, Stay Same ��

    Happy Birthday Ananya. ❤️

    @tengoku ��

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  • seyfert 45w

    Life isn't always the kind we look forward to, it keeps a little more than more secrets for us at almost every path we walk and gives ample revelations from we learning to walk till we walking to learn, isn't it?

    Through this small voyage of mine around the sun, I learned that there are people and then there are agendas but the problem arises when these two unknown to each other things are confused for each other, but for most of us this is the only thing making them manage a square meal, the so-called "representatives of society", who may tell you about yourself more than your parents would, cause they are the one working for the survival of almost every one of us and sheltering us against any sin, until and unless we do not speak against them, but that handful of liberals sometimes cease to forge a panel to deliver righteousness.

    //Meet, Bhanwari Devi, who is still waiting for justice, there has been 21 years since she was gang-raped by some so-called upper-caste men in front of her husband for she opposed the marriage of a nine-month-old-girl child in her native village, Bhateri, situated 55 kilometers from the State Capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
    Bhanwari Devi was working the fields with her husband when she was sexually assaulted by five men. Her husband was beaten with sticks. When she tried to help, Bhanwari was thrashed and nasty abuses were hurled at her. She begged for mercy. But she was shown none. Two of the attackers pinned her black-and-blue husband to the ground; the other three took turns to rape her.

    1985, Bhanwari Devi became a saathin ("friend"), a grassroots worker employed as part of the Women's Development Project (WDP) run by the Government of Rajasthan. As part of her job, she took up issues related to land, water, literacy, health, Public Distribution System, and the payment of minimum wages at famine relief works. In 1987, she took up a major issue of the attempted rape of a woman from a neighboring village. All of these activities had the full support of the members of her village. However, in 1992, Bhanwari found herself alienated, when she took up the issue of child marriage which is still widely practiced in India despite being illegal.
    The Perpetrators of this crime are still to be punished and the case drags on in the Rajasthan High Court.//

    Is this the prize she should receive for what she did?
    Life is too short to ignore such voices cause of course most of them are suppressed way before they are even loud.

    © Ashwani Singh and Bhavya Baldev (2021)


    [The lines within Backslashes (//....//) are only framed using sources and are not completely copied.]


    Bhanwari Devi with her daughter Rameshwari at the International Women's Day celebrations organized by the Karnataka Lekhakhiyara Sangha (Women Writers' Association) at Kannada Sahitya Parishat in Bangalore on March 9, 2018.|

    Picture Credit: K Murali Kumar.

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  • seyfert 46w

    V A N T A G E.

    Ever seen a rose tearing down into petals?
    well, if you haven't I would love to tell you that, it looks beautiful even when it is succumbing.
    cause it is not her petals for which she lives rather, for the thorns it beats, for the elegant scent it breathes, and for the unending euphoria it blooms.

    The happiness and ecstasy of that bud never depend upon the shade encircling it.

    it just blooms nevertheless the vicinity of the hearts or the chats of inhumane humans and that's the same way it breaks, into several chunks, adding to the of the air around it.

    Should we not learn from that rose?

    Well, we all are somewhere or the other beautiful, beautiful in our counting ways, so why can we just not stay around and appreciate ourselves for being the way we are?
    why can we not admire the fact, that we are all we need?
    why can we not adore our real selves?

    //living the way others wish us to see is easy but to be the way we are is an arduous task as of today//


    © Bhavya Baldev 2021

    Thumbnail: Guruji @galactus

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  • seyfert 46w


    May 2021 brings with it all the things you've been wishing for��
    I love you❤️

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  • seyfert 47w

    "तुम एक लडक़ी हो और हमारे घर में लड़कियों को पढ़ाया नहीं जाता, उनका काम केवल इतना होता है कि वो बड़ी हो और ब्याह कर अपने घर चली जाएं"

    My Grandma was 6 when she was told this by her father cause the thing she asked for was, books to study basic acronyms of the Hindi language, this all seems to be meaningless as of today, right?
    but, it did happen with her and I'm sure she wasn't the ONLY one back then, just for the sake they were women they were not allowed to study cause if they will study they might be able to recognize the difference between, what is right and what is wrong, isn't it?
    All they were supposed to do was, give birth to a new life, which would be better if a boy resides in that womb cause again if she would be a girl they would have to search for someone who could keep her cause of course she had no right over her own body.

    Now, if I am talking about my grandma's childhood then this incident isn't older than 70 years so if you go deep and think a little further what would have been the Challenges those would have faced by Maa Savitri Bai Phule some 180 years ago, to think only about it is so frightening but she did, she didn't quit and ultimately she won!

    She never discriminated between, The so-called Upper Caste and The lower caste as she belonged to the Shudra Community and knew how it felt to be discriminated against based on the family you are born in, for her anyone sitting in her class was a student seeking enlightenment, and nothing more.

    The Concepts of Women Education, Saving Girl Child, Mid-day Meals in schools for Backward Children, Scholarships for poor and needy students may sound like concepts being introduced by some government at a particular time but they were all introduced by her, cause for her if you are women and you're educated and healthy you would make a whole generation ahead of yours educated and nurtured.

    Today, On her 190th Birth Anniversary, I Bow Down to and Thank her for all she did, so that today I could convey my thoughts to all of you.

    "स्वाभिमान से जीने के लिए पढ़ाई करो, पाठशाला ही इंसान का सच्चा गहना है।"
    सावित्री बाई फुले।


    @colourfulgreys You Inspired me to write this ��

    @soulfulstirrings @manasaa For you both are True Inspirations ❤

    @galactus Thank you for supporting me through all the Ups and Downs ♥️

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the Repost :")

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  • seyfert 48w

    @galactus ��♥️

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    I dreamt something aesthetic last night,
    all I can recall is your face.

    © Bhavya

  • seyfert 48w

    M I S T L E T O E.

    I had my eyes closed when that cold breeze kissed my dozed face along with caressing the green happy shrubs of the mistletoe right in my sight as if was trying to touch and then compare who is happier at the time.

    I could feel the moon trying talk to me gazing through the clouds, maybe, she was a bit covetous to see me in the warmth of your arms through that cold and blue night, as you were trying to put me a little closer to your heart, the moon started to fade, embracing her scars and hiding her face towards the other side of the earth so as she may give us space to conceal our hearts in the same sphere.

    That mistletoe as was trying to call me around it and pour her love over us, maybe she never wanted to mark her presence for us
    kiss my lips down that green shrub, will you?

    Maybe, I'm a little lucky or I'm a little luckier, cause, of course, I'm lucky as I got you by me, no matter how cold, dark and deep the night is, yours is the only light my eyes seeks for cause you only are the one I want to consecrate my time for.

    // The moon is never alone, it's always around the closest star from a distance//

    © Bhavya Baldev 2020

    You're the best thing that happened to me this year @galactus ��✨

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork ��

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