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  • shabbz_felix 8h

    When I grow up

    When I grow up I will be a ballerina and dance with a prince
    When I grow up I wanna be a doctor to take care sick people , because I don't want them to die
    When I grow up I want be a police I arrest all the bad people and put them in jail.
    When I grow up I want to a teacher to teach the little children
    When I grow up I will buy a big plane to up to the sky . I want to see Jesus
    When I grow up will buy a house for my mummy and take care of her
    When I grow up I want to take care of people teeth . I put give them nice teeth.
    When I grow up I will build a big house and
    I will have party for my friends
    When I grow up I will love everybody
    When I grow up I will paint everything in rainbow colours

  • shabbz_felix 9h

    Thanks for the like ��@writersnetwork@miraquill #wod #child

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    My grandchild views

    I don't want to go bed now
    I want to watch cartoon
    I want my biscuit with milkshake
    Mummy tell sister to move by me
    Tell her to give me my toy, It's mine
    I don't want to go to school ,I want to sleep
    Mummy, can you read me a story please
    Mummy , mummy read it again
    Daddy bring something for me when you coming home please
    I want chocolate ice cream
    Mummy asking what did you learn at school today ?
    "I learn my ABCs and my numbers
    The circle goes round and round
    A triangle has three side
    A square has four equal sides
    And I play with my friends.
    Mama can I watch cartoon on your phone please.
    I didn't watch nothing for today."
    Who love you my girl ?
    "Mama and daddy and my mummy.
    And I love every body
    What's your favorite song ?
    "Jesus Loves me this I know ,
    For the bible tells me so "

  • shabbz_felix 1d


    A day filled with rhymes and lyrics
    Endure whatever life present with glee
    Born to be a matter of healing powers
    Love heart enveloped in the sweetest environment
    Grades with visible captivating mind sets
    With thankfulness of heart many rejoice gratefully
    A moment of praise well deserving hardwork

  • shabbz_felix 1d

    KwanSaba Poetry

    I rise up in history with humility
    Realized I am high and lifted up
    Living a life with a golden background
    Decorated with blessings and showered with love
    As hope spring high I sing praises
    With beautiful memories I experience God's goodness
    In me germinated seed of metaphors blooming

  • shabbz_felix 2d

    What do I see

    When I look in the mirror I see
    Beauty of attraction
    I see a child of king
    I see a wife ,a mother
    tired a after doing house chores
    I see a princess
    I see a grandma
    I see wrinkle skin
    from many sleepless night ,
    Of caring for the children
    I see love and patience
    I see a praying woman
    Going through many life's struggles
    I see garden of roses blooming in and out of season
    When I look in the mirror I see me embracing self love
    Often times shedding a tear drop or two
    When I look in the mirror I see gray hair of courage
    I see conflict expecting resolution
    I see a desire to save self
    I see red lips stains from biting through labour pain
    When I look in the mirror I see
    Long life and happiness.
    I see a reflection of my true self .

  • shabbz_felix 2d

    The pencil

    When I look in the mirror I see a pencil
    That is sharpened by the holy spirit
    And though with time I may get short
    When trials and tribulations weigh me now
    But God is still working on me
    For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
    When I get on my knees
    I say God help me please
    From the crown of my head the soul of feet
    and to the tip of my fingers
    God use my eraser to remove all my mistakes
    when I fall short from all the painful experience
    The holy spirit continue to sharpened me
    He buried my shaving in trash never to be seen no more
    So I can leave fine marks behind
    Who ever lives I may touch
    Though my point may break
    I can be sharpened again
    To stay on point and continue to
    touch lives.

  • shabbz_felix 2d

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod
    You may not understand what I have just written
    This have to do with our primenister warning the people in our native language( kweyol) to eat more green fig .
    But he missed used some of the words since he is not to familiar with the kwoyel language.

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    Mange fig la

    Prime minister Horner
    Stood at government building corner
    Eating some green fig pie
    He warn the youth to eat more green fig , but did not lie
    You all must eat your green fig
    Make green fig bread he say
    And lots much more dish ,v way?
    I laughed so hard till my teeth dropped
    Cause I did not need teeth to green fig soup
    The warning that minister horner gave to the youth
    Was good food to eat for the cough
    But I must apologize for de minister of government
    It's not his fault he eh know the kwe'yol language oh
    People plante fig la ,et mange fig la oh
    Achte fig la et mange lapos tou
    Green fig will sustain you
    Because you know this covid season
    Only green fig will give you a living reason
    So be warn eat your green figs
    Make bread ,make pie. Leave none for the pigs
    As difficult the challenge maybe, be not trouble
    Cause we are in the land of green fig on the double
    I warn you the youth to bake and eat green fig
    When I heard this I thought it was green fig singing the blues
    Sounded like away in a manger
    Make green fig milk for the babies they are in danger
    To much of cattle are laying in poverty
    Dying to try to eat but can't fine no grass under green fig property
    Because the youth had so much to do
    From the time the cock crows ,cock a do le do
    As on social media people arrived from Tokyo
    Because of green fig some people Look like Pinocchio
    Warily sounded like there was a pandemic
    The green fig might become and endemic
    So mandated people to eat green fig
    Cause without the green fig pie people are likely to spread the virus
    Because it was the only way to win the fight against the covid virus
    just use the green fig to create a vaccine
    It' will sustain you from bodily assain

  • shabbz_felix 3d


    Sometimes the strangest dreams
    Are the ones that turn out to be the most fulfilling.

  • shabbz_felix 3d

    Strangest dream

    As I stepped out side the door of mind
    I pitched a tent in the deserted island
    In the dry and thirsty Land
    The clouds rolled back it's hand
    My heart melted through the departing waters
    As I sought to fetch out of the dust of the ground
    Entangled ,I clenched my soul to reproach
    The cursed ground hidden in the stagnant water of my brain
    Suddenly aroused a famine masquerade there a garden of infested worms of watermelons
    gathered liquids by the gallons
    When my cruisfied heart created a metabolic sound
    Like a earthquake sprang my heart with fear
    In the scotching heat of my mind
    Sooner than I could ever imagine
    I became a backsliding red neck
    Wondering across the border of a watery grave
    Emotionally disfunctional I consumed fire in my belly
    Whilst I survey the ground I tread
    Scorpions threatening to feed on my arm
    I was awakening by clock alarm.
    But thank God it was only a dream
    Overdose my mandate scream

  • shabbz_felix 4d

    Miraquill my new home

    Not everybody saw the colorful side
    As I travelled from my land of birth
    The light in a vacuum of my heart
    That left nostalgia stories that dropped strangest things that scattered abroad from my cardboard box filled with dead metaphors and a whole lot of mixed emotional poetries written from a distance land as I moved to my new found home, Miraquill, Writersnetwork and family and new friends