~I didn't have it in myself to go with grace and so the battleships will sink beneath the waves~

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  • shadesofblue_ 3d

    Okay, so this was written when I left home for the first time and was feeling homesick badly..this is the exact version (didn't filter this).
    Please give your precious feedback, would really like to know how this kid was years ago:). Ahh I got nostalgic��

    Also, was going on a break but saw this prompt and participated. Would be inactive for few days. Take care lovelies❤️

    #first @writersnetwork
    Didn't expect at all, I'm overwhelmed. EC(2) @miraquill Thank you ��

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    Time flies..and when I sit
    Trying to know life's rich tapestry
    I realise that it's a great mystery
    That grabs you in a furious fit

    The streets of Kashi resemble
    The jovial heart that trembles
    When it finds itself trapped in an unseen cage
    Where happiness seems to be a mirage
    The irony is that in this cage, having
    Plenty of smiling faces
    I still find myself lonely, craving
    To see the known homely faces

    I see the clock and sigh
    What a slut is the time
    Once I spent it chatting, playing and so on
    But now it revolves around electron and proton

    Sometimes I recall the dramatic changes
    Sitting beside the holy Ganges
    Then I feel the separation isn't only by space
    But also by the time, changing its pace
    Away from dear ones, lonely in an unknown place
    Learning to be a part of the rat race.

    The words of my mother keep echoing
    Whatever be the situation, just keep going
    And Karma would serve,
    With whatever you deserve
    This reminds me of my responsibility
    And urges me to work upto infinity.

  • shadesofblue_ 4d

    The sky seemed grey today, did you blow my ashes away?

  • shadesofblue_ 5d

    You think you can hurt her?

    But honey
    She's the one who kills and then heals.


  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    Water the thorns
    and spray some patience.
    Melt those frozen chunks
    of ashes to
    the fertility of spring days.
    Steal some rays from
    the drowning sun
    to defeat the hazy fog
    the halted autumn on that
    calendar of your heart
    And soon,

    ~The seasons will change and life would resume~


    Woww EC!!! @miraquill thanks a ton��
    Thank you for the ❤️ @writersnetwork

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    How to grow spring daffodils on the frozen soil of black roses?


  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    And I ran and ran until I realised, that
    Circles don't have an edge.

  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    They won't believe it if I remove the lies, so I lie with utmost honesty.

  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    Tho being a star has disadvantages of its own:/
    #lifeadvice @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    To the despaired munchkin,

    Don't forget, that you're a star
    and it's okay to have days
    when you shine a little less, or
    fall freely to embrace your scar.

  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    Dear Amma..
    #learning @miraquill
    Thank you for the read @writersnetwork��

    (Probably will continue this write-up..need some time)

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    I'm learning to unlearn the answers that you gave, everytime I asked why did women bleed..

    Prestige wrapped on the creases of dupatta
    Perfection dripping on the circumference of gol roti
    Feminity on the legs placed attentively on the armchair
    Beauty on the length of responsibly braided hair
    Tolerance on the heated debates and decisions

    And yes, I refuse to wear those hereditary bangles
    For shackles are shackles, even if they're made of gold!

  • shadesofblue_ 1w

    Hope I did justice to this. Idk
    #metaphor #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    When the waves washed away his castle
    And life started abusing in melancholic tones
    When the silence started gulping his breaths
    That's when, the noise became music to his ears

    //We often run towards noise when the sounds within us start silencing everything around us to death//

  • shadesofblue_ 2w

    Don't rush towards those pseudo colours
    to paint the cracks on your wall
    Instead wait,
    for the sunshine to sneak in
    and heal them.