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  • shadesofyu 1w

    की थोड़ी देर और ठहर जाते,
    की थोड़ा वक्त और दे देते,
    की दिल टूट सा जा रहा है,
    टुकड़े टुकड़े उस दिल के बिखर रहे हैं,
    महसूस करिये थोड़ा,
    उस दिल की हलत,
    जिस्के आंसू निकल के भी नहीं निकल रहे हैं,
    उस जिस्म का,
    जो आपकी तलाश में अभी तक हैं,
    की थोड़ी देर और ठहर जाते,
    एक लम्हा अपने दिल पे,
    एक तस्वीर अपनी रूह में,
    की थोड़ी देर और ठहर जाते

  • shadesofyu 1w

    की आया वो सामने इस कदर ,
    जैसे रोशनी दिखी अँधेरे में उस कदर
    सांस थाम सी गई,
    आँखों में नूर दिख सा गया
    दिल उसकी तलाश में,
    रूह उस लम्हे में
    कौन था वो,
    जो आया उस कदर?

  • shadesofyu 2w


    Oh, was it that bleeding March,
    Which caused you pain?
    The scorching sun,
    Or that reckless rain?
    Beware as came "The Ides of March",
    When Caesar fought and the respect lost,
    Oh, was it really in March?
    The bleeding March, which cannot be forgotten.

  • shadesofyu 2w

    Shine and "You"

    As i lay down on the lucious green grass, the only thought which came to my mind was:
    "Is it okay to be alone?
    To enjoy the night sky?
    Hugging yourself or shedding a tear?"
    And i as looked at the night sky,
    The twinkling stars made me realise,
    To shine alone,
    Was to truly shining bright,
    Cause even in the dark gloomy sky,
    "You" shine alone, to show "you".

  • shadesofyu 3w

    Do you Remember?

    Remember, remember those days,
    Where money didn't buy us happiness?
    Remember, remember those days,
    Where sitting next to my best friend in class was the happiest thing in the world,
    Remember, remember when we knew all our neighbours,
    Remember, remember when Your Diwali was my Eid too,
    Remember, remember when we used share one packet of chips?
    Remember, remember when you were always actually there for me?
    Do you remember now, when was the last time you called or texted me, to see whether I was fine?

  • shadesofyu 3w

    End to a Beginning

    As the Dusk of 2021 arrived,
    There seemed a whole new aura around it,
    Which was welcoming,
    As the day came to an end and
    The night shown upon us,
    With a hope, of a new beginning,
    But what would you do,
    When the night showed you death?
    A death of a loved one?
    His body, staring at you in the face,
    His eyes closed yet open,
    Telling you that he couldn't make it,
    That you will be alone,
    That you became alone,
    Sitting there, thinking how else could you have saved him?
    As the shadow of the New year dawned upon us,
    I lost a father, who would not have been a biological one, but a figure who would have guided me in the next year,
    But yet again, my year started with death, an end to a Beginning.

  • shadesofyu 3w

    वक्त, वक्त की तलाश में,
    दिन, रात की तलाश में,
    सूरज, चांद की तलाश में,
    और ये साल, हर साल की तरह, एक उम्मीद की तलाश में।

    Happy New year Folks! :)


  • shadesofyu 3w

    Blue was his colour,
    Blue was his life,
    Blue were us,
    And then suddenly I felt blue,
    "Feeling Blue," he messaged?
    "Well, you deserved that," he messaged again,
    In the midst of the many emotions i wanted to feel, with colours rising above the horizon,
    He left me in the blue,
    He never wanted me to be a red or a colour which we could call us,
    But he chose blue and blue it was,
    For he defined blue for me,
    And i erased my blue from me.

  • shadesofyu 3w

    की हम तुम्हारे प्यार में डूबते गए,
    और आप हैं की,
    मतलब क्या बोले आपको?
    क्या तुम कभी थे,
    इस प्यार को देखने के लिए भी?

  • shadesofyu 4w

    बोहुत खुश थे, जब निकले थे घर से,
    लेकिन भीड़ में कहीं खो गए