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  • shadowofthoughts_ 5h

    Even the winter breeze gave me warmth,
    As I narrated my story.
    The bullets are on their way towards me,
    Don't I have the right to allow the sunrays
    to fulfill their promises?


  • shadowofthoughts_ 12h

    Glass hearts and sand castles.

    Stars folded her secrets
    Moon represented her scars
    Always ready to let go,
    rain drenched her pain
    leaving her with nothingness
    for all her gain was the pain.
    Swiftly her heart flew
    without letting her know.
    Making her let go.

    The mud house
    where she would bounce
    got covered and shattered
    Like her feathers.

    Blinded by errors,
    She kept filling hope in barrels.
    Eternity seemed like a punishment,
    But it wasn't death.

    Still she folded her dreams on her sleeves.
    But sunrays failed to keep their promise,
    And autumn ripped her like leaves.

    Moving through the gears,
    soon her hometown too got ruined
    as if it was made of sand.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 1d


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    Readymade filthy human

    Darkness makes me crumble.
    Inner me jumbles.
    I try to speak but I fumble.
    I've been living in a light bubble.

    My lips are sealed,
    sealed to speak the truth.
    Sealed to speak my mind.
    Sealed to make me die.

    My eyes are wide open,
    Open to see the fakeness unfold
    Open to see my reflection shatter.
    Open to make tears roll down my cheeks.
    Open to close after my last battle.

    The last battle,
    that will make my brain surrender.
    that will end up in me being sleep, for once and all.
    that will make my heart stop the beat.

    The battle that'll fix me.
    After I loved myself. And have to surrender.
    Tell me, could it be any worse.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d

    You make me cry as if I'm rain.
    But Darling you don't know I'm soil,
    I can absorb it all,
    and grow flowers tall.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d

    Something like this

    They bring you colors,
    When you are painted in blood.
    They hate you,
    When you love them up to the sundown.
    They cheat you,
    When you're honest.
    They shut their doors,
    As you knock.
    It's hard to love, when you don't know love.
    It's hard to show, when all you have done is hide.

    It's not easy to bleed ink.
    It's not easy to go and sink.
    Word plays or flows,
    Isn't something that glows.

    Between the lines you
    can see the candles -
    Half burned.
    Like hope and luck
    turned upside down.

    All the faces. I once knew.
    Now are gone.
    The shine has worn off.
    Was I too late.
    Did I waste it all.
    Just because I was late.

    Realisation. Acceptance.
    What's that?
    What are the things I should have said?
    Have you ever wondered what I needed to hear?

    I guess it's all over. There is no conclusion.
    I'm not running out of words.
    But sometimes they say I should just let go.
    They also say do you.

    However sometimes they say I should hold on.
    My blindness doesn't know how to bleed.
    I'm slow, but I don't chase for show.
    My heartbeats beat for me.
    I look like me.
    Under my skin or superficially
    I am me.

    Each word, each scar, each regret, all the coffee stained mugs I broke, all the love I lost, all the hope I have, all the guns that pointed their bullets towards me, all these lines over here. All ashes I never tried to filter. All the times I cried. The good times and the bad ones. All of it. Even the myths. All of them are a part of me. I'm not kind. I'm neither cruel. I'm a surreal bliss. And you my dear don't have to like this.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d


    I had forgotten myself long back.
    Why did you worry and
    made me remind myself?
    I don't want to remember any time.
    Why do you try to make me rhyme?

  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d

    Hello mirakeeans, berries here!
    Here is the first berry #berrytale collab. ��
    @pink_berry @uttkarsh_15 @ishh_tigma @dark_ink_01

    P.S:- remember to smile, see you around. : )
    Berry Berry. ❤️

    #patheticfallacy #wod #withinc #ceesreposts

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    Tales of berry love

    I want to feel you.
    Scraping against me.
    I want to taste the
    BlackBerry in your kiss.

    Make my cheeks turn pink as they never blushed
    Whirl your fingers in my hairs
    Let your love flow in my blood
    And your life rest in my breaths.

    I'll die with love if you'll be whole mine
    I want your juicy essence in my dry roseberry cheeks
    The red blush is fading cherry!
    I want you, come soon and hold tight..
    your red berry.

    Under the night sky, you are my star.
    Within and without you, I'm an empty jar.
    Darling, I want to be your yellow hope.
    In the world of luscious berries
    You are angel surrounded by fairies.

    Rustling winds and the green shade,
    Feels like the warmth of love we shared.
    Reminiscing the moments we gave each other snugs,
    Those sweet little talks, sometimes kisses and hugs.

  • shadowofthoughts_ 3d

    Eyes rendered to see,
    depicting an endless sea.

    Hearts shattered are pure,
    Yet, can't make their ways to cure.

    Love so blind.
    Makes us grind.

    Mountains followed by mountains.
    Truth covered with lies.
    And yet we are trying to find things
    pleasing to our eyes.
    As if they'll listen our silent cries.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 3d

    Happy #chimmie_day army! ��
    #combination #wod #confessionc

    party party yeah! Love love.

    Thankyou so much for EC! ❤️❤️

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    Serendipity - him

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    Still my words wouldn't be enough
    to make him shine
    for he's one of the biggest stars,
    for he's all the things joy is made of.

    Let me make a confession,
    His eyes resemble the deep oceans.
    He isn't all about beauty,
    He has a whole galaxy
    in him,
    no one can easily see.

    Broken crayons inside my bag,
    Empty smiles on my face.
    But his smile,
    And kindness
    can sweep all my sadness.

    When I called him
    He became my flower.
    He made the universe move.
    I'm a Calico Cat, here waiting to see him.

    He has a story too.
    Like all of us.
    He has a heart too.
    Don't break it.
    He too has faults.
    He too has his own sufferings.

    If you adore from a distance.
    Don't just see that smile.
    His tears depict rivers of his love.
    All the unsaid is the constellations
    Yet to be disclosed.

    Yes. His sky has stars,
    But they are far away.
    His moon has scars.
    But they are too beautiful.
    His rains are accompanied by storms.
    But they can water the deserts.

    Darling, everything is destined.
    Still he'll bloom. Even if it aches.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 4d

    #imagery #wod #1310

    Thankyou so much for EC, WN!! ❤️❤️��

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    Listless being

    A coffee bitter,
    Now makes me glitter.
    The sun bickers the candle flickers,
    I taste my death. As the reflections shatter.

    Oranges now are sour,
    But they were previously sweet and pure.
    Life is all sugar and salt
    and I'm waiting for a halt.

    I just ate berries.
    Thinking they would melt my worries.
    I've been me; in all my furies.

    Humble like moon,
    I've been burning like the sun inside.
    But the thing is. It's all invisible.
    And I am just another stranger.

    The fire in me is still alive.
    But the candle inside me doesn't burn

    Like ethylene ripens a mango.
    I'm ready to let go.
    Like the phosphenes flash,
    I - ruined in ash
    stand against the mirror as I clash.