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  • shafiya__ 57w

    Crime 6

    Weakness ......
    We all have
    For me its crime push by death each and every drop of blood have fill the kingdom
    In the night you see still stars
    And hope for shine
    You, just need to control your eyes and open the reality of Garden of your mind
    And if you open your eyes you
    Will see even your blood shine
    To stay alive you need to survive and let me teach you
    The different between the god and your speaking
    You speak infinite deals of nothing in your mind , soo
    Did you start flaying that
    Bird again in that same sky
    O, really, you are the one who is pushing me to the end
    In that night creating that star and make it shine

  • shafiya__ 58w

    Small change in your smile brought a big change in my life

  • shafiya__ 58w

    They say this world is going to end at this night
    But i want to still
    Sing with the stars
    And cry

  • shafiya__ 58w

    Flowers are turning and see
    I am no more in that darkness
    O, asking me to write on them
    I turned my page and open ears of and started it

  • shafiya__ 59w

    Shine and light 5

    I saw that tree burning in front
    Of my eyes now its time, not
    To stay in that dark side
    Awake the god inside in you
    Our universe which we created
    I am felling the time still
    You talk about dark sky
    Let's create the game and
    Full fill their life
    With value and facts
    Between the king and the power god is the source of light
    I saw the loss of culture, law, fear, Peacefulness, in their eyes
    And that force in your eyes which was not real
    Equal and special
    Everyone thinks they know about justice but in Reality they don't know meaning of it
    I say, we are not equal we are different
    Come let's move
    In light because we have to shine,

  • shafiya__ 59w


    I was suffering through that pain in that light i remember it was night
    Please ,
    Burn your sword
    And let me shine in my eyes
    I like that perfect role which you play in my eyes
    How do you give birth to an another human inside in your life i know you l
    Remember still
    Me, but let me tell you to do this you have to sacrifice your life.....
    I saw my self in the darkness
    I was facing tears burning through that light you can see still that mirror in my hand
    Who created darkness in that Light sitting there i dreamed of that perfect life and it mixed my blood with tears
    For him i want do any thing
    And also everything ,
    You said you got peace by staying their what did you see in that peace
    Nothing nothing ,one two, three they all started coming
    And soon was not able to count..

  • shafiya__ 60w


    Little do you know me?
    Are you sure
    I was the warrior who never saw the Stars but just dreamed of it i am not finding for any sun shine the warrior who dreamed of cutting the stars who is standing in her eyes with the same sprit
    You can see still that sword how it is sharp
    But, stop
    What do you want me to do
    If you want to make a perfect sole and perfect eyes and a perfect human
    Then what do you want
    I just want to create a god
    Who will find the end to game
    Of royal capital and sit on that dark throne and make it shine how?
    We humans die die, die but
    Who created my sole i want him to
    To touch the dark see and fill his road

  • shafiya__ 61w


    You hear them
    These members of royal family
    Stop, they are speaking infinite deals of nothing
    And let the Emergence
    Of that shine touch the dark
    Throne let me walk to fire in search of perfect light and put end to the game

    I am Sure that i will find the
    Same face as in their minds

  • shafiya__ 62w

    From that ancient empire and that division of kingdom and that members of royal family
    speaking about the feature of thrown based on that meaning less sacrifice the guide where people attain salvation
    That flames of their eyes contribution to their heart loss of royal capital
    From the hand of gentleness give birth to the human life
    And anger and that face were born in their mind

  • shafiya__ 62w

    I remember still
    When i was short
    I always talk to stars and play
    In play ground of sky
    I don't know how i use to put life in my toys
    And take them to the school to survive
    And how that show of that hero changed my life
    I use to see that hero as light
    how , i dreamed to save the world from all evil
    I try to open my mouth and create that hero voice
    I think he is still alive with same hope in the eyes
    And i will try my best to never
    Give up on that voice
    I know i could fail and face the pain but soon you will
    Know me and smile