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  • shafiya_kul 2w

    My friends dig the holes for fun
    Stay, stay, they say me and run
    I sit in the garden and paint the roses in my head each shade from a different emotion..

    They say dreams are your killer go
    Drink the blue sky and dance with water pillar
    I, stayed once in that house of mine
    Where there were faces of black and white
    I wonder we all are humans right
    What are the emotions of life?

    They see, you doll
    The long hair and demon in those plastic eyes amazing nails and sharp smile
    Some changes in those eyes and she has life . To turn this dark world to red paradise
    Hi, doll
    Please don't sit on a chair
    Sit on a guy
    I think it as a new taste of evil
    I think what type of women would drink

    The women with the name
    A boring one
    Slit eyed
    Tempting women
    Refusing women
    Dreaming women
    Selective women
    Or, i mean gambling women yes, she is
    She have become this demon to play each and every game of life
    I see pain mixed in that red eyes

    Now i seek the god or shall i become the god
    To focus on my self to earn more profile and health
    I did and ,we did run from our life from those papers and that pleasure from everything
    How amazing it was to see black sun and cry
    You smile is still hoping for light
    I am tired of the creature you made me
    In your paradise
    I see those black roses in that garden now i see red blood in my hands
    You Scare me from the light
    Your nails are to lovely and dark
    With those hands of faith
    So let me wear a mask of smile face
    And golden eyes
    You can make curve in my smile ....

  • shafiya_kul 5w

    He was the son of ranarage, was the first independent king of this dynasty .
    He challenged the kadambas and established an independent kingdom for his own
    He chose badami as a capital for it's strategic
    He performed ashvamadha and other sacrifice to celebrate his victories
    His wisdom in counsel, war and conquest earned him many names
    He was a fire and a game changer
    He ruled the kingdom approximately between 504 A.D and 566 A.D

    Pulikeshi first [1]
    His wisdom in council and his knowledge in laws of manu and other epics was unstoppable a real warrior
    Sun was with him a true fighter
    Pulikeshi wife darlabhadevi belonged to batpura family
    He had 2 sons, keerthivarma 1 [first] mangalesha
    They were very learned and had deep skills
    Of war they achieve many titels
    And ruled over bojapur and badami was the capital

    Keerthivarma 1

    The son and succesor of pulakeshi 1,began his rule he helped in creating a beautiful city and many temples he expended the political ,social, and economical power he was also called as maharaja

    Keerthivarma 1 was succeeded by his brother
    Mangalesha was an able administrator as pulakeshi 2 the son of keertivarma was a minore
    Mangalesha was was ambitious ruler his sword conquered and occupied the revatidvipa, an important port
    Keerthivarma momentum of conquest ,for digvijaya was essential requiste for a chakravarti the war was follow mangalasha efforts of war. He Built up a sound navel force and he was capable of taking all islands by force
    Mangalesha wanted to his blood to rule the whole kingdom and his fire to burn in flames
    But mangalesha could not enjoy his fruits of Victory as a civil war broke out because of the chance to write the history and re- write the game mangalesha declared his son
    Sundaravarma as his successor,
    To re write history all you have to do is burn it and write it
    His eyes converted into red
    He was playing a game of chess and he have to sacrifice or kill
    He was changed he became some thing more than human all he wanted was power
    He is pulakeshi 2 [ maharaja pulakeshi]
    Pulakeshi could not tolerate so he wanted to play a game and he was ready for blood shut
    To write history again

    Pulakeshi 2 with the help of his loyal friend and accurate planning , by throwing his master card defeated his uncle mangalesha
    Mangalesha was killed and pulakeshi 2 ascended the throne as the ruler of badami

    As ascended the throne in 601A.D
    He was extraordinary ability and out standing qualities made him successful political genius and an empire Builder
    Pulakeshi 2 was a grates ruler of the chalukyas of badami
    He became the super ruler in deccan region
    He adopted many policy like 'divide and rule'
    Friendship with govinda and also established
    A friendship many relations

    He was the best king and a political genius and was a scholar and always thought about the enemy and lead his empire grow
    He had a choice to make either fear his uncle mangalesha because he was so powerful
    Or to be more than powerful he faced reality and yes was loyally perfect with self..

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    Maharaja pulakeshi

  • shafiya_kul 6w

    I was running
    To see my self, to hear that voice
    To smell the aroma and live my life
    My mom i don't know any thing about her
    Life they say it was dark and unsatisfying
    I remember her walking towards that night
    I saw some one with the moon light
    I think that was the last time when i cried
    For some one and i remember your hand was so warm and tight...
    Now i am running in this madness
    I see no one in my life
    May be this is the end....of my sacrifice
    Of course you were a witch
    I am not, hi did you erase my memories
    Of our life, i don't stand in front of this world
    I see my blue eyes i see you and i don't die....

    I mirrored my life one look in my eyes
    Now i want some blood in front of my eyes

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    2... Finally

    Looking for the answers in this night
    You are a fool who is never satisfied
    It's been rainy do you know way?
    Sun and moon are in the sky
    And yes they both cannot be together
    In any one's life this rain is tears so you can cry
    See my eyes are red and yes
    I feel to touch the sky
    Sun and moon both stand behind me
    And i see him
    Near my eyes i want go with that eyes it's better than paradise
    My questions
    I see my old self which was worst
    Now i see in his eyes
    And yes i want to go with him
    Hi, devil as i enter your eyes i see sea of madness , i see those tears in my eyes
    I am holding your hand to entire my life i am a witch this is my pride

  • shafiya_kul 8w

    Letter ...from you

    As i took that sheet of paper i see some words before i study
    I imagine the pain that you have faced
    And at some level i see your darkness
    Of all those years, yet i don't know who are you, what did you make your self while writing this words putting your ink
    I know you use some words which are jumping and happy for me i see
    While writing about me your ink is dancing i see your words are laughing
    And i am smiling now i took my mind to flash back
    I imagine a pain that you have faced
    Now i imagine your darkness of all those years
    Yet i don't know who you are and what you were but i know one thing we did gave a second chance to our lives
    Ha... I am dumb
    Now i imagine and when i imagine i write some thing for you

    Now i read your words
    All i felt was not words or vocabulary
    But some smell
    I feel many colours some of your words make me laugh
    You are so creative and at same level interesting
    I read one more and one more line
    As i am looking at mirror again
    In your words i see shade of my emotions and then i have many imagines of my past or our past
    I feel those tears
    Darkness i feel that Loneliness
    I feel that untold story
    Hiding behind those words
    Now i see some reflection of your eyes, your pen, your close attractive way of pulling words
    You hesitate to put your problems in your ink i feel something dark
    I know what type of person you are
    You smile - in front of my eyes
    You make your ink dance
    You have many faces my friend
    So show me your real self
    It's fine to feel that rain coming from your eyes
    It's ok to be chaotic
    Let's fall Lightly dozed .... It's peaceful
    With you ..

  • shafiya_kul 9w

    End ...

    Life was not so easy for me now you are not here
    Ha i am a fool again i am a witch now who is watching my own madness my own eyes my tears my self
    I don't know how to say
    They say i am bad i am dark i am end i am death
    But why would I say this to my self
    I was a normal girl with same hops in the with some lights in the sky with same dance in the mind
    Now i am Waiting for my end
    I remember your smile that garden of roses and your soft hands
    Just you and me and my no our dance

    I am a witch
    I saw your blood in front of my eyes it killed me from inside
    Why should I apologize for the monster inside my eyes i have to kill my self to give birth to the witch inside in me i don't know how i am still alive
    Now she will write my plan my pain
    She is going to turn my tears in madness like a fool i did for you

    She said every one wants to paint the story of a hero who saves the world but what about those who are already kicked out by this world
    There is no tears in my eyes all i wanted you to smile

    Hi girl why should you apologize to your self let's turn your eyes in red and play a game of madness
    I know you want to have this

    Me to me or who what did this picture and personality to you

    Its me you let me open those cards
    To play a game to create my name
    It's been a while i am a villion to this world now and i am going to die i changed my way of life i am a sacrifice in front of my own eyes....
    I was walking to the street of life where i entered and changed my eyes my dress my self...
    Now i will wait for my end to arrive holding that rose which once saved my life ...

    I love you.... At least i love till my end arrived


  • shafiya_kul 10w

    She or me...

    As i go deep towards law of love

    I see my mother
    How she said that i am fat / how she said you have a lot of pimples /how she said i am the biggest mistakes of her life / how she bet in class 4 in front of my classmates / how she threw me out of the house / how her toxicity of being fat me and i didn't even satisfied my hunger /how she treats my brothers with smile and charm me with broom and legs /when i am not well she said wasting my money /how always she would force me to study /how i was pushed into kitchen and i burned my face with oil and you didn't even care / how i cleaned the house again and again was tired at every moment every thing /how you smile and charm with others children whom you teach and with my brother speak so well /how you didn't let to wear clothes of my choice /how you kept me away from every thing and said after marriage do what ever you want /how you said cutting cake or birthday is not for you / how you said i am ugly /how you said i am toxic to you / I need phone i asked but you made me begged from you /how i thought of committing suicide all those days / how i lost hope and started to find in prayers towards god /how you made me work all the time /when she got her first period all she could hear is to
    Learn endurance you said you are grown up do more work /how she hears how her sisters are treated like queens

    When she said she have pimples on her head and in the body
    She said again i have to waste money on you
    When she said to mother that she is bleeding a lot
    I have lost weight i feel so sick and week because people said you took me to doctor
    Doctor was so kind said me to eat more vegetables and fruits how you slapped me and made me eat
    Telling i have wasted money /how as a child i was always sad from inside /how you said me all those bad words /how i forgot my self and started looking you as Monster /how you never bothered about me/how you said my all weakness to everyone and gossiping about me from others /looking at you i was afraid to talk to everyone /how i took place in corner of my class /how i never looked at boys /how you were not satisfied with my score / how you always talked about marriage /how you said me you are nothing there is nothing for you /how you said me to endurance every time
    I cry alone /how i scream alone in a dark shade

    I think it's an habit of wearing mask
    Every time......

    As i thought about the dark i see you she said to his father

    All i could remember is the begging for mercy not able to study those Arabic words correctly he started beating he crushed me some time removed his whole anger on me that love was fake love which he
    Would look at store buy me some dress to show others his wealth /as she asked for money she was treated like hell
    She wanted to go to same college as her friend /i believe they never trusted
    There was nothing like wish he bet
    Her with legs /how did you mix poison in those dresses and make were /how could you treat my brother so well /but not me /how you wear so hard on me called me dum/donkey /stupid /meaningless
    How i slept on floor in all those winter nights /how i never went out with my friends because you would see me you would eat me /how you satisfied my hunger with name less words /how you would always control me /how i saw every wear and was looking at some empty pages of my life
    How i became lonely among all those people
    How you would crush me in front of all.....

  • shafiya_kul 12w

    Vini and shaf

    Vini : hi shaf i know things have been crazy and busy and i don't talk to you so much so, don't go looking me or my words with that look in your eyes eyes....
    O yo so how are you ? I am sure you are alive orrrr... Hmm. Omg i don't want to say that The first time we met i mean i saw you i hated you but i am on top of my game you know i didn't have any plans to talk to you but my nots was incomplete what should I do?? Oo shaf its youuu
    Because of notes i started speaking with you .now have started going into relationships with boys know me better than anyone right
    You know things are going mess with him i don't know what to do ?
    Its been 7 years we have met each other and i really miss your coffee and peace of words and some boring stuff
    I hate my people but i like phone
    I need a personal advice i want to talk to you now don't say me why???
    I know if i take break i will be fine
    But there is still many people in my mind
    Hi lets catch up again with same fights and some drama lets meet and change this lines of life
    I know you are still with me be with me...

    Shaf : helo vini or a busy girl what should I say how are you? hope you are not i don't know omg what should i say...
    Yes even i remember the day we met i
    Each other you look like you wanted to eat me so dark but i saw you but you were looking at the boy next standing by me and I know you are still that same thing on this earth
    With small lights in your eyes
    You took my nots and i don't know where it is till now is that book alive or left in paradise i don't find words to describe
    Yaa i know you like your phone
    But what is the use if you don't give time to life hi you are right you need a break in your life go to walk and stop being so nice you are little mean but you are kind
    I don't know how to say lie but you can still see stars even in dark sky
    Lets catch up and change show of our

    Vini, shaf

    Hi can we talk about that days that class
    And our mess
    Let our friend ship take a ship
    Shaf :what really
    Shaf : you just text hi ,hello, and you end

    Vini : don't you start again your self
    I will throw same duster in your face
    Vini : i miss your bond we were crazy And strong

    Shaf : you made me smile again and again and again a few days ago and I know no one else can take your place

    Our friendship goes on like boom
    let's make some music again let's stand out of the class again
    Lets carry cell phone again in school
    vini: and talk to boys you know whyyy?
    Shaf : na not again
    You make me cry again but i don't believe
    Texting to you why i still smileee
    Vini: oo so adorable
    Shaf: stop it plz

    Our friendship is tight and sweet like a
    Don and let us know what is written in our bond
    We are also studying our own lives
    Let us see where it is till now
    Let us choose satisfaction not happiness in our lives together we can do something good with our life maintain some balance and entire paradise

    Vivi : sing with me this night is flawless
    don't you let it gooo ,sing

    Shaf :no thanks
    Or no need you -):)) or let's sing
    Together yes Together

    Vini : ;);)

    We are going to turn around i can see
    All it take a little bit magic to be little
    More crazy and nostalgic
    Some moments are fun
    let's welcome our life together and win
    And take flight :)) to entire na, create paradise.. -):))

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    We meet many crazy people
    In our life and some become special :))

  • shafiya_kul 14w

    Hatred took birth

    I was in love with your eyes
    Now i want to dance with my ink
    Putting your eyes into paradise
    I was not able to hear my own mind
    I was putting stars in that dark night like filling your, on our sky
    You started playing the game with my eyes
    I was playing with words dancing with heart

    There is some truth behind your eyes
    Now i don't believe in night
    Little do you know me?
    Who am i?
    I was sitting in my sky looking in your eyes
    Putting this words into life i dream to see you smile
    Now you are alone in Paradise
    Why did you leave me behind
    I want to know why did you die?

    You said you were caged in your own mind
    Like a shadow you were looking in my eyes and clearing your mind set of life
    Now putting your story in my Voice
    I am taking you as you are alive

    Can you see me
    I can feel your fingers some are cracked and some are polished
    As if each and every finger is reflection of story of your tears
    Now i am imagining you and i think words are not enough
    I see your eyes, your hairs, your untold stories of life
    Now your are removing my skin and changing concept of life i feel time has stopped

    I realized that you are not playing with my eyes
    I realized I was burning in a different way of evil in my mind
    My tears are finding meaning to arrive
    You smiled and close my eyes
    I could feel your voice, breathe, voice of lips before you flutter some words
    You said
    ' Hatred took birth in order protect love
    My love '

    Then i opened my eyes i see this world with your eyes
    Which are kind enough to find
    Light ..

  • shafiya_kul 16w

    2 stories

    weakness we all have but for them it was a crime publishable by death
    Some times they think people can be any thing
    Some play with your eyes
    Some make you doll with the colours of their smiles
    2 Creatures on this earth was waiting for each other
    Not to help, not to love, not to stand
    But to grow and give birth to the light
    They were 2 fools who were never

    Her mother was destitute
    And took shelter in pataliputra
    She gave birth to the son and entrusted him the care of cow herd to the hunter
    Who used him to tend cattle
    All the glory of his life
    Their was nothing like a laughter
    Having a mind of cutting the stars
    Gave birth to an another human
    Who was born inside
    He took this movement very lightly
    He was born in darkness now this was all he had and this was his reality
    He chandragupta maurya was a follow of Jainism and poor he approached the nandas for help, ill treated and insulted
    His eyes turned into the fire as if waiting
    For a time to arrive his pain was feeling
    The fire inside as if waiting for some battle to arrive
    Not able to speak or believe his life there was a flood of tears in his mind
    Just waiting for one chance to arrive....

    He was a famous statesman of ancient
    India he is kautilya( chanakya)
    He was the president of danashala established by nanda king of magadha
    In this institution, brahmanas were fed every day
    Once, kautilya was insulted by dhanandha, the ruler of magadha empire and the tenth nanda ruler.
    Kautilya vowed to avenge the insult
    The dhananand's ruler was oppressive to people
    Kautilya was on fire
    He was playing with with his thoughts
    And his eyes were dark as if slowly slowly he was in dark sky with drops of blood which was making the door to paradise
    There was no place for their faces and eyes he like a demon has entirely entered in his mind

    Kautilya who was passing by saw chandragupta, the young lad playing the role of king dispensing justice
    He was impressed by the personality of chandragupta he saw the flame in his eyes as if a monster is waiting to create a new voice
    Kautilya purchased the boy from hunter
    He took chandragupta to taxile
    And provide him with education and military training ,administration, art of warfare
    Like a small flower he was growing every day with his voice and his desire was embarrassing him to fight
    Creaked but now he was polishing his mind
    Like their voice was putting fire in his eyes

    Strategy adopted by chandragupta to overcome nandas ruler
    First he organized powerful army and
    Conquest ,leadership of starting a revolution
    Kautilya felt chandragupta was a right person to over throw nanda dynasty
    He adopted many strange
    And chandragupta became the overlord of extensive empire extending from punjab till pataliputra covering the entire valley of ganga and yamuna
    All the nine nandas were killed

    Kautilya played a important role in dethronement of nandas and established a mauryan empire he was responsible for setting up a well organized administrative system
    Kautilya wrote arthashastra
    Chandragupta was a founder of maurya

    Sometimes all you need is a teacher
    And little bit of pain to move your self
    Training, hard work and guidance
    To see the way to the life
    And giving chances again and again
    By not looking you past
    and crushing yourself but learning from past

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  • shafiya_kul 17w

    I was walking with two pens at least now i think like that i was planning on writing tale a magical one that mornings of my life was so dark and colourless every where i saw that demons my friends
    Were tired of me my family betrayed me i was all alone waiting for my own end at some point they all became demons in my eyes

    Now i walked faster in that low sunset I heard some voices voice of a human voice of a woman who is bought rose flowers to i can fell the smell and i see a smile even in her broken eyes as she takes a basket she fell so satisfied i saw a man putting newspaper in i the house as if he has planned to play with air and every time he put up the newspaper their was a smile in his face as if a little child won a game
    Now i slow down my steps and feel the smooth air around me and i smell the bread and chai from a small shop near the park
    Now i think from where did the chaotic began in my life
    I saw a Buddhist monks walking around some were sitting in peace
    I heard the voice of old people in the park laughing and laughing now as i took step slowly slowly i felt little dozed and adore now i am thinking of preparing my self and my style of walking
    Now i felt that my universe was always dancing not in the slow air or slow steps

    Simple and genre
    I see that colourful bus i see small mirror their i look at my eyes and i only see one hope small shade of light
    Now i take back my steps i realized i carried two pens one to write a new chapter and other to colour my self with light

    And now i see my self
    Accepted my self as i am now
    And find hope with the colours of smile and change the colour of this
    Sun and light

    To write my life