إنالله ما أس صابرين ��

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  • shaiz_fs 1w

    The first time I met you was on a post related to a real horror story challenge hosted by Carolyn madam ☺️. Still remember your first comment on my post��. Since then I found you everywhere reading and giving your sincere feedback ��. Memes were made on you and me, because we were the only ones who reply to a "Thank you" ��. In the beginning I thought you are a very serious kind of person who don't like to mingle with people ��. But as the time passed came to know that you are a very fun loving person ��. And the most funny thing was, you feared talking to me ��. I am glad you don't now ��. When I was in trouble last year and felt cornered you were one among those who stood by my side ��. Thank you so much for your support ��. You are one of the top contender for having the best vocab on this platform ��. Sometimes I feel you are Shashi tharoor's niece ��. You are one of few writers here who read without following the formula read for a read and like for a like ��. People like you are the soul of miraquill and even miss Sood shows interest in reading you ��. Change is constant and people do change especially at miraquill. Never let yourself down ��‍♀️. You are an inspiration to many writers here who call you di ��. If someone is famous there will be people who try to demotivate ��. Never give a chance to anyone, to exploit your emotions ��. Ignore the ignorant ��. Looking forward to collab with you once again some day Insha Allah ��. I am sorry for not able to write much ��. Writer's block ruined me beyond repair ��.

    Happy Birthday to you Sanam ❤️
    May almighty bless you with the best always
    Stay blessed happy and healthy
    Keep smiling and scribbling ❤️


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    S -- Sachharine soul
    A -- Angelic aura
    N -- Noble character
    A -- Attractive personality
    M -- Modest muslima


  • shaiz_fs 5w

    @writersnetwork ❤️
    Thank you so much all who commented �� and sorry for not replying in time ��

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    Last breath
    For broken souls

  • shaiz_fs 6w

    I have never seen a rock fly ��

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    Keep your ego as light as a feather to fly high in the terrains of success.

  • shaiz_fs 6w

    What is the color of equality?
    It is the amalgamation of black and white.

  • shaiz_fs 7w

    Respect to all who fight and lay down their lives for justice and humanity ��

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    Evanescent lives lost fighting for humanity
    are preserved in the soil till eternity.

  • shaiz_fs 7w

    What is behind a broken heart?
    Is it grief or a mere disbelief
    Is it pain or feeling of disdain
    Is it guilt or lack of grit
    Is it deception or just an incorrect perception
    Whatever be the reason
    The end result is depression
    Never break a heart for fun
    Always take care of the loved one
    Never play with the emotions so pure
    You will find peace in the world for sure.

    The most precious thing to do in this world is to own a smile and the most cheapest thing to do is to be the reason for someone's tears.

  • shaiz_fs 7w

    A girl so pretty
    with an ocean full of beauty
    eyes radiating light
    like shimmering rays of sun rise
    the curls of her hair
    are a lovely sight to stare
    her rhythms during moves
    gloomy mood it soothes
    the elegance in her talk
    causes the surroundings to spark
    nothing's more gracious than her smile
    that captures on lookers eyes from a mile
    the light blue dress she loves to adorn
    looks like a princess from fairytale with a crown

  • shaiz_fs 8w

    A place full of saccharine emotions
    A place devoid of wicked notions
    A place where love blends with flavour
    A place where our childhood savour

    The old chimney which emits smoke
    Was a treat to watch for we little folks
    The roti made by grandma was no less than art
    It was so accurate like a circle in geometry class

    There is something very fancy about Grandma's kitchen
    We all dream of time travelling for once in a life.

  • shaiz_fs 8w

    The owner of the title is Dr. Christian Bernard ��

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    A poor little kid five summers old
    met with agony no one can bear
    limbs being crushed under an evil car
    driven by a wealth blinded young man
    saved by a human with human heart
    walking on the limbs which are unreal
    still carries the smile looking pretty real

  • shaiz_fs 9w

    Nostalgia struck me for 365th time today when I found that withered rose betwixt the pages of love smitten diary which still smells the essence of our love.