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  • shambhavi_shandilya 122w

    By unknown writer

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    Isn't it suffocating?

    Isn't it suffocating?
    surrounded by only
    bricks and walls.
    Spending whole day
    on just the couch.
    Eyes stuck against
    the screen
    laughing at memes
    but crying within.
    Prisoned under the veil
    of movies and web series.

    Isn't it suffocating?
    Wanting to pull out
    your love from skype
    through the Glass.
    Or wanting to push back
    the professor
    taking Zoom Class.
    Fighting for remote
    with your siblings
    creating Chaos.

    Wasn't it suffocating?
    Following your profession
    and not your passion.
    Cursing, you have just
    24 hours.
    Not enough to meet
    your family
    and show some compassion.
    Not getting home-cooked food
    was utter dissatisfaction.
    Having plans for peace
    But not putting them
    into action.

    Won't it be suffocating?
    Witnessing countries
    with clearer skies
    but deserted roads.
    Being the surviver
    with only handful
    to see your posts.
    Robots helping humans
    to write the codes.
    Superpowers fighting
    for Antidotes.

    Won't it be suffocating?
    Crying Alone.

  • shambhavi_shandilya 141w

    When we miss our family ❤️ Hostel life can bring you many friends but nothing can replace the love for parents...
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #homesickness #familylove #parents #collegelife

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    घर से दूर...

    जब हॉस्टल के खाने में,
    माँ के हाथ का स्वाद तलाशते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब पूरा दिन,
    छोटे भाई को बिना परेशान किए, निकल देते हैं हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    वो जब दिवाली पर,
    पूरे घर को नहीं, सिर्फ़ अपने कमरे को सजाते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब World Cup का मैच,
    बड़े टी.वी पर नहीं, अपने फ़ोन पर अकेले देखते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब बचपन में दिए हुए सौ रुपये बचाने की जगह,
    पापा से महीने के खत्म होने तक और पैसे मांगते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब रोज़ सुबह,
    माँ का "उठ जाओ बेटा" की जगह, अलार्म को स्नूज़ करके उठते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब खाना नहीं खाने पर,
    माँ को, "हाँ, खा लिया" बोल देते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    और जब रोज़ रात की खामोशी में,
    सिर पर सहलाते हुए, माँ का हाथ ढूंढते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

  • shambhavi_shandilya 142w

    #terrorist #26/11 #devils #mumbaiattacks #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Remembering the martyr's of 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attacks. United we stand against the violent negativities of mankind. ✨

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    Under the tiny stars
    of the Heaven above,
    trying to replicate one
    here on the Earth.

    Trying our best
    to remove negativities.
    We are left with
    Some devilish identities.

    who create fear.
    of being burnt by a Blast.
    of being hit by a Bullet.
    of not seeing the next day.
    of the thought of meeting our loved ones
    for the last time.

    Masking their selfish interests
    in the name of religion.
    Snatching aways smiles
    from hundreds of region.
    Thinking of peaceful life
    in the Heaven.
    Often forget that
    The most beautiful Heaven
    Is here on The Earth, Our Earth.

    United we stand against them.
    United against greed.
    United against violence.
    United against destruction.
    United we stand against devils of

  • shambhavi_shandilya 142w

    Fat shaming isn't the only side of body shaming. Skinny girls are often seen with disgust and made a laughing stock. A poem written to show the other side of coin.✨

    #stopbodyshaming #peace

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Am I not Beautiful?

    I don't starve myself.
    I don't fly away due to breeze.
    I am not an incarnation of stick.
    I am not always sick.
    I am not undernourished.
    I cry underneath your funny skeletal nicknames designed for me.
    I can eat more than one chapatti,
    it isn't a surprise.
    I can run a marathon, get this in your mind.
    I don't have curves to please you.
    I don't have just bones, muscles you will find too.
    I am skinny but ain't dead.
    I am full with life and the most cheerful person you have ever met!
    Look into my eyes, don't just see my bones.
    Did you see that, Am I not beautiful too?

  • shambhavi_shandilya 143w

    Sometimes, we give our 100% to reach our goal. Only to realize later that it was the wrong path. Follow your heart. One day, you will find your true potential!��

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #dreams @mirakee

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    Chasing Shadows

    Running behind
    the bright light,
    I sank into

    Climbing the mountains
    Diving deep into the oceans
    Just to get the glimpse
    of that shiny might
    I Ran.

    Kept a journal
    of the voices I heard behind.
    Demotivating me!
    But also listened
    to the whispers
    Giving me hope.

    All the mental
    calculations were done.
    Reply to every voice
    was my silent perspiration.
    Toiling hard, to reach my

    And finally,
    Crossing all limits
    I saw the Grand Glamour
    My goal, my light
    was in front of my eyes.

    But my eyes
    refused to open.
    No, It isn't a dream
    The light was too intense
    for me to see my victory.

    This light wasn't for me
    All this time
    I was chasing shadows,
    My inner light was already
    within me.

  • shambhavi_shandilya 143w

    Admist the gloomy
    world of monochrome,
    I am a blend of hues!

    I am the Fierce yellow glow
    of the Sun.
    I am the Blush of the dusk.
    The shiny silver you wore to the party is me.
    I am the scarlet hue of your lips.
    The Cupid's crush of pink is me!
    I am the bright fluorescent which
    you will always notice.

    I am the green-eyed jealousy.
    The dark purple gloomy soul is me.
    I am the rebellious red.
    I am the proud Golden decorating your asset.

    I am the all-rounder classic Black.
    But I am also the peaceful white.
    Admist the gloomy
    world of monochrome,
    I am a blend of hues!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #latepost #colours @mirakee

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  • shambhavi_shandilya 144w

    #heartbreak #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Sometimes, you don't even get a hint of it. ����

    The day was
    Clear blue sky
    Sun blushing
    behind soft clouds.

    Last night
    was quiet
    as it should be.
    You were
    caring and loving
    as you always be.

    "I don't trust you"
    is what you said.
    Never knew
    the distance
    would make me weep.

    Nature never changed
    to witness this heartbreak.
    It's matured
    and have seen
    millions of pain.
    I never changed too
    I just grew up.

    You loved me once,
    You don't trust me now.
    You wiped my tears once,
    You find my sobs irritating now.
    You said you will never leave me,
    You are not picking up my calls now.

    Being taken for
    was nothing new
    for me.
    But you were
    not just anyone for me.

    You don't even trust
    my explanations.
    My words have
    lost it's value now.
    But willingly too
    I cannot lose
    your value in
    my heart, in my

    You always remained
    the one for me
    And will
    always be.

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    You wiped my tears once,
    You find my sobs irritating now.
    You said you will never leave me,
    You are not picking up my calls now.
    You loved me once,
    You don't trust me now.

  • shambhavi_shandilya 145w

    ��#tears When once with your love but now you cry alone....
    #writersnetwork #mirakee ��

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    When I couldn't reach your shoulders,
    I cried my heart out over the phone.
    But now,
    Only the moisture in my pillow knows,
    The pain in my soul.

  • shambhavi_shandilya 145w

    "Win over your fear,
    but a new
    will be born
    each time
    you can't help."

    Some people fear darkness, some spiders others height. Every fear carries an intend to decrease your power. But some fears don't! ��Read about my fears.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    My fears?
    they ask
    My insecurities?
    they spell
    fears define you
    they say
    fears guide your
    every next step.
    Win over your fear,
    but a new
    will be born
    each time
    you can't help.

    I exclaimed.
    Fear of
    being lost.
    Fear that
    my voice won't
    be heard.
    Fear that
    I'll be one
    among others.
    Fear that
    I'll be a star
    but not
    the brightest.
    Fear that
    my story
    would be just
    the same.

    My fear
    hasn't won.
    But I
    haven't lost.
    I'll overcome
    only when I'll
    be the
    The personality
    I crave for.
    Improvising myself
    I'll be the One!
    One day.

    That very day
    my fear
    smiling at me
    will happily say
    I lost
    my intentions

  • shambhavi_shandilya 145w

    "Struggling to anchor my ship, because the pain is so deep." Every one of us has gone through tough phases in life. But what makes us different is to rise from the pain and spread smiles. Be a better person every next day! ���� #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Into My Soul

    Look there,
    Far away
    There's an island
    admist the ocean of chaos,
    a palace of peace.
    It's my soul there.
    Set on a voyage
    to find my
    inner self.
    Fighting with storms
    of judgements.
    of prejudices
    Struggling to
    anchor my ship
    The pain is so deep.
    My own soul
    is a new place for me.
    Searching for it
    without a map
    wasn't easy.
    The map
    to my soul
    was engraved in my heart
    My brain had to read it
    Working together
    they found
    A Scar
    Yes, that's my soul
    Healing from the pain
    Rising from the ashes
    Scars are beautiful
    And so is
    My Soul.