Door to my heart is paved with paw prints��

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  • sharma_ritika 34w

    No matter how good your heart is; you will eventually have to start treating people the way they treat you. Remember, you don't need to set yourself on fire just to keep others warm.

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    Self love is important.


  • sharma_ritika 42w

    There's this fine looking guy,
    Little bit timid, and kinda shy .
    When I see the glitter in his eyes,
    I feel like kissing him until time flies.
    He can get anyone's attention,
    Yet he loves it convention.
    He lives far away from my home,
    And is hard like a pome..
    All the beautiful moments we share together,
    How I long to be with him forever.

    He spreads cuteness all around,
    And he contains, joy abound.

    I'm not the perfection in his world,
    But he loves my imperfections, without judging me for anything.

    After all I wish,
    He could see the angel I see,
    When he reads my words with glee

    In my world of nothingness,
    he is my everything.

  • sharma_ritika 43w

    This person who was once nothing to you has become everything. All of a sudden, they're the most beautiful person you've ever met. It's just funny looking back. You never saw it coming, it just kind of...happened....nd you are glad that it happened.❤️


  • sharma_ritika 46w

    हमें खेद है कि हमारा एक साथी हमारे बीच नहीं रहा
    भगवान उसकी आत्मा को अशांति एवं भोजन प्रदान करे।
    Om shaanti
    We will not miss you not so dear

  • sharma_ritika 48w

    Heyy pidddii,��
    Another year older, and yet not wiser.
    Tough hogi na life��
    While you have stopped growing at around 16-17, your brain stopped growing after 5.����
    But koi gal ni, hum @ara___ duniya mein isiliye to hain taaki tujhe thodi si buddhi de sakein.
    Yede, bhagwaan kare ki tujhe khoob saari maggi mile, khoob saara khaana khaane ko mile, and tu abhi 1 baje tak sota h, to ab 5 baje soye bina gharwaalo se laat khaaye.
    Dekha, kitni parvaah h humein teri.
    Bas bas ab jyaada emotional hone ki zaroorat nhi h tujhe ��

    PS. Please find your bachpan ki photu attached in BG.

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    Jloth ka janamdin


  • sharma_ritika 51w

    What My I Love You Means

    What My I love you means.....

    I care for you Forever. Come whatever may,
    I am always there with you, if I say love you.

    I love your body only, false. Wish to satisfy my needs. Use you. Falser.
    I just love you, your soul, if I say love you.

    My happiness lies in your smile alone.
    My insecurities too are an embellishment of my love for you.
    I am constantly falling deeper into your love, say. If I say I love you.

    I only ask for two wishes to come true,
    The first is staying with you forever, and,
    You staying with me forever being the second.
    If I say love you.

    I am angst-ridden,
    If I see you with someone else. Yes.
    That's my kind of possessiveness for you ,if I say "I love you"

    Accept all these terms of mine, While I want the same out of you.
    Stay by my side, with me.
    If YOU say, "I love you.

    Otherwise leave me as I was,on my own. Alone, suffering, sad maybe, but fine.
    And DON'T say I love you.

  • sharma_ritika 60w

    Perhaps there is only one cardinal sin:

  • sharma_ritika 63w


  • sharma_ritika 63w

    Hello world,
    Teach your boys to behave.
    Happy women's day.

  • sharma_ritika 65w

    Pillows bear stories in them.

    Some are of lamenting gloominess,
    other, of ecstatic texts...