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  • sharma_ritika 76w

    To a most brave and precious soul:
    We are so proud of you . If I say India is safe just because of you I am not exaggerating. You safeguard our country’s huge LOC and LAC on the western and eastern fronts. Some of you do the hardest duties in the world at Siachin where temperature is freezing to bone.It is not every day we say that we are thankful to you but we should.We are proud of you for always doing whatever it takes to fulfill your duty, to honor your commitment, to uphold your oath. We are proud of your selflessness that allows you to put others above your family and even your own desires and safety; you people deserve kudos for having dealt with the enemies of the country with iron hand.wo surgical strikes in the year 2016 were befitting replies to the enemies.
    While the whole nation today is busy debating the contours of nationalism, I’m writing to you – whom I believe to be the best example of someone who works unconditionally for the good of the nation. I’m writing to say those three magic words we've learnt as kids – thank you, sorry and please.
    First and foremost, I’m shouting out a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for all you have done and continue to do for our country. Over the past many years, I have witnessed your unshaken resolve to do what is right, your enthusiasm to go the extra mile and your constant putting of others before self. I have marveled at your readiness to venture into deadly territory because it’s the only way to protect this motherland and her citizens, despite the fact that many of them stay indifferent toher and to you.
    Next, I’m offering an equally deep apology and saying, “SORRY.”
    I’m sorry for the fact that you and your near and dear ones have to undergo such hardships to ensure people like me wake up secure every morning.
    I’m sorry that people who know nothing of your hardships and have not experienced even a minute of your life, sit and judge the potential of yours.
    I’m sorry on behalf of all the armchair analysts and media dimwits who think they have the aptitude to pronounce your actions inept and careless and question if you deserve to be honored when you fall in the line of duty.
    I’m sorry that there exist some people who are the anti-thesis of what you are and what you stand for – people who advocate separatism and shout slogans of slicing our country to pieces and yet, complain of their freedom of speech being snatched when someone so much as counters their insinuations with hard facts.
    But “PLEASE”, please do not let these people make you cynical about your countrymen. I agree, many of us are slumbering, lost in their own petty problems of day to day living, with hardly a thought to spare for our country and you, her guardians, and for whom, Captain Anuj Nayyar is nothing more than another statistic.But dear soldier, let me also tell you that there are some of us who try to serve our country in whatever way we know best.We want India to forge ahead and take her rightful place in the global order and cherish the vital role of your sacrifices .We only know that it is a great fortune to be born in this land that gives us such freedom of thought and action. And we know also of the pain that comes when someone is indifferent to our cause or sits in biased judgment over us. We are ever grateful to you and moved and touched by the way you perform your duty unflinchingly. If ever you look at happenings in our country and wonder what you are struggling for, remember this letter, dear soldier. Today, every single member of the Indian Armed Forces is prepared to give up his life for the nation. The day each and every citizen of this country shows this same willingness to sacrifice everything for the motherland, that will be the beginning of her glorious future.
    We are grateful to God for gifting us with such powerful, selfless, kind and motivated people, who always stand for us. The entire nation is proud of you all. May God always keep you safe and sound!
    I thank you for reading this through to the end, sir.
    Jai Hind!
    With utmost Respect,
    Yours patriotically,
    An obliged Indian.

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    A letter to a soldier


  • sharma_ritika 76w

  • sharma_ritika 78w

    It's a good thing that dogs and snakes don't interbreed.
    I guess nobody wants a loyal snake.

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  • sharma_ritika 80w

    A lone candle flame flickers
    agitated shadows dance
    night wind darkly whispers
    light has a last chance

    [And the flame breathes its last flare]

    Now I can clearly gaze
    the limitless stars out
    Now I can clearly gaze
    the limitless wars within

    //Bg by ME//

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    [The last light]


    where have 
    you been, 


  • sharma_ritika 81w

    Being someone's first love is great,
    But, to be their last is priceless...♡

  • sharma_ritika 81w

    If women ruled the world,
    there'd be no wars.
    Just, a bunch of countries not talking to each other ; D

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  • sharma_ritika 83w

    Some days my words make sense to the world 
    Some days they just end up getting embraced by my diary and make sense just to me
    lot like my unfinished poems for you
    this unsaid space between letting the world know and to just shape them, caress them and cage them in my heart
    I would be lying if I said the latter is easy for if the hearts were a cage, our feelings would have died of suffocation and I need them to breathe, to feel alive, to grow forevermore in space but I fear that would you be able to read when the pages adorn itself with creases of mortality and letters are faded.

    pc: me

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  • sharma_ritika 84w

    Every artist was first an amateur. And so am I rn.����

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