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  • sharmapratiksha900 274w

    Sometimes it's better to conceal
    yours feelings then to express them

  • sharmapratiksha900 276w

    tu hi mere liye ab kr dua,
    tu is drd se kr de juda..,...

  • sharmapratiksha900 277w


    It is not a result of single step achievement
    It is the output of several failures, breakdown,experiences and patience

  • sharmapratiksha900 278w

    If a person doesn't to react your bullshit in the same way
    It doesn't mean that he has quit,it's their
    mannerism and self-esteem
    which doesn't allow them to lower their level
    © Pari-writes

  • sharmapratiksha900 278w


    doesn't change by itself
    always A warrior is required to fight for dreams
    having A strong attraction and passion
    An ever lasting desire for goal
    © Pari-writes

  • sharmapratiksha900 278w

    have a strong attraction for your goal so that even obstacles can't divert your state of mind