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  • shattered_spells 11w

    If you knew the one you're asking to stay is one whose heart you never even owned.

    If you knew the one you praise is one whose heart is as dark as a grave,
    Same as the endless abyss you used to write about,

    What would you do?
    Would it be too much of a wretched knowledge you'd renounce so easily,

    Would you also let her go?
    Or would even the truth in its purest form fail to set you free?

    -To him.

  • shattered_spells 11w


    She knows she hurts,
    She knows it pains,
    She knows it's hard.
    And it kills her inside,
    To let go,
    Of all her self in one go..

    But you won't see her break,
    Cry her eyes out,
    And call out for help,
    She knows she's in pain,
    And she's been played like a game,
    She knows its the heartbreak,
    But she can't let it go,
    Let go of her whole self.

    She's not the most perfect
    She's indeed not the best,
    She hurts and cries,
    She falls and tries,
    She gets up and hides.

  • shattered_spells 14w

    Though I have a cold heart,
    But “you" put it on fire.
    Now being with you forever
    is my only desire!

  • shattered_spells 14w

    By unknown writer

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    I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.

  • shattered_spells 14w

    As his soft fingertips slowly caressed my skin,
    I closed my eyes. ‘it’s you who’s touching me.’
    When his mushy lips made contact with mine,
    I concentrated. ‘it’s you who’s kissing me.’
    When his mouth uttered those three words,
    The hallow halls of my mind blocked it all out and said
    ‘It’s you who I love.’

  • shattered_spells 15w

    We only had dream when we started and we'll be each other's dream when it ends.

  • shattered_spells 15w


    Maybe we'll find a way
    To jump with out coming down,
    To speed without crashing,
    To fly without falling,
    To float without drowning,
    To fight without cowardice,
    To love without doubt,
    To smile without hidden sorrow,
    To think without worrying,
    To sleep without nightmares,
    To exist without questioning.

    Maybe we'll find a way to be and do all the things we promised ourselves when we were younger.

    Maybe we'll find a way to forgive ourselves and be okay

  • shattered_spells 15w

    She placed him there,
    Hoping he would never leave,
    Then there blew a strong wind,
    Taking him to another branch.

  • shattered_spells 15w

    There was so much I wanted to say to you if only I was able to speak looking at your face, holding your gaze. But I never did. For once, I was scared you'd walk away from whatever we had, even if it amounted to nothing it was everything for me. I never spoke of what ate me down cause looking at you would erase it all, the hurt, the pain, the doubt. All that remained was the wretched resolve to keep you with me whatever the cost.

  • shattered_spells 17w

    Treate me right or leave me tf alone