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    Any one loves the four season, everyone enjoys it's beauty. But we did not expect that it's hard to have those seasons.

    Winter forms our character and brings out our best." "Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." "Winter is not a season, it's a celebration." "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."
    " THE WORD OF SPRING?. A season that blooms and more blooms shine upon us, it's good in our eye's to watch many plants blooms in this season. I counted many weather in just 24 hours in thos season and it's not boring it is wonderful to recommend.
    A very hot season that signals -"IT'S TIME TO SWIM"-. Everything is wonderful with'in March-May because ypu can enjoyed that time with yoi love'one's. "ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL BEACH".
    "IT'S SIGNALS TIME TO REST BECAUSE OF SPRINGFIELD TO HOTNESS". This season show us how lovely it is to watch many leaves falling and starting over again, it's funny to hear this but autumn is the enemy of spring. Why? Spring blooms beauty that can be the "apple of the eye" to people. And what's the thing that mean's a lot for people in autumn? And it's like my funny quote for you. "IT'S TIME TO FALL". BUT NOT TO FALL TO PEOPLE, IT'S TIME TO FALL ALL THE LEAVES AT THE THREE".


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    Ning Xu shrugged, thinking she didn't smell any different than usual. Tria, still irritated, continued, "Are you crazy? Why did you come here now, of all times? Is it because it's my birthday soon? Are you trying to ruin it?"

    NING Xu had no idea it was her sister's birthday soon.

    She came here because she had spent 6 years of her 10-year term, and she was beginning to feel hopeful that she might survive this.

    The situation at the battlefront, however, wasn't going very well, so she thought she should use up her vacation time and think about some strategies.

    But obviously, Tria thought that everything was all about herself.

    NING Xu shrugged again. 'Oh well, I guess it can't be helped since I didn't explain anything to anybody why I came here.'

    NING Xu walked to the kitchen and started to butter her bread liberally.

    The servants offered to cook her something, but she refused.

    She was perfectly happy with bread and butter. Tria followed her to the kitchen and stared at her angrily.

    When Ning ignored her and continued to eat, Tria screamed, "Leave this house right now!"

    "Tria, if I survive another four years, it will be you who needs to leave this house". She said as she ignored her grumpy sister again.

    Tria's face became pale. If Ning survived the 10 years of military service, she was indeed going to inherit the family title.

    As her sister didn't accept that ning will inherited the titled of their families wealth.

    Ning didn't plan on kicking her sister out, but it was still fun to say it out loud. Ning was also sick of people calling her a naive idiot.

    Everyone who knew Ning's situation told her to slap her sister if she disrespected her. It was for Tria's benefit that Ning was in this situation after all.

    Tria wanted Ning to die.

    What a rude sister that Ning have*_*.

    Ning had all the right to hit her sister. She was her older sister, but if Ning really did hit Tria, she knew exactly what the people would call her.

    A vindictive b*tch.

    Ning watched in amusement as Tria trembled.

    Did Tria think she was really going to hit her? If she did, Ning Xu knew that her sister Tria would faint.

    Just then, their father came hurriedly and yelled, "How dare you!" He slapped Ning, and because he wasn't wearing a gantlet, she didn't even flinch.

    Having father on her side, Tria snorted confidently.

    TRIA truly hated NING. She looked at her older sister up and down in disgust.

    The war hasn't been gentle on Ning. She was covered in scars and her face wasn't spared from it.

    Her hair was cut short and ugly, and because she didn't get to wash regularly, her skin was dirty and rough.

    She had to yell often during battles, which turned her voice deep and gravelly.

    "Tria is the heir to this family! How dare you disrespect her?" Their father continued in anger he is shouting.

    But this was an empty threat.

    The truth was if Ning survived her 10-year military service, she was going to automatically inherit the family title as well as their wealth.

    This was the only perk of going to war on behalf of one's family.

    And to prevent the nobles from abusing this law, if the surviving soldier dies within 10 years of inheriting the title, another member of the family had to serve another 10-year term in order to get it back.

    There were an unfortunate incident where a solider survived the term and inherited his rightful title but ended up dying from a battle wound soon after.

    The man's brother, therefore, was forced to serve 10 years himself in order to become the next heir.

    Ning's father was sure that she would not survive the harsh life, but when she remained alive after 6 years, he felt anxious.

    When she felt full, Ning went upstairs and walked into another empty room to lay down.

    No matter how hard she thought, there was no future for this country.

    The soldiers were treated like a sacrifice while the citizens near the battlefront lived in constant fear and poverty.

    Those who lived in the city center had no idea what was happening, and they didn't care about the war or the food of the country.

    Nobles were the worst of them all.

    The taxes continued to rise, hurting everyone in the nation.

    Some may have thought that it would be easier now for her to survive the next four years since she already survived the first 6 years, but Ning didn't think so.

    In fact, she was sure that her next 4 years were going to be so much worse.

    She could feel it.

    Something didn't feel right and that was why she asked for a vacation.

    The rumors on the battlefields and those in the cities were very different.

    Ning Xu knew that she might be able to learn more about the overall situation if she stayed in the city for a while.

    In fact, she needed to be in the capital.

    She dropped by at her home, which was located on the outer border of the capital, only because it was on her way.

    She stayed for two days to fill her stomach, and without taking a bath even once, Ning Xu left her home.

    As she rode away, Ning could see Tria looking down at her from her room. Tria's face was filled with obvious hate, but Ning didn't care.

    'I have to admit, she really is very pretty.'

    Tria's pride and joy were her long silky hair.

    What a head ache, for her head Tria is her most ache in head that she wants to avoid.

    But her sister didn't let her go, she just want to fight with me.

    When Ning reached the capital, she immediately began to collect any rumors she could hear.

    The rumor about the possibility of this winter's war to be the last one.

    The rumor about the kingdom of Shapotania planning to use more forces for the next battles.

    There were many rumors concerning the ongoing war, but none of them satisfied Ning's instinct.

    Many also talked about the kingdom called Delican, which was located at the north of Draconian.

    Its emperor died a few years ago and his heir became the next emperor.

    "I hear Delican's new emperor is very handsome."

    "He became the emperor three years ago, so I don't think he is considered 'new' anymore."

    Ning has heard many things about this new ruler.

    Apparently, he was a gorgeous young man.

    Was this just an exaggerated rumor or the truth? Ning was skeptical about it, so she didn't believe it but she agreed that it was nice to have good looking royal members.

    It was also very advantageous for the heir to be attractive so it was very common for the royals to spread such rumors, whether it be true or false.

    But something about this new emperor nagged her.

    Delican's emperor was still very young. So much so that people still called him a "young man." A young ruler would want to solidify his power, and that was why new monarchs often tried to make as many public accomplishments as they could.

    They would exaggerate the smallest achievements in an attempt to look strong, especially to neighboring nations.

    But this new emperor of Delican's is so far, and has done nothing.

    There were no stories of his triumphs.

    They weren't friendly with each other, but they still communicated and still, trades took place between them.

    The only thing Ning knew was that when the new emperor came into power, a significant number of Delican's soldiers were placed at its border.

    It wasn't an odd occurrence as this happened often.

    A new ruler often made changes and improvements to the country's military.

    Ning Xu shook her head since something felt wrong.

    She went back to the room she rented and took out her map that showed the military presence of all the northern borders.

    She studied it carefully, and after contemplating for a day, she finally realized the truth.

    Delican's was getting ready for a war.


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    When Ning turned 14 years old, she was drafted. Other boys from different noble families that were also drafted either cried or gritted their teeth in anger.

    They were in a similar situation as Ning Xu.

    They had to go to war just as she did, but at least, their parents or relatives paid the price for them to at least ensure their safety.

    Ning Xu was the only girl in the bunch, but none of them realized that she wasn't a boy.

    First of all, she was taller than most boys and she still had no curves which were common for the others around her.

    She was dark-skinned from the sun and was covered in scars.

    Most of all, her hair was too short.

    No women in the kingdom, not even a peasant, would cut their hair this short.

    Even many of the noble men kept their hair long.

    On top of that, Ning Xu wore something that was similar to the other boys.

    A pair of pants, a piece of armor, and a belt with a sword.

    No one could imagine her to be a lady.

    Everyone who saw her assumed that she was a bastard of a noble family.

    The boys were sent off by their families, but Ning Xu was all alone, except for the old knight who came to say goodbye.

    The boys' families cried and gave gifts of handkerchiefs, which symbolized luck, but Ning received nothing.

    The only thing her father gave her was armor and a new sword. They were of poor in terms of quality, but at least, they were something.

    Ning Xu didn't care. She felt nothing for her family and they weren't important to her.

    They've been in war with Kaukauna, a kingdom adjacent to them for a long time.

    They took breaks during the farming seasons, which were spring, summer, and fall, but as soon as the first snow falls, they would go to war. And when spring begins, they would call a truce so they could back to toil their lands once again.

    Such a long war took a huge toll on both countries' coffers as well as their people's morals, but the royal families didn't care.

    They refused to call a permanent truce between them.

    On the first day, while she's on her way to her assigned position, Ning Xu was kicked out of the carriage.

    It was because she was a girl.

    During the ride when the boys introduced themselves to each other, they learned Ning Xu name and were shocked.

    "You're a girl?"

    They kicked her out immediately and the other boys didn't see Ning as a lady.

    A lady was supposed to have beautiful long hair, have the sweet smell of perfume, and wear a dress. Ning had short hair, she was skinny, she smelled like sweat, and wore pants.

    War was no joke. The boys yelled nasty things out to her as they pushed her out of the carriage. They told her to go work in the kitchen and bring out her brother instead for the coming battles.

    She fell to the ground but thanks to her armor, she was able to avoid any severe injuries. She stood up quickly and started to walk.

    There were many carriages, some were carrying the drafted boys while others held their supplies, and Ning moved fast not to lose sight of them.

    If she didn't keep up and reach the military base, she was going to be considered a deserter who's bound to be executed immediately.

    Ning briefly considered running away, but she had nowhere else to go.

    Rather than dying while roaming around aimlessly, Ning decided it would be better to at least experience a battle before her death.

    Her armor saved her from getting injured, but it was too heavy for her.

    It impeded her movement and yet, she couldn't just throw it away...

    She was sweating heavily underneath it since it was still autumn, but the battle would take place in winter where she would definitely need it for warmth and for her safety.

    Some of the low-born boys who were drafted were walking to their destination as well and when they saw Ning Xu, they thought at first that she was another noble boy who was being bullied by the other high-born boys.

    They initially offered to carry her armor for her, but when they learned that she was kicked out from a carriage because of her gender, they frowned and spat at her.

    One of the common myths among the soldiers was that if they touched a woman before their first battle, they would die soon. It was believed that abstinence before the war would bring soldiers good luck.

    The boys continued to spit at her before they walked away.

    Then suddenly, one of the knights on a horse ahead of them announced firmly, "Anyone who doesn't make it to the base on time will be considered a deserter!"

    Ning flinched and started to limp as best as she could. One of the knights on a horse behind her saw her and asked her name.

    When she gave him her answer and when he checked the document, he frowned and grumbled loudly, "Dammit, you're a girl Useless."

    The knight didn't want her, but if she didn't make it, she was going to be executed. He told her to hurry. "Take your helmet off. Maybe it will be easier for you if you do."

    Although men hated women on the battlefield, many also had a secret desire for a knightess.

    In popular stories, a beautiful female knightess would take her helmet off to reveal her gorgeous long hair and face.

    Of course, Ning was not one of these knightesses.

    To wear the helmet, she had to cut her hair very short and she was certainly not beauty.

    When the knight on the horse saw her face, he was clearly disappointed.

    If she was pretty, he planned on allowing her to ride the horse with him, but when he saw her, he just rode away.

    Ning Xu wiped her face with a towel as she walked. She was so tired, but shockingly, this was only the beginning of her long journey.

    And she is always wearing the same color of her suits because it is her favorite but also it is the command to wear a beautiful war red suit and black just for him.

    Her face while thinking. *'~' *blushing.

    She can't even disobey not only because it's the command of there emperor, but something is wanted to tell him some affections.

    But she ignored it because she can't marry a emperor because she is a knight.

    But her heart telling hin something that you like the emperor even if you denied it.

    "What a head ache". She said in a low voice because someone might hear him.


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    The old knight’s best advice for her was to study battle tactics because no matter how hard she tried, she was never going to become a good soldier.

    Thankfully, Ning was intelligent and her brain was her only talent.

    Her skin was burnt from training outside so much. She was covered in scars, especially her hands. Her hair was shorter than many boys’ and she was extremely thin. She still looked like a boy.

    When her period started, the old knight explained her worst-case scenario.

    “If you are caught by your enemies, you will be raped.”

    “I know.”

    Most women found in battlefields were either prostitutes or wives of the soldiers. In this world, killing prostitutes and raping regular citizens were banned.

    However, a knightess was different. If a woman holding a sword was captured, they would be allowed to kill or rape her. They were to be considered as a soldier and therefore, they were treated like a man.

    In Draconian's history, there have been a few renowned and revered knightess. They were amazing soldiers, but in the end, they were all killed.

    Raped and murdered.

    The old knight continued, “It might not even be your enemy who rapes you. It could be someone in your own army as well.”

    “I know that too.”

    Women were considered bad luck in battles and most men would not even acknowledge a female’s presence at the frontlines. It was public knowledge that some of those famous knightesses were actually murdered by their male fellow soldiers.

    This was why most knightesses didn’t make it to the battle. A case like Ning’s was extremely rare.

    “Why do you work so hard, Ning Xu? What are you working for?” The old knight asked Ning, who looked calm.

    “I don’t know.” She said of the person who questioned him.

    “A lack of goal can ruin a person.” The old knight giggled and back to serious.

    “I have nothing else to do other than to work hard, to try my best.”

    She knew that it didn’t matter. No matter how hard she worked, she knew how her life would end, but despite it all, Ning still tried. If she was a man, everyone would have praised her for her hard work, but because she was a woman, everyone laughed at her.

    Her own little sister laughed at her she rolled her eyes'What a joke Tria'. Said inside her mind.

    Tria ate her sweets and smiled sweetly. Her beautiful long hair was her pride and joy, and tria often teased Poliana about her short hair.

    Whenever Triamade fun of her, the old knight told Tria to slap her. What Ning had to go through, and what she had to face in the future, were all because of her.

    Once, Ning considered breaking Tria nose, but she decided against it. Her own parents abandoned her, and so Ning felt nothing for her family. She was not even angry at them.

    It was odd how Ning didn’t feel anything. She didn’t feel happy, but she didn’t feel unhappy either. She didn’t know the purpose of her life.

    NING wondered if she would be able to feel happiness in a battle. If she won, would she feel something? Happiness? Joy? If she succeeded in surviving the war and returned home, would she feel gleeful?

    If she was given the chance to let her hair grow and learn piano, would her life be better?

    She wanted to find happiness, and for now, the only thing she could do was to do her best to survive.



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    Ning's life was average.

    People like to talk about other people’s lives. Some may question how such an unlucky and tragic life could be considered average, but another may retort that one’s ambition for power and revenge was a normal part of life.

    For Ning she was indifferent about her life.

    Her life may have been a bit different from others but it was not. Her life started out the same way as everyone else’s, and it will end the same way as well eventually. What happens in between may be slightly different, but eventually, everyone’s life ended the same way.

    You were born, you live, and you die.


    Ning lost her mother early and her father remarried immediately to gain a male heir. Her stepmother did give birth only a year after her marriage, but it was another girl.

    Ning didn’t know why, but after the birth of her stepsister, her father and her stepmother stopped trying for another child. In fact, they decided that the family name and fortune would be inherited by one of their daughters.

    It was no surprise that it wasn’t Ning who was going to be their heir.

    Ning lived in a kingdom named Draconian which was a small country in the northern part of the continent. Although it was a tiny nation, Draconian maintained its unfriendly relationships against its neighbors.

    It was no wonder Draconian suffered from constant war. Many died, and when the knights and the noble families began to avoid participating in these wars, a new law was made in Draconian.

    Any nobility that doesn’t provide at least one member of its family to participate in the wars would lose their status as a noble.

    To prevent the noble families from forcing their very-distant relatives to the war, the law specifically stated that only a direct member of the family, or even the heir him or herself, had to participate.

    And if the family only had daughters and decided to send a distant male cousin to war, then, that cousin or their direct family member were to inherit their noble title. It was also illegal to marry off the daughter to a random man and send him off to the war.

    In cases like this, then the woman would still not be able to inherit that title even if her husband died in a war.

    Ning was born to a mediocre noble family in Draconian. For her stepsister Tria to inherit the title, as their parents hoped, one of the sisters had to serve time in the military.

    It was no surprise that Ning was chosen by her parents to serve this time.

    Her little sister Tria led a favored and extravagant life. Her hair was brushed to silkiness many times a day and she adorned with the most expensive ribbons. Her dresses were decorated with lavish laces and she enjoyed the most luxurious perfumes.

    Learning to play the piano and harp, reading the popular romance novels by the cozy fireplace, and being loved unconditionally by her adoring parents…

    And while Tria was being pampered senseless, Ning was resigned to the harsh life of a knight. Her hair was cut short at all times and she only wore pants.

    She's now good looking like a man, she wonder how many difficulties that a knight do?.

    One unique thing in Draconian was the fact that it was the only country that allowed a woman to fight in wars.

    A female knight.


    In other countries, women were sometimes given honorary knighthood but they were never allowed to actually fight.

    It was different in Draconian, however, it was very rare.

    In fact, it was considered an embarrassment for any noble family to send in a knightess to represent them.

    But she's okay with that as to serve and help all the people in Draconian Kingdom.

    If it was absolutely necessary, then the family would often bribe their way in to make sure that their knightess would be given a desk job instead of being sent to the battlefield.

    But Ning parents didn’t take these precautions. Rather than bribing to ensure Ning's safety, they chose to cut her hair, dress her in boy’s clothes, and give her a sword.

    Her parents is protecting her as having an dangerous happening like taking her life to death.

    Their intention was obvious.

    Go fight and die.

    Have a glorious serve for her own places and save people on the people who attacking they're kingdom.

    All the women was trained to become a heroes of draconian kingdom, as an order of the emperor and the empress.

    Some may think that her parents did this because they realized Ning was a talented fighter.

    A genius swordsman? An amazing combatant? A brave man? Nothing can defeat him? Wait what?...

    But in truth, this was not the case. There has never been any notable solider in Ning’s family history, and both of Ning Xu's birth parents were of average health.

    As time passed where Ning trained to become a knight, she quickly realized her physical limits.

    No matter how hard she tried, she could never win a single fight against the others since she was weaker and slower.

    To survive, she needed to be talented. She needed to be much more talented than everyone else but, unfortunately, she had no aptitude for combat.

    Her teacher, an old knight, informed Ning’s father that she needed to give up on being a knightess or else she would die, but Ning’s father didn’t care.

    He thought that it was her duty to enter the war and die so that her little sister Tria could inherit the family title.

    Because of she's doing nothing, always thinking how can she married a wealthy man in the draconian kingdom.

    It was essential for Ning to die or else, she would inherit the family title after she had served her time.

    The old knight had no choice but to teach Ning how to fight. He said to her, “Survive. No matter what happens, you must live. That will be the biggest revenge you can have against your parents.”

    If Ning returned alive after 10 years of military service, she would inherit the family title, but the chance of her surviving this long was unlikely.

    The old knight suggested to Ning that she should try her best to get close to her superiors or any high-ranking soldiers so she could get a desk job.

    That was the only way for her since she had nothing to offer.

    She had no money to bribe anyone and no one at the front would be sympathetic towards her.

    It had to be her father who needs to take care of this, but he was unwilling to do so.

    The old knight explained, “Ning Xu, make sure to study the art of war. Study the strategies of warfare and do not blindly trust your superiors. If it looks like your side is going to lose in a battle, you need to run. You won’t be called a deserter as long as you’ve returned to your base.”

    One fortunate thing was that at least, Ning was of noble birth.

    Any nobles automatically started out as officers, not foot soldiers.

    The most and immediate deaths during a battle occurred to the foot soldiers fighting at the front line.

    If Ning survived a few battles, she would be promoted and therefore become a bit safer.




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