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  • shedifferentgirl 122w

    मेरे नौ दिन

    नवरात्री के...
    एक दिया विश्वास का
    (डॉक्टर एवं प्रशासन से जुड़े सभी व्यक्तियों पर)
    दूसरा दिया का स्वच्छता का
    (हाथो को समय-समय धोते रहना का)
    तीसरा दिया सुरक्षा का
    ( १ मीटर की दुरी बनाने का)
    चौथा दिया ज्ञान का
    (जानकारी का स्रोत सही हो)
    पांचवा दिया धीरज का (घर पर रहे सुरक्षित रहे)
    छठा दिया सेवा भाव का
    (असहाय व्यक्तियों एवं जानवरो को भोजन करवाने का)
    सातवा दिया दान का (अपनी ओर से मदद करे)
    आठवां दिया प्रोत्साहन का
    (जो कर्मवीर अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वाह कर रहे है उनके लिए) नवा दिया उम्मीद का
    (स्थिति को नियंत्रण में लाने का)

  • shedifferentgirl 123w

    The thing about
    loving nature is
    you can't cage


  • shedifferentgirl 124w

    I might be fast,
    I might be slow, but
    I’m stronger than my fear
    and that goes along
    When I step out the door
    I have a million dreams to chase
    The earth beneath my feets
    My aims to touch the sky with rage
    I do not run for the prize.
    Prizes run within me
    I hear breathing getting so even
    Every feeling of tiredness gets forgiven.
    I heard the spirit inside my body pounding,
    I am unstoppable it says by timer striking
    With all its thousands roaring at different goals,
    I see very clear as my goal is my soul
    As the thunderstorm of clouds tries to lock my vision
    Tell them I am running with dying heart intension

  • shedifferentgirl 148w

    आधार नहीं निराधार है
    जीवन का यही तो सूत्रधार है

    आदर्शो की बात वो करते है
    जिनका कोई अर्श नहीं

    फर्श पर गुमनाम पड़ी है वो काया
    जिसका कोई लक्ष्य नहीं

    विचार नहीं विचारो को मलिन करती
    वो धारणाये जिनका ना कोई आधार है

    जीवन को व्यथित करती वो
    इस पावन निर्माण की हार है

    कहने को सुसज्जित, सुलक्षणा परन्तु,
    तनिक क्रोध भी उसका तुम्हारा संहार है।

    वस्तु नहीं पुरुस्कार नहीं ,
    नारी, वो तो तुम्हारा संसार है।

    असुरो से भरी इस दुनिया में
    अम्बे मैया का अवतार है

  • shedifferentgirl 149w

    Reviving the lost hopes n hidden warrior

    Hopes die...
    only when we let them die...
    Never loose hope

    #path #wordoftheday #girl #birdie #mirakee #motivation #high #differentgirl #postivethought

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    A little, content birdie smile
    before the opinions held although bit high
    When her wings were tied
    The spirit inside the mystic twilight
    someplace lied
    But when all hope dies
    New sunbathe made her feel alive
    Finally triumph
    A lovely, azure girl shines
    regardless of what path looks like
    she flies high, high, high and high

  • shedifferentgirl 149w

    Once died.

  • shedifferentgirl 155w

    By unknown
    Dedicated to papa

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    Miss u dad

  • shedifferentgirl 155w

    Nights seems darker than before
    Days seems longer than past years
    Smiling faces yet fading curve
    All we craved for was his last words

    #random #lose #death #truth #father #papa

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    Why some people's chose silence over words is because they know some loses can't be covered by words.

  • shedifferentgirl 156w

    Never stop trying something new❤��

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    so serine 
    so serine 
    so serine 
    positively pleasant 
    assertively pleasant 
    bright, sacred, humble 
    light, simple, minute 
    beautiful, mean, nice 
    elegant, quiet, gentle 
    lovely, soft, accurate 
    magnificent, eerie, silent 
    antic Life hunt, mutely 
    mind very profound mind 
    begin very soulful mind 
    a hope very deep thinking 
    a hope extremely calm gotta 
    a hope remarkably peaceful reflection 
    a small extremely serine gotta 
    very serine extremely serine
    young the soulful breaths struggling, easily very serine
    heartfelt puffs, eerie Life, enjoyable sheet feeling 
    mind emotional breaths, strange Life, grateful music 
    soulful breaths, curious Life, fine music it's fantastical 
    Life searching, silently ever so unusual Life hunt, 
    calmly quaint Life search, 

  • shedifferentgirl 156w

    Pic credit @preachers_pen
    Inspired by @preachers_pen

    Eyes with tears knows value of smile ��

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    Divine soul

    Divinity of serenity
    nature preaches his impeccability
    graceful beyond the art of imagination
    untouched by cosmic greeds
    innocence heals every grief
    the authentic soul of rose petals
    blossoms in the home of angels
    shades of sunsets with sunrise
    he brightens every sight
    in the shadows of darkness
    he enlightens the blind
    path to relinquished
    always ready to give as a tribute
    establish himself as a sculptor
    portraying everyone as smiling faces
    adorable heart of mothers blessing
    Smiling soul-making life peaceful for beings
    A true blessing, a graceful essence
    of divinity blends the pure fragrance of everyone's dream.