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  • sheenacatherinebelle 18h

    The most painful Memory...

    I never knew I was this weak until you spoke something so hurting,
    I never knew I'm so easy to break over some few words,
    I never knew I'll be hurting more even though it's been two years,
    I never knew I'll be hurting more thinking about the words you spoke.
    I never knew, I never knew,
    I don't know how it's my fault.
    I don't have the right to choose my birth,
    I don't have the right to choose my religion,
    I don't have the right to choose my parents.
    I don't know what mistake I've committed for something that's predestined.

    I don't know. I don't know,
    I still feel like drowning when I think of your mean words.
    I never asked you the reason, I never asked you to stay because I ain't the type to beg someone who's not worthy.
    Because of you I stopped having close friends, maybe it's all my fault.
    But still I don't want to blame you I just understand it's just the way you are.
    Maybe it's all in my head,
    One day, I'm sure, one day,
    I'll surely believe my life will be filled with the beautiful people who truly adores me for who I am and I'm gonna hope that happen.


  • sheenacatherinebelle 1d

    Me waiting for a whole day,
    Just to hear,

    Hello Pappa nalla irukiya.....

    That's it.
    This is what I am always looking for,
    This is what I'm waiting for.
    The moment I can see it,
    I'll remember it like my First Romance,
    It's the best thing,
    I ever waiting for.

    Sparks fly into my heart,
    Just music to my heart and symphony to my soul.
    I lie on my bed,
    Without being worried out waking up tomorrow.
    All I ever wish is,
    To remember this moment forever....

  • sheenacatherinebelle 2d

    See You Smile...

    This feeling is strange,
    I feel like,
    You're going through something bad,
    Having some hard time.
    I don't know why I'm getting this strange feeling,
    But all I ever wish is,
    You to be alright.

    I don't wanna ask why?
    I don't wanna ask what you're going through?
    I don't wanna ask you How?
    I don't wanna ask you Why?
    But it doesn't mean I don't care about you.
    I don't ask as I can feel myself in your place.
    I'm not asking anything because I don't wanna make you remember your worries again and again.
    I'm not asking anything because I don't wanna see you feel sad again.
    I'm not asking anything because I don't wanna make you remember what happened in the past.

    Oh I know very well,
    That I can't change your past, but I knew that I can make you think about the beautiful future.
    So drop everything now.
    Try to be Happy now and for ever.
    As I can see the sparks in your eyes when you Smile.
    So all I ever wish is,
    All your pain disappear like the past,
    And Happiness blooms like the Future.
    All I ever wish is,
    Just to see you Smile...

  • sheenacatherinebelle 2d

    Like a First Snow... ❄️

    It's my first time,
    Every beautiful thoughts been raising,
    Magical feelings set up into my veins,
    A song without an halt is playing with the best of all.
    I'm huming your name,
    You're like a dream that come alive incredible,
    You saved my life again,
    It's like a fairy tale,
    Where all my worries that perished into ashes.

    Like a second chance,
    The way I see things got changed,
    It feels like I've been rescued,
    I've been set free,
    I'm hypnotized by your destiny,
    You're magical, lyrical beautiful melody,
    You are my first snow.

    This First Time,
    Will be filled with wonderful memories,
    Music to my heart that's what you are.
    You're the song that goes on without an end.
    You chased away all my worries,
    With a smile that's unforgettable.
    And it feels like my First Snow,
    I'm synchronised by your magical, mystical Love...

  • sheenacatherinebelle 4d

    My Unfulfilled Dream.

    This night is too long so I dreamt of you,
    You said I'm your sweet dream.
    But the second I opened my eyes to see your smile,
    You disappeared like a wizard.
    Then I closed my eyes again to dream,
    With eyes filled with lonely tears,
    I'm far away from my fears.
    I can see myself holding close to your arms,
    The cold wind whispered your name to my ears,
    I'm in need of your eyes focus in on me,
    I wanna be the air everytime you breathe,
    Running through your veins and the spaces in between,
    I wanna feel your heart everytime it bleeds,
    I wanna be your sweet dreams.

    Your whispers of my name,
    Stopped in my heart turn.
    Every second I'm worried to open my eyes,
    Afraid that you'll perish without any trace.
    Signs of you in the elapsed time of four seasons,
    Reminding me that this dream doesn't last long.
    But I hope that time can stay here with you.
    Stars and moon have fallen and disappeared,
    I sincerely dream to hold you until the sun rises and return to its original point.
    You're the morning dew that has fallen soft on me,
    I wish I never wake up from this dream...

  • sheenacatherinebelle 5d

    I know it's hard, I know it's hurting,
    There are days I wished to die, but I'll promise you that I am holding on, because I know that's what you'd want me to do.

    Where you are?
    I hope it's right, the right amount of sun burning bright, I hope the stars are still twinkling, I hope the cuckoo still sings to you.

    Studying is tough, somedays I just want to quit it all, but I didn't come so far only to stop midway.

    I fight everyday so that you could be proud of me, for holding on, for never giving away, so when you look back you could be proud of me, and know that I've've always been a fighter, that nothing will ever make me give away...

    I hope we have a job, but it's totally okay if we don't. We'll figure out a way somehow together,
    Just know that you tried your very best,
    that you gave it your all...

  • sheenacatherinebelle 1w


    The fear of tomorrow is straggling me harder,
    I wish that the time will move on faster.
    I don't know what I'm gonna become tomorrow,
    But worrying only brings me more sorrow.

    Day by day the people who felt closer,
    No longer exists as I'm a loser.
    Words that were spoken,
    Just disappeared into ashes that's smoken.

    I feel like I can't hold on any longer,
    But Deep inside me, Deep inside me,
    There's something holding me harder.
    I hope everything will be fine.

    The voice that consoled my heart,
    Is just an illusion of my mind.
    The solution is all I need to find,
    But there's no help to heal what's broken.

    The way I got used up by the people,
    Just sickens me more,
    I feel comfortable just being all alone,
    Instead of faken care.

    I've realised that nothing's gonna change,
    This attitude of mine just making me strange. There's no salvation if I don't help myself,
    So I'm not gonna let anyone to treat me horribly.

    I'm gonna prove myself stronger,
    No matter how the times are harder,
    All I ever wish for,
    Atleast only one person to understand me better.

  • sheenacatherinebelle 1w

    Experience proved me,
    It's not me who choose not to trust people,
    It's their own actions,
    Which made me not to trust them..


  • sheenacatherinebelle 1w

    My Ode to Moon...

    One day I was staring at the night sky,
    During that dark scary night.
    The clouds were on the nine, hiding him.
    Suddenly a bright light flashed into my veins,
    Dazzled my eyes.
    I winked my eyes in the amazement.
    Then the moon beautifully smiled at me.
    He's been with me all the time.
    His cresent smile anchored my soul.

    I said to him,
    You're the most beautiful to everyone's eyes, but to my eyes I feel you standing alone in this dark,
    You're the most beautiful to everyone during these swallowing dark nights but to me I see you hiding behind the clouds out of fear.
    To me You're the most beautiful whenever I'm feeling alone because you remind me of "Myself".
    You're the most beautiful whenever I feel lost to share my long nights.
    You're the most beautiful of all.

    Shyness blushed his face,
    He smiled more than ever.
    He's my beautiful moon.
    His charm bewitches every hearts,
    Like a honeysuckle, He is sweet.
    I'm losing myself in his shine.
    He's my beautiful Moon.
    My Beautiful He...


  • sheenacatherinebelle 1w

    Religions are just a made up story...

    I was born as a Roman Catholic Christian,
    Grew up with Hindus Workshipped Lord Ganesh and other Gods upto the age of 10.
    Later I fell in Love with Muslim culture, started wearing scarf for three years.
    Only my friends knew how crazy I am.
    After graduating my school I started loving Buddhism, loved the thoughts shared by him.
    Later and Later on,
    I no longer believe in Religion.
    Religion is just a Mirage to escape from the reality.
    I've realised that,
    My education has given me the every freedom that it's absurd for me to believe such discriminations.
    I'm not just devoted to one community, I'm a normal human who's made up of flesh and bones similar to other animals.
    I bleed if I get hurt the same goes to other creatures.
    Love everyone without any discrimination is the Ultimate truth of existence.
    People may say I'm a fool,
    But I not gonna care.