I am 59, married for 41 years. I am a mom, and a grandma. I love gardening and cooking. Writing is my therapy.

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  • shegram 3w

    The windows are frosty white
    The tree is providing the light
    Families are gathered to embrace not fight
    Some eggnog and rum, I think I just might
    Children laughing, what a beautiful sight
    A tough year put to rest, a new year takes flight
    Continuing traditions, a legacy, crystal bright
    Love and be loved on this, Christmas night!

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    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays to my miraquill family.
    Life has a way of getting in the way of true happiness,
    and stability. I pray for you all to find peace, comfort, and
    love, in the New Year. Thank you all for your continued love
    and friendship, it means so much to me. Happy birthday to my sweet
    Araya, on Christmas day.

  • shegram 15w

    The taste of Sulphur, heavy on my tongue
    My vision blurred in the smoke filled room
    The sparks that caused this close call
    Still lingering, and floating in the air
    Voices fading in and out, thick rings of smoke
    Drifting and hanging in the air, as if hung from
    the rafters
    Lights fade, everything is getting smaller as I
    drift into a permanent slumber
    All that remains are our ashes
    to be swept away in a gust of fall breezes

  • shegram 18w

    There is a raging battle,
    For the keeper of my soul
    A force of good and evil
    Out of my control
    The good side wants love
    The evil side, revenge
    It's a war of circumstances
    On which all choices hinge

  • shegram 19w

    Happy Humming
    Humming birds

    Happy hummers, fluttering about
    I'm so excited, I might just shout
    These humming beauties, strike a pose
    Fluttering happily, tiptop, to toes
    Enjoying nectar slurpees, suspended
    In the air
    I could watch these little hummers,
    all day long, without another worry or care

  • shegram 19w

    Missing You

    I'm missing you
    Each and every day
    You left so unexpected,
    I had so much to say, make me smile,
    When life has kicked my butt
    You can make me laugh,
    Pull me out of a rut
    You always found the time
    To fit me in your schedule
    I'd leave you little notes,
    Sometimes barely legible
    If I could make a wish,
    And my wish come true
    I would open up the heavens
    And spend more time with you

  • shegram 19w

    From the top of your head,
    To the tips of your toes
    You are loved by so many,
    Or, so the story goes
    Fame and fortune were fun at first
    But soon wore off, your bubble burst
    Standing in the shadows, feeling kind of numb
    You thought these people loved you,
    And now feel dumb
    Remember where you come from, pay it forward,
    take a chance
    It could just mean the difference, between standing still,
    and dancing life's dance

  • shegram 19w

    I float so high above the clouds
    Disappearing, and fading, far from the crowds
    My fantasy life, be it ever far fetched
    Has reached corners of the world, and more
    Visiting people and places, traveled only in my mind
    With the eagles and winged ones, I soar
    My imagination runs wild, as I watch the chaos below
    People struggling, hurting, and lost
    I imagine a world, where people love one another, and
    Fight side by side, no matter the cost

  • shegram 27w

    Sunrise blinding rays
    Sandman wanting more slumber
    I yawn, arms stretched high

    Awake and smiling
    What beauty awaits my gaze
    Springs blossoms, blooming

    Sweet aroma wafts
    Air filled with honeysuckle
    This soothes and comforts

    Life's hidden treasures
    Alluring and inviting
    Calling out my name

  • shegram 28w

    With dawns first breath, a sigh
    Melodious tunes whistled
    Soft caress of the first light
    Petals waking from their slumber
    Beginning your day with joy & promise

    Sun sets, the moon casts ominous shadows
    Hymns and Psalms fill the air
    Cold and sobering dark of night
    Petals drooping, napping in the abyss
    Ending your day, with joy and promise

  • shegram 28w

    The skyline seems further away
    Expanding God's creative pallet
    Filling the immense space,
    With twinkling stars, and many moons,
    It helps to remind us, there is a greater
    force than man
    This portrait filled with pink, cotton candy,
    Clouds, & wishes made on falling, and
    Shooting stars
    A place for dreams to catch a ride on the
    Cosmic express, to whatever you can imagine