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  • shewriteslove 9w

    It's already Sunday

    If you drew me right now what would you see?

    An arm over hangs the bed

    A glass of wine just above my head

    It's not enough to drown my sorrow

    But there's always tomorrow

    To my chagrin

    And despair

  • shewriteslove 9w

    Empty Honeypot

    I no longer want to dance
    I no longer want to date
    I forever lost my chance
    And it now too late
    My honeypot is light
    No longer wants to fight
    I lie in my bed
    And keeps me up at night
    What of my dreams?
    The ones I had years ago?
    Of playing with a little girl
    With pretty little curls?
    Now I am awake
    Watching my impending doom
    My body not willing to cooperate
    With baring fruit
    It grew tired of the wait
    The days and years long gone by
    The exercise of the mind on useless things
    Money, cars and degrees
    And each day spent
    Without a man loving me
    It's my fault
    But I'm not alone
    The world is full of options
    And I'll only settle for one
    But in my stubbornness
    I realize he'll never come
    At least not inside

  • shewriteslove 25w

    Failed Arm Candy

    I'm tired
    Of being constantly admired
    Made to feel desired
    But it's all lies
    They all try to use me
    For my body 
    Sometimes they succeed
    Then they cast me away
    As useless
    So they can achieve
    Self esteem

  • shewriteslove 25w


    Love penetrates through the air
    It radiates to the water
    She hedged all her bets on one 
    And lost 
    The knowledge adorns her
    Worn like a necklace
    Perfection is an illusion
    A conclusion
    Reaches for an unattainable goal


  • shewriteslove 26w

    An ode to music

    I listened to music as I was a kid.

    Any kind of music.

    Music that made me feel things before I knew what they were. It felt good.

    Songs transported me to another place

    Have you ever felt that? Music that spoke to your soul?

    My peers didn't understand me. Why I'm listening to those white folks? Music is music. No matter the race.

    Like food, it bonds people through time and space.

    Haunting dreams, making you believe anything

    I dreamt of a California
    ocean breeze from under a crabapple tree

    Music freed me


  • shewriteslove 38w

    Absent from the body, joined by love

    A beautiful family
    What a beautiful family
    I don't think my uncle had a single enemy
    My cousin
    His son said
    He was peaceful and kind
    A strong man who kept his own mind
    Even in the midst of fire
    My uncle left this world
    He couldn't live
    Not without my aunt
    A lovely Belle
    Auntie Chelle 
    Would kill me for calling her that
    Her voice soft but mighty
    A lady with a big heart
    Her stature was tiny
    She could light you up
    If you got too fresh
    You'd get a slap
    Watch your mouth
    If you talked like that
    She took a vow
    Carved in her heart
    With him
    It burned deep
    They were never apart
    Death couldn't part 
    Love outlasted them
    We could learn from both of them
    Very few of us have a love like that
    A love that transcends
    A love that it's more than time itself
    A love that grief respects
    Grief moved out the way
    So they can be together again

  • shewriteslove 48w

    Evening desire

    I can't tell you, how many times I've touched myself, dreaming it was you.
    How your name, was a silent prayer on my lips.
    And how bad I wanted you between my legs.
    My body ached for you, although you were so far away.

  • shewriteslove 55w


    What's left of you is on my pillow.
    That's all I have to hold on to.
    All of my worst fears came true
    You're no longer apart of me

  • shewriteslove 56w

    Deep Inside me

    I desperately want you to see
    The love I have for you is deep
    When I smile
    Do you know
    The pain that lives within me?
    I'm trying to be brave
    I don't need you I said
    And I don't
    I want you
    I want you to love me
    Deep inside


  • shewriteslove 56w


    Sands of Africa
    On a warm day
    Whip across my face
    The warmth of your jacket
    The strength of my attraction
    As I hold you around your waist
    My eyes draw the colors
    Of the trees
    The beauty of mountain peaks
    Illusions of pyramids
    Kaleidoscope of stained glass
    Lives with me for weeks