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  • shinchan 179w


    There isn't one thing that we shouldn't rejoice in this world. Be it good or bad. Great to worse. We need to be grateful for both sides, because without the other we wouldn't be able to be feel alive in this world. We wouldn't be able to tell "ahhh! This is the life!".


  • shinchan 179w


    As the year almost ends
    I'm glad that I've gone through a lot.
    Such great difficulties that I never,
    I never thought of going through.
    But it did. And I went through it.
    I'm just so glad and happy right now.
    I gave up my selfishness for self-love
    In the middle of this year.
    And I'm so glad I took that big step forward.
    It was scary, challenging but fulfilling.
    Really worth it.
    Loving yourself and knowing your worth is never a bad thing.

  • shinchan 179w

    Life: Magical

    Went to the party as myself.
    No make up, shirt and jeans I wore.
    I felt good. It was good.
    As the party progresses,
    Singing, drinking, dancing and all.
    I never felt more alive.
    It was simple. The party.
    But it was magical to me.
    It never felt good to be yourself.

  • shinchan 179w


    We've met years ago.
    And never did I made or left any mark in your memory.
    Made my moves to get to know you but I was always invisible in your eyes.
    Better yet move on and finally,
    Let destiny bring me what I've been looking for.
    Let destiny bring me what I deserve.
    I believe in fate.
    I have faith.
    And that will always be the process.


  • shinchan 184w


    It will always be the process.
    -An interview with God


  • shinchan 187w

    Life: Time

    I tell you this...
    Yes, it's hard to move on
    From the person you have loved.
    But it's worst losing yourself
    In the process of loving that someone.

    I tell you this too...
    Yes, we can't unlove that person.
    Because noone taught us
    To how to unlove someone.

    I tell you this thrice...
    It's actually just pure acceptance and strength to let go.
    That we can say in the proper time
    That we have moved on from that person.

    And in that time
    It will not hurt. There's no more pain.
    And when you see that person happy,
    Happy with others you are happy too.

    And you continue with your life
    Thinking how to spice it up again.


  • shinchan 188w

    Keep moving

    As I continue my life without you,
    I slowly realize how broken I got myself.
    As I continue to cope as impossible as it may seem,
    I gradually realize how alone time can be so precious and rewarding.
    As we move forward,
    We discover things outside our small circle. Outside each other.
    Giving more opportunities to ourselves.
    Being more open and accepting of things.
    In this pain, misery and heartache,
    I thank you.


  • shinchan 190w


    That tingling feeling you feel inside you,
    Not in a good way but the other way around.
    That feeling that you want to escape something... Or someone maybe.
    The anxiety that you don't want to return to, that some place.
    Simply because you know you're failing at it, you see yourself not improving anymore.
    And all you want for now is to stay in your comfort zone.
    To breathe a little more.
    To escape all those stresses a little while longer.


  • shinchan 191w

    Life: Unwind

    When life stresses you out in general it's never wrong to give yourself some time out. Go unwind. It's a way to heal yourself out.


  • shinchan 197w


    Never did I expect that things would turn out this way. But I'm kinda glad it did. It made me realize a lot of things. Things that I was so blinded by. And I'm so glad that I got out of it a bit late. After everything. After efforts made and feelings invested.