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  • shining_pearl435 48w

    I love someone,
    In fact it's my one sided love,
    But it's true one.

    I don't know why,
    I love to take care of you.
    Seeing you in pain,
    Makes me cry.

    I love to stare at you secretly.
    Seeing you smiling,
    Makes my heart beat fast.

    You are my secret love,
    Which I don't want to share with anyone,
    I want to hide you
    Inside my heart,
    I always make excuses to talk to you.
    I always store our beautiful moments,
    In secret corner of my heart.

    By remembering those moments,
    Always make me happy.
    When you stay around me,
    Even I get positive vibes
    But it always makes me nervous.

    Every moment of my life,
    I want to spend with you.

    Even after you forget me also
    I want to keep you,
    In my heart of hearts.

    Even though you don't love me,
    But I always keep you in my heart.
    There is always special place for you in my heart.
    I will love you forever.

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    If there is no one to wipe your tears in your pain,
    But I am always there for you.

  • shining_pearl435 48w

    The wonderful feeling of the rain,
    You tend to forget all your pain,
    The pitter patter drops falling on you,
    It takes you to another world so new, Oh! Why rains make you feel so nice,
    It's a great feeling looking at the falling rain,
    You tend to forget all your worries and pain!

  • shining_pearl435 48w

    To believe is to know that,
    Every day is a new opportunity,
    Every new day you have to dream,
    Every day will bring joy in your life,
    It will give you the experience,
    That you can’t normally imagine,
    Miracles do happen,
    Just believe in yourself and think,
    That everything is in your reach.

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    Create your future in your own way.

  • shining_pearl435 49w

    With you I feel very special,
    I don't know why,
    I am glad to have you in my life
    You are like my everything.

    You are not my shadow,
    Who leave in darkness.
    You are in me,
    Who always with me.

    I Know,
    We have so much misunderstanding with each other.
    But still we together.

    We are totally opposite.
    Like sun and moon,
    But when we met together,
    We are like evening
    The most beautiful time
    The scene look like heaven.

    We also fight with each other,
    We never understand each other
    But still we always there for each other.

    I know,
    Our relationship is not simple,
    There are many things between us
    Which are not perfect.
    But still we never broke up with each other.
    Because there is something special in our friendship.......

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    We are from different world
    But still we never apart,
    Because we believe in our friendship.


  • shining_pearl435 49w

    Elegant spiders
    Weaving webs
    Lines of soldier ants
    Carrying eggs
    Wiggly, wringly worms
    And busy buzzy bees
    Butterflies fluttering
    Through the trees
    Praying mantises
    Pigeons in nests
    Visit your garden,
    It's the best...


  • shining_pearl435 49w

    I'm just roaming on terrace,
    I am observing the night view
    Enjoying the nature.

    Every time the cold wind touch my body,
    It reminds me that I am still alive.

    When I look up to the dark sky.
    It reminds me my life is full of darkness and failure.

    There is only sadness and pain in my life.
    I feel like the blanket of dark night cover my whole life.

    But the Little Stars twinkling in that dark night like little happiness in my life.

    The moon which is shining alone in the sky.
    Like the only way to success and happiness.

    Cloud which are roaming freely in sky,
    Like ups and downs moving in my life.
    But this darkness is only for sometime....

    Then I realise in my life there is also happiness and success,
    Even I don't know how this cold night teach me so many things.

    Thanks to the dark sky, stars, moon and the cold wind to teach me a important lesson of life...

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    Feel this beauty.

  • shining_pearl435 49w

    Walk like a queen or walk like you doesn't care who is the queen.

  • shining_pearl435 50w

    Dosti badi nahi hoti, bas nibhane wale bade hote hai.

  • shining_pearl435 50w

    My brain is like Barmunda triangle,
    Information goes in and then it's never found.

  • shining_pearl435 50w

    Too many peoples, Too many shades.
    Nobody stay , everybody fades.