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  • shirin_0009 96w

    Discovering my true self

    I might not be
    what you think of me,
    But i sure am
    What I choose to be.

    Too busy in discovering myself,
    for I don't care what the world thinks
    In the best ways, the world has to offer
    I choose to create myself.

  • shirin_0009 96w


    A mop of curly green hair,
    resting on a wide brown ground,
    With monkeys and Baboons,
    Climbing through the trees
    And squirrels hopping around.

    Dancing in the slow breeze ,
    Are Waters of Ocean and seas,
    Gliding through the Skies
    Are Beautiful birds,
    And Colourful Butterflies.

    I admire the peace of this nature,
    Beauty resides in here, in every creature.

  • shirin_0009 96w

    Book- a friend

    Everytime I look at you
    I find something new,
    And as the pages further I turn,
    There's always something I can learn.

    Something new, Something exciting
    And there's a spark in me igniting.
    I have found a friend in you
    You've shared with me, everything you knew.
    Now you are a part of me,
    I carry around for the world to see.

  • shirin_0009 96w

    The Rain

    Let us forget there is Pain,
    Let us learn to dance in Rain,
    With the lightning and sound of thunder
    Cause life is not only joy and wonder.

    But make sure whenever you cry ,
    You let your feelings feel free and fly ,
    Surely the sun will rise again
    And bring rays of hope after all those pain.

  • shirin_0009 96w


    Freedom is like a breath of life
    Cause it is never dear at any price
    And who I choose to live for,
    The world has no right to advise.

    My Sun sets to rise again
    With the hope to burn and shine
    And I fight to be treated the same,
    To bring equality for many of those of my kind.

    Courage in our eyes and faith in our bloods
    We are proud of who we are and what we love.


  • shirin_0009 96w

    The book of life

    You are like a mirror
    The way i look at you , i find who i am
    You are a reflection of my soul
    And you can turn me to a diamond from a piece of coal.

    I get lost in you in discoveries myself,
    In losing myself and creating myself,
    In the depth of you i find some truth
    That life is sometimes roungh and sometimes smooth.