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  • shivu14 1w

    Ocean of love

    We are in the ocean of love,
    Surrounded by love all around!
    Holding each other amidst the waves,
    Deeper and deeper we go, until the land is found!☄

  • shivu14 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Pain

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    Pain, bury me!

  • shivu14 2w


    मेरे जिस्म से निकली वो चीख जो अरसो से बाहर आने को बेताब थी वो आखिर आ ही गई, सब कुछ चीरती हुई। एसा लगा जैसे पूरी दुनिया ने उसे सुन ही लिया, मगर अफसोस की जिस्म से निकली चीखो के आवाज़ नहीं होते। वो तो बस खुद को सुनाई देती है और सब तबाह कर निकल लेती है!

  • shivu14 2w

    Standing on the edge of the land,
    Fluttering them around my back,
    A step further will either take me to the sky
    Or to the place, from where there is no coming back!

    There is so much stillness all around,
    Only the sound of breathing getting heavier due to fear,
    The fear of falling down and never coming back
    Oh! It's all so much to bear!

    They are not yet fully ready,
    Will they be able to bear the weight?
    There are chances of dropping down
    All from such a greater height!

    They are torn by all the responsibilities
    Making them wearing and tearing out,
    Everything depends on them - fly or fall?
    There is so much here to doubt!

    Only a step is to be taken,
    It will decide the whole destiny.
    The step means to fly with wings,
    But they always say 'My wings are so tiny!'

    No, they are not at all tiny
    But they are just torn and shattered,
    Looking them behind me in the mirror
    I have always been flattered!

    Either they will carry my weight
    And take me up above in the big sky
    The whole world beneath me
    And farther and farthet I will fly!

    Or they will stop fluttering at all
    And go down with me in the unknown!
    Then where they will be buried in the land,
    A new seed for new wings for somebody else would be sown!


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    They are not yet fully ready,
    Will they be able to bear the weight??

  • shivu14 2w

    I remember the first time I saw you. You were scribbling your girl's name on a table with hearts all around and I looked at you first time that day, You had a big smile on your face while you were looking at the name you just wrote. You wouldn't look at any other girl because you loved her that much that you can't dare look at anyone else than her.
    I remember the first time you talked to me. You had your lunch and were looking for water cause your bottle was empty and you can't wait until you go and fill it. I offered you water and you smiled at me. Then you filled my bottle back and gave it to me with a sweet Thank You.
    I remember your sparkling eyes fading away and your smile disappearing, they told me that, that girl broke your heart and went away leaving you to suffer. I felt sad cause I had seen you glowing in love with her. And now you had no light around and it was so dark around you like someone pulled away your only string of happiness and you had no smiles to offer now.
    I remember myself being there for you everytime you were sad and trying to comfort you with things you didn't know about you. It felt like we both were connecting, knowing eacg other, trying to comfort each other. I was starting to care for you like you were mine to care for and it was my responsibility to make you happy. I tried to fulfil them at a very high price from myself but your one smile started giving me comfort and peace I had yearned for throughout my life.
    I tried to forget after all this that you were the same person who knew I was falling for you and still got away from me. I remember you tossing my heart around like any ball you had to play with. I remember hating myself for you going away and making myself believe that I was never enough. I remember you treating me like I was worthless and me still smiling despite all you were doing to make me go away.
    Dear person,
    I just want to ask you that are you happy breaking someone who loved you with all they had as much that they had nothing else to give to any other person then. I hope that you do not miss my love and care at all because you do not even deserved that at first place. I hope that you have got another girl who may be loving you but I am sure she can not love you the way I did. But hey, its okay. Sometimes you get more than what you deserve but once you start taking it for granted God takes that away from you and gives them to somebody who deserves its every ounce. I am happy that I do not remember even making memories with you and I am happy I am not connected with you in any way. I hope you are getting what you deserve because I surely remember sleepless nights and unstoppable tears and the darkness for years surrounding me because of you! I hope you get what you deserve for good and for bad cause you can not escape what you have done!

    The girl whose heart was in million pieces because of you!!

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    A letter to the person who broke my heart!

    The girl whose heart was in million pieces because of you!!


  • shivu14 3w

    Are we really okay?

    My sister asked me, " Don't you think its been long we have been telling each other that we will be okay soon and now it seems like nothing is getting better? Its just us who have got better at pretending and our lives are totally messed up, we can't find directions somehow and I feel like we are lost somewhere, maybe trapped on the paths we had decided to go further. But is it what really we wanted and hoped for? Why is it that nothing is okay yet and there is a lot of mess all around? How long still we have to tell each other that it will be okay?" And it took me while to catch on those words as they were making me fall into some distant thoughts filled with just nothingness!

  • shivu14 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Horizon

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    Sun gazing from horizon and you!!

  • shivu14 36w


    Somedays it feels like there is a longing feeling of peace that cannot be found out here. I work so hard for that so bad that it is the only thing I want. And as much as I want it more it gets more hard and hard to get it. The feeling of peace- Isn't it what we all live for! Or maybe I live for!
    And somedays a moment of it I get, a lill moment like a flicker that appeared and disappeared, like it came and went and it is hard to tell was it truly there or maybe not! But that moment increases the longing feeling making it want more and more like a mirage. A mirage of water in a dessert with the thirst of having it all.
    I don't know is that somedays only I feel or does people long for this feelings too!!

  • shivu14 37w

    A Shooting Star!!

    They say wishing on gazing a shooting star fulfils that wish. I don't understand it, how can it be? The one that is breaking, how can it fulfil by giving what you want? What I admire about it is even though it is breaking, falling still it is the most beautiful thing to be seen! I connect it deeply with broken people, the way they are breaking inside but try to help and hold onto others. The people who sacrifice themselves for good of others. Broken people are the most beautiful beings as they know the pain, they never want others to experience it. Being the ones who felt it, they have compassion towards others who may go through same someday!
    Ain't it just wonderful how things connect so deeply!!

  • shivu14 37w

    The blame game

    Dear person,
    I know you tried so hard not to let it all fall apart, I know it was not your fault that things got out of hands so soon, I know you gave up every other opportunity for this to work out, I know you thought things would work out, I know you scattered yourself to make this get along,
    But somehow it didn't.
    And it is not your fault that the other person gave up. It was their loss their disgrace to end things so bad. It was not you who is to blame. It is okay that you feel bad it ended but stop blaming yourself, stop telling that it would have been otherwise if you had tried harder. No it wouldn't have. You already gave up everything and still the other person is blaming you, it is their game and their web of lies that will keep you in this blame game forever if you don't see the web.
    Step out if this. You do not deserve this. You are enough. You are better than this.