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  • shogazi 12w

    Indulgence (fast life)

    (first paragraph adopted from song RUSH - Bella Shmurda)
    Them say "I'm living in a rush"
    Because I'm movin' fast
    Them say "my matter don cast"
    But me I no reply
    Why dem askin' me why?
    Why always gettin' high?
    'Cause highway, that's my way
    Time (time), chance (chance)
    50, 50, life na dice (dice)

    *heavy breathes
    Damnnn, have i been running ? more like flying at supersonic speed...on autopilot worse still,
    damnn. okay what day is it ? how don't i remember 60% of what happened since the
    past 4 days ? it because i was too indulged to care about the outside world ? hol'up... could it be that its because all days are the same ? eishhh, the past few days have felt so fun, i barely had anytime for any real life productivity and even social interactions with people not in my immediate circle ‍♂️ damn
    i mean, not like im complaining or anything...i wasn't forced into indulging...i mean, i love what i am doing, or what i was doing....eishhh brain!!! stop FvCkin drifting off again! i need you here gaaddamnit!!
    okay okay....lets get off the autopilot
    and back in control
    but i even want to ? i mean yes, i was or am carried away from real life, almost like separated. feels like I'm in some sort of modern fairy tale, and i play an actually recognizable superfun superstar role. i mean okay.... being intoxicated this frequently and constantly is not good for my health, and erm...maybe not so good for my mind too, but hmmm why do i feel the most alive when I'm in these bubbles of indulgence. i mean i always have my best of friends around me, with similar goals and mindsets (or way of life at least), most times its in these moments of indulgences i find myself getting the maximum pleasure from work both vocational and creatively, like damn....i write more and i feel it more, i am the life of the party more, i entertain so effortlessly, i sing more, like everything i enjoy in life basically goes on double steroids except academics oh well, somethings we keep trying to figure out right ‍♂️ heck even my finances seem to be fluid in these moments
    i am most positive in the moments, my dreams seem the most vivid, they flash before my
    eyes as clear as the night sky.
    i don't know if you have these moments too, where your days feel like a blur...yes exactly thats the word. it feels like you're on a very fast train drunk AF and this train is headed to an unknown direction. inside the train there's everything pleasurable and you don't ever want to get off...well not until you look out the window and reality hits you. It hits you in the sense serves as a sort of reality check and you understand that....while yes! inside this train is filled with almost all the current pleasures of your life, and yes there's a tempting possibility that riding this train till whatever destination might be the easiest smoothest way to reach all your desires in life, without all the hardship and strategizing.....yes while there's a possibility of that, there's still that little voice in your head, that natural compass we call our gut feeling, yes it goes with us everywhere and it's everly ready to yank us out of this dreamy train, and remind us that.... everything we're thinking is just one part of the spectacle, it reminds us that there's still the part where, the train might actually be on a collision course with chaos and that, those pleasures inside of the train are just distractions to actively try and stop a collosal potential filled entity like myself from really achieving my full real life potentials outside the train, because duhh the train is not real life....its just a perfect escape/comfort zone conjured up in our minds in an act to "protect" us from the real struggles and sacrifices of success that need to be made to actually achieve our goals and desires. because in reality everything is transactional, even want it, you just need to figure out the price to pay to get it, very simple formula.
    so now back to our fantasy train.
    well, you're still inside the train...but at least you're looking outside now, and you're thinking a bit straight amidst all the weed, alcohol, intoxication, sex...baller lifestyle and all that, now you're slowly remembering your core, slowly remembering yin yang... slowly remembering balance and slowly accepting that this can't be right, because in here exists no balance, yes all of these is good, or at least feels good....but the real formula to success requires pain too, disappointments...trial and error, failures.... sobriety, health, exercise, school degrees, tests, discipline, focus and all of that....wowww
    your eyes are open but you're not out of
    the train still.
    welcome to something i call "the overwhelming phase". It's the phase right before you snap back into real life of productivity and all. this is the phase where you start beating yourself up for allowing yourself get indulged so long and also remembering all the real life productivity plans and deadlines you missed.....damn, I'm gonna have to make up for all that now so you begin making your way back to reality, switching off autopilot and all. but just before that there's the last temptation to stay in the train some more....and that's the temptation of self loathing, the one where you feel you've already ruined it all way past repair and that the work outside in the real world is now too much that it'll consume you, so the offer comes again to just stay in the train forever..... after all nothing is certain and this may actually very well be your ticket to the good life. Lol please ban that thought immediately. and snap back into reality. because my friend. the only real assurance of success is not based on luck or chance...but on intentional strategizing, sacrifices, hard work, the right mindset, smart work, constant growth and a lot more.
    and just like that...poof!!
    you're out of the train, drained AF
    practically lost, lol you shake your head and find your way back to the original journey
    you're back, you reminiscence on your time in the train and smile
    its back to the grind for you

  • shogazi 31w

    Infinite Energy Theory

    There's is only one way to make everything fall into perspective tho, and get a little sense out of it all, I mean the universe, life or whatever this is lol. The answer to it all is Energy!
    And at this point you're probably like, what ? Energy ?
    But well yes, just stick with me on this one. Vibes, aura, intuition, thoughts, ideas, emotions, words and all that, yea basically everything is a form of energy. What I'm saying is, if you look at everything as a form of energy and you remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed and now for the point that says it can only be transferred from one form to another, you'll be like ohhhh damn, everything kinda makes sense
    Okay now I'm gonna be giving some in-depth examples analyzing all I have said, just stick with me yea, since energy can't be created or destroyed, and everything is Energy, so that means we(as human beings) are a form of energy right ? Now you'll say but Shogazi, according to both religion and/or science we were created either by God or by the big bang
    So I'm like okay, let's handle religion first. Remember everything is Energy, so now let's break it down
    Religion tells us no-one created God right ? He has always been there and will always be. Take note, that supports the first part that says energy can neither be created or destroyed which means God is the ultimate Energy right
    Now you'll still say okay even if that's true, he did create us tho and everything else, now what does the Bible say about creation ? It says he created us "in his image" that means in a sense, we are a part of God's very own essence, that's why it says that when we "die" we don't really die but our souls continue to live for all eternity either in heaven or in hell further proving that we are just masses of energy trapped in a body since we can't be destroyed lol. Okay the rest of everything God created using his word it says in the Bible, and remember words are also a form of energy right. So basically in that case, The ultimate Energy (God) transformed into other forms of energy(Everything else). here the transformation process was speaking of words(energy). In simpler terms taking the sun as example
    God said: let there be light.....we can also say energy (word) from The ultimate Energy (God) was transformed into light(another form of energy) and the transformation process was (speaking) so basically communication is just a way of transferring Energy in form of words(energy) which is why we can get ideas(another form of energy) just by communication.
    So we can say in a very broad sense, everything has a form of God's own very essence, vaguely speaking we are all part of God. And we obviously have the ability to create also, or so to say transfer our energy into other forms known to us as our own creation, and in this sense the process of energy transfer, we called invention lol
    I mean look at it, nothing truely dies
    I mean even when organic creatures die, they don't really die....they just decay and another thing emerges from that like maybe they become fertilizers for plants and that's how it is with basically everything
    In science, the creation story agrees a bit more with this energy theory
    According to the big bang, it says everything was densely packed in a very tiny point of "energy" before it exploded and started forever expanding guided by all the laws of physics we know today, and that's just it, Everything was a point of energy and that energy just started expanding forming everything we know now, including the whole entire universe and everything in it is just that same small point of energy just expanding, so we can say hypothetically, that small point of energy where everything started is the Ultimate energy(God) and from that energy Everything else originated which still supports that we are all still that first energy
    So in religion we can say everything is all God's essence
    And in science we can say everything is all just that very first energy just in other forms
    And so now both theories seem to agree with eachother based on the law that says Energy can't be created or destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.
    So now looking at it from another aspect, that means obviously there's bad and good energy
    In religion it's God and the devil that form up the complete Energy
    In philosophy it's the yin and yang that forms up the balance or whatever
    In a more circular setting people would just say there's just good and bad, and they can't exist without the other.
    So with these few notions allow me or should I say permit me to sum up everything and I mean everything that there is in the universe into one simple thing for our feeble minds to grasp, and that thing is energy! Once we start looking at the world from this perspective, it starts to make better sense
    So there you have it.
    The Infinite Energy Theory


  • shogazi 49w

    The Entirety of Everything

    Guys have you ever just been there intoxicated or drunk and you start to think about...oh well, everything
    From material things, to religiousness, values, traits, growth
    Like the universe, knowledge and fucking improvement
    Like does curiosity choke you like it does me ?
    Philosophies are blown around casually these days
    And there's a correct argument stand point for everything
    Like alright I'm not about to dive deep but if you check it, there's actually no theory now that's honestly 100 percent right or wrong
    Like OMG, guys how do we convey true emotions
    Via words ? Text ?
    Have you not ever been driven to tears by a movie or a song ?
    Like how do you explain this ?
    Have you not struggled with explaining a feeling ?
    I am utterly convinced that all the world has to offer is the physical thinking about many a things like this that are not physical but still affect our own existence
    Like the fuck!!
    ain't it crazy ? The way a particular chord that has been hit by a particular person in a particular combination of notes can resonate with a person and be far more important and peace giving than essays ?
    Or that, people could actually have hours long conversations and end up with just memories of a person's lips or how a person smelt ?
    And you really think all this is physical and what ? chemical or biological ? Well I don't know
    But what I do know is there's a huge more things and emotions for us to discover
    Just recently we started to admit that rain has a particular smell, guys ain't it obvious, the whole thing we call the observable universe is far more than we can ever comprehend
    And for some people that's scary, it was for me for a while
    But if you check the beauty of it all
    You could realize that, just the ordinary sound of raindrops on rooftops could be worth more than a million dollars to some other people in different situations
    Or the fact that a soldier returning from war and his wife rushing to hug him would actually play in slow motion right before your eyes if you was caught in the moment
    Like howwwwww ?!
    Why would I feel hurt and then apparently feelings that ain't physical would actually cause my throat to hurt or my stomach to cringe...these are physical pains yo
    And now there's religion to further complicate or simplify the whole existence thing depending on your own person point of view lmao
    Like why do we drink alcohol
    And feel the way we feel you know, I don't mean Drunk I mean
    We have the courage to be our true selves
    Like when I'm drunk I think to myself
    Omg this is the real me, I wish I could be tipsy everytime so I don't have to fake to everyone
    But when I get sober the next morning I'm like oh
    I was just drunk, so my people don't think I'm weird
    Lol, the grip society and the government has on us all SMH
    Why is it that I feel like I conquered a lot of levels to life, but like anytime I get to a new level
    There's always a harder one
    Like the universe keeps expanding ?
    Oh okay so what ? What does that have to do with heaven or hell ?
    A lot of people believe in conspiracy theories do you know why ? Cuz they fucking need something to believe in that's why
    I mean
    Yassss the Bermuda triangle is hell, just cuz a couple planes disappeared around it's coordinates, yea sign me up mate
    Hell is in the middle of the fucking ocean lol
    What's real ?
    What's fake ?
    What's original ?
    Like even we ourselves don't know, I mean we are only just mere creations afterall
    But who created our creator ? Ayt fine I wouldn't get into that, cuz I have my own answer, but thing is you probably have yours or you don't but somehow your whole take on the issue isn't concrete cuz you can't prove it to yourself hahaha
    Time travel ?
    Aliens ?
    God ?
    Dimensions and all those other stuff
    Who can confirm those ?
    Yes no one
    And now there's even people that apparently died and came back hahahaha
    Some people think our life/history/future is just God or the almighty being trying to amuse himself and honestly will you just straight up varnish this option ?
    I mean, where did we come from ?
    No definite answer
    Where are we going ?
    Also no definite answer
    What are we doing here ? Earth I mean ?
    That also still up for arguments
    To me I think everyone has an entitlement to their own belief honestly
    Now here is another scenario
    Why do we feel or idk is it just me, that feels more spiritual, I mean idk maybe not spiritual but feel more connected to something when we're intoxicated
    Like bare with me, you drink alcohol and here I am spitting all these ideas in some sort of fucked up arranged order for Humans to comprehend
    I mean, most of influencial people smoked pot would also probably erupt in an argument but heyyy haha
    As a creative, I'm very sure i can relate to me and say that genuine content comes easily when we're drunk or intoxicated
    So erm what's the explanation to that too ?
    Are we more in tune with our like inner man or subconscious or what when we get intoxicated ?
    Like do we go into some sort of trance and unlock something like hey I honestly don't know
    Like I'm telling you I actually think deep about a lot of conspiracy theories it's crazy
    For example
    What if God smoked cannabis ?
    What if God just made us for amusement ?
    Doesn't that mean we're getting boring already ? I mean 2000 years is a lot hahaha
    Like oh mehnnnn multiverses ?
    If they existed ? Does science still take the credit ? Or religion ? Haha OMG
    How about atheist ?
    Condemned to hell ?
    Like think with me for a moment, like what if they're right ? Yoooo my biggest weapon and weakness at the same time is probably open-mindedness cuz eishhh
    Someone comes along and says something and then you pretend not to listen but it still gets to you like damnnnn
    Mindsets, point of views, perspectives omg all these things differ from person to person
    Okay we talking bout everything right ?
    Give an explanation to the ties between the Catholic Church and the Illuminati hahahaha
    Like OMG mehn guys the way my mind wonders you'd be surprised
    If dragons never existed how come we talk about them today ? Like who started that fake story lol
    I mean dinosaurs died out right ? Archeology says that
    The Bible talks about 3 headed or 7 headed monsters
    Haa, wait…and we're somehow supposed to believe all these things ?
    Ignorance is bliss right ? I'm actually very fervently starting to believe this, cuz guys I tell you..the more you don't know, the more it's good for you
    But hear me out on this too, and if you smart enough hopefully it blows your mind
    The more you don't know it's actually peaceful cuz you don't get to question anything hence, no arguments or anything of the sort
    But just imagine people like me, the more you don't know...the more you want to know and you just keep finding out weird stuff which is cool until you try to explain it to the average human and you sound crazy AF
    You know what I'd leave it to you guys
    Explain anger to me, why is it that when we get mad we get all red and feel the blood pumping faster ? And teeth clench ?
    Why is it that when we free and comfortable everything seems ticklish ? Lmao
    We feel feelings physically yoooOo, how ?!!! Anyone wanna explain that ?!
    And family ? The bond ? Guys I feel like I've already said much already lol
    From science, to astrology to archeology to spirituality to education a little to everything lol
    I hope everyone takes something away from this tho
    Cuz I just summarized the entire everything both physical and the beyond


  • shogazi 79w


    I crave out of body experiences
    I wanna be in sync with all the universes
    I'm trynna chat with the devil and God
    I want to be weird
    Nobody understands me so I'm trynna confuse the people that think they do
    I hate Myself the most but I don't love anymore more than me
    You don't want to be in my mind trust me
    Foreign languages that I don't understand calm me
    I love Latin
    I want anima vestra
    Looking at clouds for too long make me feel weirdly excited
    The thought of me not being human floods my mind
    Imagine being an invincible spirit, just observing all the things that happen on earth, I think that's the best cruize a something can catch in life HAHAHAHA
    I love putting myself in situations that scare me, probably cuz of the adrenaline
    I think everyone around me is dumb
    But at the same time I think I'm not smart enough
    I don't fear death weirdly
    I think I'd love to die, see what's on the other side and then come back without revealing the secrets
    I want to have a demon friend
    I also want to have an angel friend
    I love floating
    Either in water or in gas
    I am that I am
    Which means I am God actually for those of you that don't understand
    Imagine Satan won the amageddon
    What if Eve wasn't such a bitch ? What if she didn't give Adam the apple ?
    I'm too smart for my age
    But again I am the dumbest foolish motherfucker you can find
    I feel things
    I want to be everything
    Imagine what's going on in Pluto, must be quite lonely
    Oh you fear blasphemy ?
    But you forget that God himself gave us this mind to think of whatever we think of
    Do you think angels and demons are just players in a game ?
    Imagine a conversation between Gabriel and baphomet
    Why do I think of these kind of things ?
    Why do creatives get more creative when they are intoxicated ?
    Ignorance is actually bliss when you think about it, but curiosity is like a hungry monster forcing me to crave more
    Piano cords make me imagine myself in space
    I'm not scared of xvjudthbd why ?
    And at the same time I like life, I enjoy it so much
    Why do people cry when they are happy ?
    God and Lucifer should just probably make peace with eachother and let us live in harmony
    But who will advice them ? Nobody !
    Define insomnia
    Like my natural body needs to sleep, but I can't cuz my mind won't let me wow
    Aethiest actually exist ? Saying there ain't no God
    So I mean like how do you explain solid objects falling from the sky in the form of small balls ? I'm talking about hailstorms WTF HAHAHA
    How do words hurt ? Like explain the chemistry of it.
    Anger ?
    Pain ?
    Suffering ?
    Happiness ?
    Feelings ?
    How do you explain all of that ?
    Ohhhhhh I almost forgot
    And dreams ?
    Infact, why do I laugh when I'm angry or confused ?
    Actually why do I laugh all the time ? Hahaha
    I've had situations where dreams serve as warnings
    I'm 100% sure that spirits exist
    On to the next. why do evil people live their best life while good people suffer
    Anyways I'm getting in my feelings, let me continue talking about weird things lol
    Why do people listen to sad music when they are already sad ? Like why won't you listen to jiggy shit to boost your mood ?
    BDSM is weird. Do you guys think God fuck with that ?
    Incest was permitted in the olden days guys WTF!!!
    You reading this right now, let me not scare you much but tomorrow might actually be your last day on earth, and you still not trynna do what makes you happy ? Hahahaha I won't preach to you!
    Scary things excite me lol

    I want to be Vincit qui se vincit
    Astra inclinant, sed non obligant
    I want to be the Aqua vitae
    Mater semper certa est
    Acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt
    Te futueo et caballum tuum…. LMFAO

    quis ego non habeat fiduciam

    I am scared of Catholic Churches no offense, everything is weird with them
    Why do they worship the pope like he is some god, do y'all know how many consipacy theories surround the Vatican ?
    I mean it's only Catholic Churches that are portrayed in horror movies for exorcisms and shit lmao
    Yesterday I thought I was too open minded
    But is there anything as "too" open minded ?
    Anyways I'll leave y'all now, if not my mind will keep suggesting things
    Bye LOL

    Oh shit, someone tell Lilith I don't want Adam to catch us fucking !!
    PS: this ain't even half of the shit that goes on in my head on a daily

  • shogazi 85w

    Who is a creative ?
    A creative is someone that births something out of nothing
    Guys a creative is one of the most Disturbed motherfuckers on the planet.
    Hear me out please.
    A creative suffers. and trust me I write this sobbing.
    A creative is someone that struggles to find the mood to create, be it art, dance, painting, singing, composing, drawing or writing, we all go through the same struggle.
    But you know what is the issue here ?
    I'll tell you
    You think a creative suffers ? Okay let me welcome you to the life of an intellectual creative, and I'm not talking a creative that's brilliant or got A's in schools
    I'm talking about that curious creative, that's also in search of knowledge.
    Guys the hurt is much
    Like you start learning in order to improve your craft, or yourself in general, and you get to realize that, the more you become informed about the world, the sadder it becomes
    Like bloody hell, this place Is really a shitty place to be
    I mean
    Ask anyone who knows a bunch about history, psychology and human behavior or let's even say something as simple as societal norms, like geez guys I'm not trying to blow my Trumpet here, like I am actually really dumb if you compare my knowledge to all the knowledge in the world, that's already enough to torture me
    And now combine that curiosity or "local knowledge" so to speak with creativity and you just have a mess
    Like OMG
    We're basically mad to these other "normal" humans
    Like we try to create something iconic and then our brain tells us
    Hey what you doing ?
    This is too conventional
    You have to dig deeper, wheeew
    And so we dig
    Deeper and deeper into our souls searching for unconventional and notably new approaches to theories or stories that aren't even born yet, just so we achieve that unique and perfect blend
    Perfection is our greatest enemy
    And starting a project is the accomplice of perfection
    Cuz these two will make you never come up with something.
    We try to create, but our mind just wonders
    Like please, what is happening
    I'm really trying to gather my thoughts, but they're just all over the place like WTF
    It hurts so much I want to cry
    Okay and now looking at the interlectual aspect of it all
    Okay, we were once curious, and are still are
    So we learnt and are still learning any and everything about the universe
    Why is it that the more we know, the more depressing it becomes
    Like eish
    The meaning of life is literally the quest to finding the meaning of life, or it's just whatever you are most comfortable with, and you have to understand that this is on an individual basis, and we're like what ? 7 billion individuals on this planet ? I mean
    Life itself as a whole is crazy
    The 1% rule keeps fucking is up
    Which kinda roughly explains that, it's only the 1% of 100 that will actually achieve anything worthwhile. And here is our demise, we strive to be that 1% ever always, straining for perfection in everything we do not knowing that, perfection is the sole killer of starting anything worthwhile
    Which leads us to a loop because, creativity don't work like that, to create, you don't need anxiety, you need a free mind
    And I swear, a free mind is like the worse sort of addiction
    Like once you're "woke" to the "scam" of reality thanks to intellectuallity, you definitely want to do the opposite because that's what makes you stand out, and that's the major truth
    Like for example obviously, once the normal brain comprehends something as simple as the fact that the mainstream educational system is designed to refrain major and I mean major life tips from us, you will definitely not want to go to normal school anymore hence a conflict between self and society
    And knowledge itself is very tricky, especially when accompanied with curiosity, because you definitely want to know more
    More about what you know, more about what you don't know
    And more about everything
    Now that's the addiction, you start yarning to know the real stuff, and it hits you, but you still want to know more
    So much more that, people that are not on your self imposed mission won't grab, because they're following society
    But you ? Nahhh you a full on rebel now, because you know, and so because you are somewhat knowledgeable, you tend to act differently from society, you do "the real thing" and now others who are apparently society, see you doing something different and they label you "mad"
    I mean, but in your mind you're a little bit excited because all the great heroes you've come to know were labelled mad
    Until, you gain more knowledge and even more knowledge
    Because a normal knowledgeable person always wants to know more
    So okay you know more. And you find out these secrets that are kinda freely speaking, debunks society, and now you're worried all over again in this never ending cycle/loop
    Because trust me, everyone says ignorance is bliss, even your average fool, but only the truely knowledgeable understand the struggle ☹️

    #quote #mirakee #writer #inspiration #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #thegoodquote #reposter #life #feelings #thoughts #relate #relatable #philosophy #learn #reality #motivation #enlightment #deep #creative #creativity #struggles #poetry #universe #word #like #follow #wisewords #repost #moscow #russia #nigeria #nigerian #africa #african @mirakee #mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    The Struggles Of An Intellectual Creative


  • shogazi 85w

    Let's know this

    Gentle reminder: you don't always necessarily get what you give

  • shogazi 86w

    The choice of a genius

    The world has a choice. It is either I am sick or the world is sick, so just because they got the numbers they made me feel like the sick one. Now I have a choice, to believe what the world tells me, or to die with my own notion

  • shogazi 102w

    Wisdom's weight

    In the society of today, i'm not in the position to say wisdom is a curse, but it sure as hell carries a huge burden with it.

  • shogazi 105w

    ME against it

    I look it in it's eyes, it is looking back straight into mine
    I can hear muffled voices in my head, uncertain what they trynna say, but they up to no good for sure
    I stand my ground, and evil stands it's own, as if in a standoff
    Waiting for me to fidget so it can use my own fear to consume me
    But I still stand my ground, unmoved….not because I'm brave but because I'm scared of what might happen if I show fear
    I try to be on to the light, but the light seems so very far away and dim, as if to say I'm coming your way but not anytime soon
    Ahhhh, I'm in the enemy zone, I gotta be extra careful if not I'm already a lost cause
    I snap out of my thoughts and try to focus on the light, but the light is so blurry
    A thought comes to me to engage and fight, but I'm hesitant
    I could be easily overpowered here as I have no allies, I'm in this alone, I'm surrounded but not yet devoured
    Okay I'll stand my ground for now since this is a face off, and nobody is making any advances yet
    I nervously wait, but with every passing second, I get more scared and I feel like it is sensing my fear
    I'm sweating now, and the muffled voices in my head now turn to muffled scornful laughter
    It's dark but I can feel things getting closer and closer
    I feel hot breaths behind me, but I can't look back
    Cuz I don't want to lose sight of it lest it feels I'm weaker and goes for an attack
    I feel darkness float above my head, almost like it sweeps past my ears
    I want to scream
    I'm clenching my teeth now
    I'm ready for the worse
    My sweating continues, but more profusely now
    It is now smirking as if to communicate it's strength
    I remember I'm with a sword, so anxiously and with form and uneasy movements of every muscle in me, I close my eyes, let out a scream and swing my sword
    And poof!
    I opened my eyes and I'm alone
    In a very white quiet atmosphere
    This is the light
    I'm in the heart of the light
    I beat it
    I see someone, some sort of godly figure approach me, the figure seemed to be the center of the light, the figure was blurry at first but as the figure got closer to me, I recognized the figure
    The figure was me
    I looked at me and smirked
    I had beat it.


  • shogazi 117w


    Nothing in this world is right or wrong
    Like ahhhhh haha WTF
    Wait, dude legit question. Would you blame a manipulated dude for his wrong acts ? Like Seriously I legit need an answer.
    Okay let me help you out, or further more confuse you so to say. I mean would you rather blame the manipulator ? Hahaha
    Tricky right ?
    Okay name your biggest truth….you probably gonna name some religious stuff yea ?
    Now imagine proving that stuff to an atheist....Lmao
    No proof right ? I mean technically from his point of view, religion or spirituality don't even exist, only science and facts. But from your point of view, spirituality equals facts eyyy
    Now also imagine your biggest lie or scam
    Lol I'm going somewhere with this
    For me it's probably something like
    "The Earth is flat"
    Now to imagine that for hundreds of years literally
    Humans lived their lives with those untrue principles and it worked for them. Like it literally WORKED FOR THEM, till a so called crazy guy cleared out their ignorance, and he was right fammm like but till it got proven, he was wrong hahaha waohhh. I don't know why this shit seems to be only funny to me, they actually killed that Niqqa
    So you see
    There's a fine line between ignorance and knowledge
    And you know what that line is ?
    I call that line belief
    Shit….I mean, just think about it
    It's even scientifically proven, remember that neuroscientific phenomenon where there's a dress that apparently has two colors ? Yup that's how right and wrong is
    some saw blue and black, whilst others like myself saw gold and white, this is just proof that the concept of right and wrong is flawed hahahaha
    Guys. The very concept of wrong or right is relative, it all depends on our subconscious, our state of mind, our conditioning and most importantly our belief
    Cuz talking from another perspective
    You could actually be wrong but believe strongly that you're right and till somebody proves beyond reasonable doubt, you'd continue to be right and vice versa
    So repeat after me
    The difference between right and wrong is just BELIEF
    Sprinkled with minimum to zero bits of proof
    You can literally be right to one man and at the same time be wrong to another, depending on perspectives and point of view
    This shit is all relative bro
    Think about it