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  • shonaali_ 15w

    One of the reasons for mental illness
    Is not being able to share
    Dark sides to people.
    Who are either preoccupied
    Or dont want to wreck their mood,
    By discussing about it.

  • shonaali_ 68w

    You are the dream i seek to see
    every time i wake up.

  • shonaali_ 68w

    I want to leave an impression of
    "What a beautiful mind!"
    "How amazingly aligned"

  • shonaali_ 68w

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    The girl with golden hair

    The girl with golden hair
    "I dyed my hair today" she exclaimed and spun around to show the strands, hidden behind the lustrous raven layers.
    'Does it look good on me?' , Rayna asked
    Yes it does my child. The mother hugged her child.
    It was the day of her admission in college. The feeble teen dragged herself to her wardrobe and grabbed her best pair. A sap green top and a pair of faded ripped jeans along with the black wedges she got the day before.
    'oyee where are you going?' her brother asked . 'its my admission day
    bhaiya.. finally I'm getting into a college now... Yaayyy' she jumped an inch off the ground .
    'ya thats fine but you have a test today, remember?'
    'Yes bhaiya i remember that, I'm prepared well, dont worry' she winked and flipped her hair to the other side showing him the color.
    'huhh you look like the same idiot you were yesterday' he made a mocking face.
    "How mean bhaiyaa... ",
    The plum lipshade lined her lips and she had filled them with a lighter tone of magenta. The black gel liner glided along her lashline , outlining her almond shaped eyes. She was slim and tall. No wonder she looked beautiful,but listening to her brother She made a puppy face.
    'you look like cartoon when you make that face' her brother mocked her again.
    'dont forget you promised me for an ombre hair color. I wanna try every style before i lose all my hair' Rayna winked and left. Reyansh stood there, didn't know what to say.
    'Raynaa verma. Registration number 21398 Here is my SLC and the other documents maam. ' she had a smile glued on her face the whole time.
    The teachers in charge of admissions were almost drenched in sweat. The current was gone. Irritation was over powering their senses. "Where is your transfer certificate?" Miss shayna, the prof. Of English dpt asked. "Maam i have them in the folder. Just a second" rayna panicked for a moment searching for the papers but thankfully got them before the professor lost her calm.
    'Okay now sign here dear'. As Rayna signed her small tattoos showed up on her wrist and ring finger. There was a small infinity ring on her finger, which almost looked like a real ring. On her wrist, there was a band of heartbeats ending with a straight line and a heart. The letter 's' was hooked with the heart in a fashionable way. Somewhere it made the professor wonder the reason behind the letter. None of her parent's name started with that letter. Maybe it was her age of stupidity, not knowing the real meaning of relationships.
    'yes maam its done', Rayna replied. "welcome to our college'' miss Shayna greeted her though it never sounded welcoming. Rayna smiled.
    " Hey girl listen... " Rayna turned back and walked towards the bench again. "Take this sheet and go to the office, they may ask for it." Okay maam she nodded with a smiley face. " And yes" miss shayna continued, just like your school this college too have some rules to follow.. the students are not allowed to color hair or do a fashion show here, dear.Cut your hair or repaint them, as you like but you must look like a student, not like a model dear" Her words were like sweet poison.. though she spoke softly , the words were no less than an invisible knife stabbing Rayna's heart again and again with each words she uttered. She faked a smile and walked out of the college.
    After the admission day her first day in college went out so well.. the world seemed to be a better place now. New uniform new bag. Keeping miss shayna's word in mind she hid her strands between the braides. Or clutched her hair and tied a tight rubber band and folded them or made a bun. She was a fashionable girl, having tattoos on wrist and one on the back of her neck. Soon she became the centre of attention.
    In a couple of days the result of the tests were out. They didnt make her sad. She didnt let anyone know about the results. Rayna kept dragging herself through every situation. She convinced her brother to go to every shopping mall and bought tee shirts, eyelashes, mascaras, .. she has always had dreamt of buying these though she had no idea how to use them except the liner
    "Ombre hair.. finalllyyyyyyy!!!" The excitement on her face made Her brother rambled through his phone to see if he had enough money for all the demands of his sister.
    The next day in college she didnt bun her hair or braided or tied them anymore. Just a clutcher did well ..
    She left her hair open. Contact lenses took the place of glasses. It was a tremendous change in her. Not only her looks but also her confidence, attitude everything. She didnt want to care about anyone or anything anymore.
    'hey you... The girl with golden hair!!' came a voice. Rayna turned around and there was a girl asking for notes. Rayna gave her what she needed and passed a smile..
    ' i am sorry i didnt know your name so..' the girl paused.
    "Im Rayna verma ". She replied. Rayna knew it well that she was now popular with the name 'the girl with golden hair now' .
    Miss shayna had already warned her the first day but now rayna was one of her favourite students, for Ray was good in her subject.
    She had stopped complaining now. But others never did. Rayna was still described as a girl with poor character. Golden hair but coal brain. Tattooed knowledge. The girl who got admission because of her father. But in reality she was a fatherless child.
    She had many friends who wanted to be-friend with Rayna because of the popularity she had. When she did good in the class she was praised and when she failed to answer any questions she was criticised for her hair and tatoos.
    Days passed ..
    the tattooed girl who was a regular student started missing classes. As she was a first bencher teachers enquired about the girl with golden hair but no one really cared about her much. Once in a blue moon she attended a few classes.The sparkling jet black eyes seemed to have had lost its sparkle. The smile was just an arc with no charm. The hair she was famous for, had lost the shine and lustrour and faded color. Even her eyelashes and eyebrows were left with lesser hair now. The brown hair across her face had now curled and become half of its original length. Stitches could be seen on her scalp beneath the hair.
    Her skin had wrinkled, bones showed. She seemed much thinner than when they last saw her. Yet had that smile, as always.
    That was the last time the golden hair girl saw daylight.
    After 2 months a letter slid under miss shayna's door. A black letter.
    Rayna was on chemo. Chemotherapy drugs are so powerful medications that attacks rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other growing cells in body — including those in the hair roots. Permanent markings, sometimes referred to as tattoos, were made on her body to map out radiation treatment. She had leukima and she knew it. She knew it from days before she had failed in the test. The blood test. The leukemia cells continued to grow and divide, eventually crowding out the normal blood cells. The end result was that it became difficult for her body to fight infections, control bleeding, and transport oxygen. There was this long list of wishes she wanted to do before she dies.
    The first wish was to join highschool and enjoy her teen years. She had this die hard wish to color her hair and she did it. Not once but twice. To hide the scars of radiation therapy she tattooed her skin. The letter 's' meant 'surviver'. She was a proud surviver. No one except her family knew about her health. 'People see what you want them to see' . She made each day count while other's were counting their day. Rayna wanted to dance her heart out on her brother's wedding. But she couldn't. Her cancerous cells had trapped her body. She was under the thumb of it.
    Today the five elements are being released from her body. Are you wondering how do i know so well about her?
    I am her diary. She inked her life in me while life was getting tougher.

  • shonaali_ 69w

    Infinite is just finite
    If you set a limit to it

  • shonaali_ 69w

    You are just a puppet
    Waiting for a chance to dance

  • shonaali_ 69w

    You are just a puppet in fate's hand
    Waiting for your master to pull the string
    And get a worthless chance to dance

  • shonaali_ 69w

    When you lecture someone
    About being wrong,
    For one minute, hold on and ask
    Can you bear to be in their shoes for a moment?
    If yes , give it a TRY!
    If not, do question your philosophy once .

  • shonaali_ 100w

    Jo lahu apne gawaya. Wo asu banke mere nayno se utre h
    Ab kaise bataun apko aye sanam
    Wo vardhaman ki sham, amavas ki tarah mene kaise kate h

  • shonaali_ 103w

    Syahee khatam ho gyi thi
    Toh aasuon se panne bhar die