ಕೃಷ್ಣಂ ವಂದೇ ಜಗದ್ಗುರುಮ್

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  • shraddha_suryanarayana 2w

    Those who don't intend to do good,
    They themselves unknowingly,
    Fall in the same maze they created,
    To trap those who are doing good.

    If good things are done,
    It's not necessary to prove,
    Because it is the approval of the God,
    Who stays around and within.
    Good and bad being the dualities,
    The one you feed,
    The one will grow.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 3w

    Why there is a bond between you and me?
    Is it because of your affection,
    Or is it the immense respect that I'm having towards you?
    Every step I take for detachment,
    Thinking that its all vain!
    You come up leading me to unsaturation.

    What do the teardrops mean?
    Is it the regret of unsaturation?
    Or the teardrops of joy?

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 3w

    Out of billions of organisms across the planet and multiverse,
    How can a single person called God or Energy observe me, the other person in the room also the universe that exist far away?
    Every night he seems to be whispering all his secrets,
    I tell him that you granted me very less intelligence to understand them!
    He says to be more consious,
    I ask him how?
    He says to obseve more from the heart than through the senses,
    I tell him thats going to shatter me into pieces and fill my lifespan with tears,
    He says, the kindness you are having is self centered,
    Think less about self,
    More about others!
    I again ask him to grant me intelligence,
    He said okay!

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 5w

    If you something is said that is beyond the level of understanding of the other stupid,then the other will call you stupid but in reality he is addressing himself as stupid.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 5w

    We all are the instruments of God and are always 'used' to do something.

    If iron is used for an ornament,
    And gold in a sickle,
    It defines the intelligence of the user.

    Neither iron nor gold,
    Has the pride of its existence,
    Golden sickle is not strong,
    Iron ornament is not beautiful,
    Gold doesn't have a problem of being a tool or an ornament,
    Wherever it is gold is gold!

    And always we are 'used' to do something,
    Always be privilaged by the usage,
    Never worry about the intelligence of the user,
    For it is always the command of God!

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 6w

    How can they be in your poems,
    When not connected by heart?

    How can the act of humanity be valid,
    When there is a mind of politics?

    How can we excel the boundaries of truth,
    When bonds of the planet is holding back?

    For one is always true,
    There is always one,
    Inside, outside and around everyone,
    Who has given only half privilege to us,
    The other half is upto him,
    He is working constantly,
    Propagating energy every instant,
    Implementing thoughts,
    But why?
    This is how you let him to be designed,
    Its all up to you!
    Its all up to him!
    But when love emerges from the depth of hearts,
    He is always nearby.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 7w

    He is an electromagnetic wave,
    Lying both inside and outside simultaneously,
    Working for all,
    He is invisible as original but is original,
    He comes in the forms you, them and me,
    There is a proportion in all,
    Regarding the best and worst,

    Beyond all the layers,
    He is there!
    Just we shouldn't let him fall asleep.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 7w

    When we tell the truth and the person has realized that its a truth but is biased by fallacy, even the Lord himself cannot aliter the situation. All we can do is just pray for the person to be granted strength to behold the truth which is a blazing fire.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 8w

    Being suppressed, depressed, opressed, humiliated is definitely not a bad thing. Always remember they are the situations occuring for adaptation. Have the blessings of good hearts around and stand for what is right.

  • shraddha_suryanarayana 9w

    A mind is a continuous function with a radiance of resonance with nature. If the waves of thoughts are let to flow by itself its exuberant. A small perturbation leads to various probabilities. There is something else that exist which never lets you to stumble. That very cause seems to be whispering from a distance in terms of light years that can be heard. Listen to that sound. It's uttering a truth. Its definitely going to rise you higher.