You are your whole world.��

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  • shradk 11w


    I dive in the world to escape me!


  • shradk 11w


    Life and me are in an arranged marriage...
    We learn to find our ways around each other...


  • shradk 18w


    Your pesent decides if
    the future will untie or
    entangle the knots of past!


  • shradk 85w


    Crazy dream
    Courageous choice
    Consistent persual
    Lil faith in the stupid stardust of universe!
    Dreams to come true!!!


  • shradk 89w

    Happy World Mental Health Day 2020.
    #letstalk #curbthestigma

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    Mental health for all during Covid

    Plant the seeds of positivity
    Water it regularly with mindfulness
    As resilience blooms
    In the valley of Covid
    We stand united, maintaing social distance...

    Distance socially, Connect emotionally!
    Be a warrior, not a worrier.


  • shradk 92w


    Be my friend
    Be my foe
    Take me places, where you go
    In your dreams
    Or under this sky
    Breathe through me
    In the tasseled wind
    To the land too far
    Between us, within you
    Barren, with the ashes of wildfire
    Into the void of nothingness
    Deeper and hollower
    By the second, we untangle
    As I suffocate in this air
    Somewhere, the wind inflates you to newer heights


  • shradk 103w

    We are adults!
    When did that happen?? do we make it stop???

  • shradk 125w


    You told your parents about him..
    I told my therapist about him.

    We aren't same sis!


  • shradk 129w


    It's in these moments of loneliness..
    I miss you the most...
    Only to realise how the phase is never going to pass..


  • shradk 129w


    Pain is
    In the middle of the crowd
    Laughing and joyous,
    There comes a moment..
    Reminding you,
    How you weren't good enough
    For that one person..
    Whom you wanted for life.