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  • shrry_hurry 103w


    Sharpening my pencil, look where it led/lead me to..

    I'm imploding, exploding, self loathing, screaming my heads out restraining like it's nothing.
    There ain't no timeliness when I'm timeless.
    There used to be a time when I was the glow in the dark.
    Now all I can feel is a tortured heart.
    Tormented like a chew toy but pretending like the dog that just destroyed it heavenly.
    Cmn...... Everything will be alright is the song I often think of and hit it again slowly.

    Quarantined before even anyone can relate to, Man these fucking walls mimic and humor me that I look awkward and it goes" beat it fella just like everything, you're also just an earthward".
    Time to time, my inward anagrams do tells me that I'm sick like a cold: Anyone reading this, even you could get it;

    But what about all them motivation?
    Well.. I fuck on the planes cuz I don't feel up.
    The fuck I meant? 
    I can never add my views to sum it all up.

    I'm dirty whack but positive clean thoughts intervene.
    Liked a tossed coin but being lost in the scheme.
    Ooh ups n downs, seems like an implausible dream.
    Squared brain with triangular thoughts circling inside this rectanglur body.
    Bodied upside down but my thoughts just never shut.
    If this is all an analogy, I got no reaction to it;

    Well yeah, time just picks life. Always does;
    Yaaaay time's the bitch that fucks very soon.
    Reminding, Life's a needle; I'm the whites and the blues mixed with nitrous balloon.

    Ugrhhh let us just kiss <3


  • shrry_hurry 103w

    It was a silent night or it popped to be the one that day.

    Felt like the whole universe was having silent sex.

    Not even ohs or hoes. Then this happened. My senses took a second to make me realize I'm about to hit it out.

    Ooh yeah**

    Well not what yr thinking.... leme rewind and go back..
    It "felt like the whole universe was having silent sex WITHOUT ME!!"
    I can still feel the buzzing in my stomach, it's sensational.

    Urghhh I mean the sensation!

    1. 2.. 3.... I farted out... so loud!!!
    That my dumb grandma who can't even walk talk came running up the stairs shouting "huhh did yo hear the noise?!"
    And... After
    3..2..1.. seconds later the wave hits her, no reaction.

    She's dropped dead.

    She's A-soul stuck.

    Damn like she's always stuck. Her ear drums stuck, vocals stuck, her fridge is stuck, her breathing, her ligaments, her heart will soon.. Ahem ahem

    I dunno what's with my granny and her stuck bubble. The only time she was actually stuck and happy at the same time.. Was... with my grandpa. Uhh dirty dirty

    But, this one has to be the worse. I swear!

    And... After 12 minutes of intense soul struggle she returns back to reality, her still opened eyes n not so beating heart; Also shell shocked.

    She just muttered "Dear Lord" n.... That was the last time I saw her.. I mean I came out of the house popping out the bubble.

    Farting is a hobby for some people.

    That's how I started it.

    I thought I aced it too..  but errrrgh even my fart sucks.. . It's not that much of a pain in the nose. Irony, pain in the ass:

    But.. I’ve been trying to develop some more hobbies recently. I tried to take up sky-diving once. But I wasn’t aware I had to pay for a private plane and jump out using a parachute… and not just leap out the Emergency Exit of a United Airlines flight which I might.. I might.

    I'm imagining all these new hobbies and interests to get better , but even in my imagination, I suck.
    Sloshed n lonely n sad n depressive n so on.  Sometimes I think it’s best if I stay alone for the rest of my life.  So do most of the women I ever see. Feels like all these women and my imagination are the same. They are just outta my reality.

    Yeah reality sucks XD

    It’s amazing how dazzled people are by intelligence nowadays. If you use more than 10% of your brain in one day, people look at you like you’re an anomaly. And for those of you who don’t know what an anomaly is,. By definition it means unexpected or unusual.

    Just like evrything..

    This world, time, life. If you are 90s, yes first kiss, first sex, first porn Yada Yada.. Anomaly!

    Ever wondered al of us popped out of the warm belly sack and then fart shit together under one sky and fuck things up like all the other farty sacks.

    And... Finally ever wondered what is it about the big bang so boggling?!


    *squezzyy fart*

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    A distinctive quality or atmosphere.



  • shrry_hurry 182w

    Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.

    -Mr. Nobody.

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    Pulling a joint out the dresser, just making sure life isn't giving too much pressure. Just letting myself see where these random thoughts takes me, I used to wake up every mornin', see the world with classy feelin'!
    Every day's a different game that had me runnin from all those lanes.
    If it was for hangin out in front of every spot with a crazy plot, I wish I had been in a war, just fucking around lost to make sure my mind isn't that crossed.  Well.. What about all these thoughts?

    Fuck fame, that's supposed to mean I'm soo lame.
    Being healthy n kind with a nice ass mind doing ice cash blind but fuck bein that wanted find.
    I hit rock bottom too often, dunno how many times I had been near to a coffin. 
    The new me is like a leafless tree in the forest, I dunno when I can finally get an answer for every dang thing that I can't harvest.
    Every year is ending up like a frost, everybody's a player, just gotta bear all the stories inside the play like a scratch.
    Happiness, sadness itch harder then maneuvers the old memories n wounds, if stricken, is the sorest..

    I sometimes stay still scoping up this large beaming, but I can't check what I am seeing or hear any sound that's making me up waking n I can't doze off or snooze up, I just imagine n pretend that I am dreaming by just staring, oh I mean I am just so boring.
    Huh, I always know the weather checkin out the mass of water n air everytime n definitely not giving a dang about any humans.
    Leme wind the clock back few years, I see myself playin, waving n laughing out spraying thoughts with so much caring n sharing just doing shit for a better feeling.
    Guess that's a wrong move, ask myself what leg I wanna lose cuz I am gon' lose if I am talking about my old self, like I said the new me is so pretty much boring;
    I cripple from complex to simple n then from simple to complex.
    What type of shit is that even matter? Memories, yeah that's the cause of it, they just fucking shatter and get so fatter.
    Nevertheless, Nature always steps up n messes up erasing all of it. Stop the presses yo fit nature, I scream by not talking about it leaving a signature to life saying fuck yo matter, in that matter, oop blames not on me, such a wholesome earthly-faker.
    Well none of it makes sense, I repeat none of it makes sense.
    I guess everybody gotta watch their game like it's theirs but It ain't wrong, take a blank piece of paper, a pen or paint or a freaking hourly stare at nothingness.
    Some'll snooze, some'll snore, they won't admit that life is so unsure.
    Insert the feeling COLORFUL inside the cashless mind to spend a watchful night n watch the next day with no heat on the moment making no moves but that's not reality, just to feel the hunger n all em feelings wandering around looking at this world with nothing n everything with AWE, that's right nothing and everything matters at the same time!

    If I sum up all the things I could be and could've been or which I am, it's a trap. Once I quit things, I always want more, but at the same time I feel I don't need it anymore when that shit once comes into my store.
    It's pretty funny to say my worst day on earth gotta be my birthday, If I ask the time himself, he would just sing happy birthday every fucking day.
    Well.. We're all just soaked up n cracked in wit a hundred thoughts at least everyday.
    Only one theme. , Time is the killer only if yo get caught in any of the earthly zone which we will n every life has a sad story just when they pass away, life flashes the truth n I just need to write another esaay;

  • shrry_hurry 196w

    How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling.
    -Claude Debussy

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    Witness me stripping my thoughts like everybody who try to advance on anything, if this isn't over yet. I gotta take it like a man naked!

    Spleen of thoughts.., Ooh I'm already naked right now, I can't expect myself to pull a lil stunt on this whatsoever, that must be awkward when I forward myself backward!
    That right, feels like I'm not so crazy as I thought. Well it's only that against all these life-ly odds, I'm the fuck still-out-so-odd.

    On n over normalcy, living this life doing smthng mean to it is a scream for thoughts all the way around, I pretty much hope that everybody get their own theme music to blow this noises apart. I've got mine as well. The minutes of silence that my mind always yells about which I'l record on the boom speakers n play it again n again till it makes some sense, that's pretty loud. Well.. I feel a passionate lust for this feeling when I imagine cuz I'm comparing to none, my mind's freaking that I'm struggling to keep all in n interrupt when I'm speaking n sometimes have trouble when breathing, even tougher when I'm sleeping.
    Uh oh! So.. I gotta end all this wordplay with nothing but fuck-ING.

    The brains broken, feelings closed, weirdness is open.
    Everytime I wake up is like a goodnight-reality;
    Nothings way too much to shift a dream, just gotta give it a moment n carry on with this routine misery like a goddamn dream.

    Drizzly is all I can sense. Intelligence has been washed with no amends. Drinking n smoking n snorting n all 'em INGs every time as I cheer as if some accomplishments. Heh' Faded long ago with PROs n talents. I'm just floating in n out of my CONscious. Got the bomb treasure innately but couldn't open up my vault, now leme cheer for too much pressure. Thoughts feeling me measure? Huh guess the time's giving dang myself some lecture.

    Nodding my head to acknowledge me like a spider sense to talking n listening, I realize fuckery is catching up on the air as I breath, finally wieveing it to fight for the web of my own custody.
    Sometimes I float in the air wrapped in a sheet, intercepting the wind itself, so that I can lead or be led. I might go somewhere but never meant to be.

    So with no experiments left, I stumbled upon this resolution of being numb, by using a special fusion of chemical solution called confusion.
    I often get socked and pushed into this chem every minute so when I win it I never resent it.
    Huh, guess it's time.
    Too much of this nakedness lately.
    But I don't panic or plan to give up.
    Stripping done, witness this man up!


  • shrry_hurry 231w


    I sleep very soundly and peacefully. But it's been three days and I just couldn't sleep. Cuz just before daybreak smthng began to disturb me, as if some voices were calling me from a very different world, objects falling, weird sensation of someone running around and all those movie-horror-intros. My teeth were aching, aching openly and maliciously, causing me an acute, drilling pain. And I could no longer understand the pain of it as I was gone so very deep with it; My entire eyes and my head were filled with terrible sensations of an alarm buzzing with echoes and screams, felt as though I had been forced to chew thousands of sharp-fat-red-hot-chilies at once. For the first time I felt the real-actual-pain, The FEAR; I took some water into my mouth and started spinning it clockwise just letting know I'm cool to myself. And! My 1000 mocks on ghosts were running inside my head simultaneously making it more uncomfortable. These things didn't stop but got worse. Fully packed on the bed, I was pretending asleep.

    *Tung Tung*
    Clock reads 12:00.

    I got off my protective cover, I dunno why I look behind the corner. There, I could see someone standing, someone strange, strange enough to eat the horror vibes for the dinner. I dunno wattu do, I feel numb n peaceful with an unaffected mass of fear. I know I can't scream or run. I feel paralysed. I just stare at the corner. I stare at it. I feel controlled. Controlled by smthng powerful. I'm actually not staring. I'm controlled by this shadowy figure, right at my peripheral vision, the feeling of dread and uneasiness washed over my head which is running down straight at it.

    *vision blanks*

    *wakes up after three days*

    This is strange. I'm tied to the bed. Two pastors and an exorcist with a cross is loud-over-confidently-reading-bible. I can feel and I see bruises and cuts everywhere my body. I'm acting weird. I'm shower foaming in my mouth, it's green blue orange and red in color. I'm spewing out random incoherent things in a really deep loud voice n stuff with different languages if it's one. But I can feel everything. The creepy realization where the devil has possessed me. The pain is intolerable because it's 100%. Then I point at the exorcist and he falls back 10ft. I can turn my head back and front, upside-down, 360' defying gravity. But these holy water and the cross and the hallelujahs are making me so sick and weak. I can't face it or listen to it;

    I went crazy at some point. They couldn’t really hold me as I was trying to hit them and play them bowling. I almost ran on the wall. The exorcist and the other two had to – dangerously – choke me until I lose some strength. I'm peeing, vomiting rainbow colored juices, making the room shake, things falling down inaudibly. Finally the exorcist breaked it down shouting 'I command yo' repeatedly. I finally passed out. The exorcist comes in with a lamp and he sees I passed out and I woke up after hours, there's a bowl on the floor and the guts next to it. The guts turned black. He urges anyone not to touch the guts at any cost. Then I went to a nearby, empty hill, on top of it, and he asks me to burn the guts right there, the exorcist says I'm free now. I look at the sky and take a deep breath. All of a sudden I hear the voices again.,

    “I don't exist cuz I don't exist" !

  • shrry_hurry 232w



    Are yo a #####?

    No, I mean really. Aren't yo?

    Don't yo see yrself in the mirror and say yr the best or the worst? Like, never? Even thou yo know who yo're. Instead, yo make up construction that justifies what yo do and that fashion urge of learning which makes yo, yo; Yo create, yo learn, yo grow, yo develop, yo adapt, yo survive and yo destroy. Isn't obvious that every life has to die? Every cell has to produce? Every part has its own code to follow? It's own instructions flowing within yo that makes every second of life possible? And look at yo, all yo are doing is eating, surviving and shitting? Now don'tell me yr not a #####. But I am one; All of us are!

    Pushed into the choices to make one and later on to carry the life forward no matter what happens and not giving up or letting it go is a pretty funny game which everybody plays. But what is the play about? Why do we feel the way we feel? Why are emotions so real and not the ppl who feel it? This universe, mighty explosion, life evolution n shit is a freaking show? Everything's a part of the play? Yes? No? Are our tiny little brains doing the trick? Either way the play just goes on.. I wonder what the cinematic scene would be like if we're categorized within sell and buy, Just the way we're categorized everything else. Our whole kind into different kinds. It's crazy and gets even a bit more.

    What about God? The developer if there is one. God punishes and helps. He types and deletes. 'Oh he does!
    What about the organized religion exclusively created into groups to manage control? And atheists, believe the truth there is no control or power over em? Everybody worships their beliefs and their own mind worms distorts their reality within their own minds. Isn't it sad and happy at the same time? Don't we all look at animals and wonder what they think or feel looking thru their eyes? Don't we all want smthng more? Always?

    Well look at us, a world built on fantasy, codes that every education teaches. Just the reason why we're developed with extra senses. A seed developed into a baby and then the baby playing it's part as usual, whether to be a millionaire or a traveller, priest or prison, from emotions carried over to photos and medias. Chemicals over to food and drinks.
    Are we what we are? Are we smthng more? Or less?

    'We're just these freak-codes-running-in an-exhibition, This flaw-breathtaking-ever-expanding-shit-homo-condition!'


  • shrry_hurry 239w


    This is where the creator would ordinarily tell yo that this whole thing.. is their passion-stupid-mistaken-project. But I’m not the creator of the world but I’m partially responsible for the whole damn thing like the rest of us.

    What is my purpose? Then why me? Kicks me every time I think of space n time. Based on anyone's observations that galaxies appear to be flying apart from one another, suggesting that the universe is expanding. We trace this movement back with 'em to nearly the original point of the explosion, the single original atom from which all the universe emerged 14 billion years ago. I take from what I see around me n suppose that the universe is governed by the same processes. I born in a sack of water and of course all sorts of things emerge from the sea. The sea is formless and dark and mysterious and hence an excellent symbol for the conditions that logic tells me must have existed before creation. But look at me, I look to the shapeless, formless sky for my creation story, n not the sea. It's quite confusing n it expands as well. Ha-ha;

    I think the world is much more aware of how fragile things are than I thought. It seems like every second I am presented with a new possible apocalypse. If it's not bird flu, it's the meteor I didn't see coming. If it's not the meteor I didn't see coming, then it's global warming. When there are broad fears, when there are broad shared anxieties, fiction almost always swoops in to explore the situation n to give people a safe playground to examine their feelings about those threats n later discuss facts that concern destruction. Well what can I say? What a big-stupid-monkey, humans are!

    Science fiction explores the vast territory of what I could become. Whereas fantasy is great at exploring my inner territory n physiological territory. I find that an utterly baffling point of view, which doesn't seem to have any connection with the world that I live in n want to live in. But did I forget that I'm no creator? And there can be one or may be one? It all makes no sense whe everything that happened, happening,happens is a part of the play. Like a movie it goes on. I'm just excited about the climax.

    In the play I see people with career n fame n everything possible. People who looks for a life or smthng that has one. Artists n audience. All of them are packed with caring ideas like passion, career, status but everyone loses it al about environmental change, about the social contract, about the way technology can deform the human soul. I dunno why we could have those things but would want less.

    Speaking of I, I mean every damn living human. Who loves n leads a good life or the one who hates n kills wife. The one who prays or the one who laughs. I dunno if I can name all the professionals n the occupation from a-z. Lets put our head out real loud n rise the tallest finger saluting the very us. For evrything we have achieved. For the people who are the people's people in the people from schools who learns n makes a lot of entertainment, fails to perform then sneaks into business then killing it with Industrials n manufacturing which access the greed into Law Enforcement demanding the need for Science n Technology who wakes n bakes war n claims them for armed forces. Screaming we gotta protect ourselves from ourselves i.e., terrorists, psychos, rapists n all them us. Making us. Building us. Teaching us Then fighting us. So in short, US are so screwed!

    I salute yo, myself n fellow humans with the one finger I was talking about.

  • shrry_hurry 239w

    The trick is to shuffle the cards and cut off his own head off!

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee @jkaravind @anne_verse @wiki_quotes @heartalks @introvert_girl @fiend2680 @ @

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    Time reads: 3:00 am.

    *shuffles cards*

    Pick one. Pick anything. I don' wanna show it to me. It got numbers n few names on it. I pick them, like I said I gotta pick one but pick anything. about to witness the greatest magic show ever.

    Haha Magic! Hell it was.. Magic!
    I seem so worried, what is it? I don wanna pick em?
    I gotta agree, I wanna kill myself in front of an art loving audience n hear them applauding it. But here I sit while I'm caught up in deep thought again, shuffling cards to deliver it but what to do, I ain't picking. I thought I was picky, huh? Still remember the day I picked up myself, made a way out n finally saw her. Oh it's that fine day! How crazy life can be? When I thought there can be no love, she appeared outta nowhere. When she was near, these voices started speaking outta nowhere. Awh fucking shit, I want me to nod cuz my fucking mouth's taped with emotions. Do I understand me? No, I deserve no love at all n all love at the same time! I'm sure I'm gonna shuffle it al this time.

    I gotta listen to me cuz I can't listen to anything after all, lately. I'm gonna kill myself with real pleasure n laugh out loud while I'm bathed in blood. Now I want to nod a yes or no. I hope I'm listening to myself? *nods yes*
    Before I die off this misery, leme say few things n I want me to listen to em very very carefully. Cuz this show is al about me who wants no love but love is al he has now; And let's see what else?
    I got magic razors n scissors n pins. Wel know what's cool about em? It's the phase that only I go thru ' FUCK, when does it end?' But it ends when I'm outta breathing. I see the pain, which I'm talking about is the person who rejected love and what a fucking sin it is? Huhm no big deal, I just can't imagine that she's gone cuz I let her go. Puff! Disappeared! Just like she appeared at the first sign of love. And I now wonder what's running in my molecules? In my brains n in my soul? I think it's the same thing as everybody? *nods no* hahha I felt so. That's why I'm about to check it myself;

    I wonder why am I doing this? Letting her go.. Letting it all go!
    Magical girl, witty n happy with life, enjoying the night, preparing for a sober day walks out at glittering light, what not to say n to define her beauty, I wish I could climb up heights n falling all over again. I've tried n tried, but I found myself tied n set aside. My mind n her thoughts are slammed n jammed. Oh my, still remember the first sight of hers, if I sum it all up, I., for sure am damned!
    Here's the set of things in the card, it spells her name, sorting all the elements out of it. There can never be any lessons learned when it comes to her, she takes me so high n asks me how do I fly?
    A beautiful day, feels like I should go out n play, But I sit inside my room n hibernate away.
    Anyone can see me going on with changes, I look at my life in a new day light, what do I say? The living proof of being a hateful bum, I look at myself n see the enemy. Behind the bars, locked with emotions. And-all-of-a-sudden the wind blows al over shuffling my cards leaving with one thought: How much love was in the air when she was near?

    'Oh speaking of love, I'm just a walking stormbeat wreck.
    Lost in the woods, who terribly wants to break his own neck!!'

    *neck cracks*

    Time reads: 3:00 am.

  • shrry_hurry 242w


    I gotta calm myself, this is so not cool. I'm freaking the fuck out, but what the fuck about?
    I go deep into the world, deep inside my head, It leads;
    I listen to these voices, we speak n they start to sing. They pull n they blend within my bones stretching the sound of a music box, where it comes from my chest which beats, the beat.
    It's locked n I pick it n open it which is stuffed full of human parts singing a very different rhythm.
    I shuffle it til I find it, I play it on n the tune just starts;
    It's a song, the voices' scream. Whats that song that play? It's from yr heart n breaks yr mental apart, Well endure the 'heart break' song, they say n fade away.
    And what bout the song? It just plays!


    It's comical when I think back of it, why couldn't I get the hint of it? Godammit!
    There musta been a gust of wind, cuz I change my mind everytime it just blows n I change it a-fuck-gain.
    Love is like a point of no delay, it would be nothing to say yo never had my heart but I'd be lying, fucking tempts me why it is called a relationship, cuz all in the whole all-them-ships, they just sink;
    Everytime I drown I think of love. Inshort, I think of yo, I fucking do n I get jinxed with yo. The beat just goes on reminding what a big joke our bodies are? Naturally operating machines that dancing n decomposing but what about these feelings;

    I snap back to the moment imagining her. Her eyes n her face n all them I can say. Well, persona isn't the answer but why is it running into my head along with the song? Now I see the funny side, why it have been always called a love song.
    Being dumb n stupid I feel like there's nothing to do now, But doing nothing's never nothing when it's smthng with yo;
    Our past was a blast which could never last. Well the hardest puff I take, Yo bake me up waking up my demons n replace them with lighters. What do I do now? I hush n light with it.

    I think of it all, and the usual wind blows, so cold n dark as it shows. Sleepless nights marching inside my head, like a shoot out. I hear the beat again, it's the same old song, the love song. It plays n plays n plays again. The beat makes my head not want to sleep;
    I knock on my conscious, it's closed so I go to creep. I smoke, snort n drink them all. It's crazy but I dunno how much more of em I can take n not fall, is yo knocking all these drugs at a time, at a blink? Or is yo knocking me out of em?
    Yo the mortition of the term love, sent from above. Why did I let yo go when yo had it all? Am I going love sick or stupid enough not to love when 'yo're the purest clay that appear n yr parting dims the light, never ending eyes that pour grace making mankind alive'.

    The time when I tie myself away from yo in my dreams n in my thoughts, that's when it becomes the hardest when yo're all inside my head. I tie myself harder, rolling the ladder, I climb up the window, I see the beautiful view, it's yo, yo waiting for me. I step aside watching yo, why can't I just come next to yo? Cuz I'm a fucking psyche with complex beliefs that's who. I climb really high watching yo like yo're the universe, I climb down n reach my conscious, I slowly shatter my brain matter, n batter my nerves with a heavy punch n matter of fact that I'll splatter myself down into this depression.

    When someone zoom in the lens into my music box, see thru it n listen to em n anyone can see it that I'm dumb enough to let her go live her life but here in my mind, she flows n glows. It's her forever dancing to the song, the song itself.
    And finally yo get to say yr part.,
    oh this heart break song keeps on playing!

  • shrry_hurry 244w


    There had been talk, lots of it. The same conversation echoed through bars, shops, tv's n everywhere.
    "What is yr happiness?"

    My, my, my. What have we here?
    Come here, people. Step into the light so that the world may look upon yo. Huhm, a bit scrawny, ain't yo?
    Do the world not feed yo properly from where yo come n go till the end?
    Is there a madness of inadequacy sweeping across yr brains?
    Either yr bored or yo always need any means of company to entertain. Given that yo are such a “fine specimen” of the sapiens, then I thought yo could share yrself in some friendly manner to satisfy yrself.

    So, weary traveler, would it be presumptuous of me to assume yo have journeyed from afar to seek on matters of great importance, hmmm? No? What a pity.
    Hah, hah, hah. Oops! Again, forgive me kind people, surely yo can see it is all in good fun in yr goody-goody lives?
    Is it such a terrible sin for people to jest among themselves n explore the world?
    Heh, heh, hee!
    Very well, onto the matters at hand. I am guessing yo always come before smthng cuz yo desire smthng, am I right?

    Yo need smthng that yo cannot possibly do without. Yo covet smthng so special and unique, only when yo are provided with. Does that sound about right? Food, shelter n yada yada. So, what has left yo with such emptiness that would tempt yo to enter into the nature., when yo've never explored the nature.
    Ask yrselves people, what is yr happiness?!

    And so.. What is mine? I let my mind wonder to find out n then I wonder what's wrong with me, am I okay? I need to find myself, I murmured to myself.
    I went off into the jungle. I did not find me, but found wildflowers and a pair of parrots. Eating it n moved down a steep section of mountain, digging deep when paddling in wind and rain later confirms my belief that these experiences are not only life-affirming, but life-forming n my senses recalibrate—I smell things and hear things, well who's the one teaching here? The early evening sun has saturated the red canyon walls; the feeling is mellow n hungry in that satisfying, campout way. Being me in a rumpled T-shirt and with a slight sunburn;

    Hills of green, oceans of blue, lavas of red n ice of grey rock, misty at noon, hazy at dawn, molten at sunset; where fierce torrents rush to the valleys below. I feel it is hard to know the difference between irrational fear n instinct which defines the love towards nature.

    Often there is no clear right or wrong option, only the safest one. And if safe was all yo wanted, Yo would have stayed home n live the fool's foolish yet safest life. But too often when trying smthng no one has ever done, there are only three likely outcome: Success, quitting, or serious injury n beyond. The difference in the three, are often forces outside of yr control. But ever wondered what the nature of the nature might be? Risk? Survival? Experience? Fear? Search? Or.. Love?

    When I think of it all n never understand the purpose of any when the moment is already gone. I understand everything moves on;
    My happiness haunts me, when drifting off to sleep or while starting a conversation. It haunts me; I feel my mouth crowded with another set of teeth n I can't open my jaw, can't get a word of warning out. And I wake with my head sliding across the pillow, listening for the sounds of life. The sound of my mind later evokes n transmits the feelings and delivers the message. The message is simple; The air is electric, which shiggy shocks me back to life. The nature waiting itself, itself to be explored; Exploring the truth, the whole of it. There is nothing beyond. Nothing 'other than', no 'other world' of being.

    When yo're in love with nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—
    yo do yr overstressed brains a favor!
    Favor to yr life n favor to the untouched feelings.
    Nature is.. N wil be divine and mysterious. These godly measurements—of everything from stress hormones to heart rate to brain waves to protein markers— makes no sense of life that yo live. Well make a radical change in yr lifestyle n love to live boldly, enjoying different climates, changing horizons to prepare yrself to such a life yo'll see, the incredible beauty. When yo're into it, Oh then yo already know that.,

    "There is something profound going on!!"