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  • shrry_hurry 253w


    I start this note with one thing;
    Whats a backstabber? What to do with that 'who'?
    Well, yo can learn only one thing from the 'who'.

    That 'who' are only powerful when yo got yr back turned. I yearn for the day that we finally meet again, So I can give 'em a taste of their own medicine n shed their skin, unless n until they promise to come clean. But still I wanna-wanna take the butcher knife and jab it into their spleen then cut em at the seam then drag those fellas back home again.

    But yo gotta admit, them are different from any other humans yo've ever witnessed. Surely smarter than me n yo— that I’m sure of; And they could accomplish anything they set their mind to. They chose the passion as the specialized-sick-expert inside their hearts cuz of their love for themselves n they could not have chosen a better motive in this world. They're adventurous, smart, and artistic like politicians. All parents brag about their kids, but this typa children are truly special. That's why I got smthng special for em. I'm gonna add extra light to this festive which is already bright, however it's a festive. Haha!

    I gotta make this quick, cuz time's always shorter than it sounds ain't it?
    Okay, what do I got here?
    I got straw n bamboo papers, buckwheat paste, gun powder, few iron rods n some tubes for the hallow opening.
    First yo gotta cut the papers into strips of yr own size, mine's 18 inches long 2/3 inches wide then yo gotta place the gun powder center in middle of the hollow tube, latter twist it til makes a fuse n the firecracker tubes were made from pieces of straw paper wrapped around iron rods of various diameters and then tightened, then red clay is spread at the bottom of the bunch and forced into each end of the firecracker with a punch; Finally pour the gunpowder in, I'm just pouring everything in just to make it a splendid view. Then the other end has to be sealed with an awl by turning the tube inward, and a fuse inserted. That's it, everything's ready n I gotta wait another half a day for the day to begin the celebrations; To do the honors.

    I see bombs, crackers, rockets up the table n the smell of chemicals cracking up my mind already without cracking any of it.
    Now I gotta calm my mind, relax n take nice air in just to be focused enough for the special humans that I talked about.

    'Huhm!!!', I wanna start with the less loud, dull 'Flash bomb" which contains over heat before ignition. Yo see, just like knives, to savor all the emotions, I'm just making it slow n simple. I don't wanna replace their brains with atom bombs n blow it by giving it a spark, ka-boooom!!!!
    Oh no. But Just in case to scare the shit of them, I'm gonna replace it with 'black bomb'. Ha-ha Black's a scary nigga hahaha, brighter, bold n bomb'hand'made. Now yo gotta wonder why bombs n crackers? Why-oh-why;

    Ever wonder how life even managed here was a surprise in itself? Yr good, bad, all these life-ly moments. Some people would call it proof of humanity’s ability to adapt and live against all odds – no, stubbornness felt more fitting; the unwillingness to finally throw-in to this fucking disease of stabbing ass and die-off already.

    Fuck it, Till thought. Regardless of how the fellas felt when they fucked yo over yr back, all of a surprise, where they had no say in the matter. None did whoever was stupid enough to sign the dotted line for the cause. Nothing like signing away yr soul or cheating someone yo believe willingly is actually the cause and where's the effect?

    Ha-ha this day is gonna be the favorite tribute to the fellow humans with regards and a fun fact for the backstabbers across the world. Yo stab us, like really stab where it hits the spine and spins right across our chest making it a worried blood flow n finally hits the terrible human part, the brain, well the results are insane enough, people who are infected by backstabbing feel fucking sick, followed by head ache, makes us anger, makes us weep, some fell asleep, some may see backstabber's friendly flashback inside the head n some may die or commit suicide or become murderers all of a sudden. To be short, This illness is one of the greatest n sweetest pleasure yo can give to anyone whom yo wanna stab in the back but before that, let the celebration begin!!

    *backstabber covered with crackers n bombs all over the body leaving no gaps*

    Happy di.... My friend!

    *lights the fireworks*

    *backstabber moans in pain n fear*

    ******aaaah, bang, blare, blast, boom, buzz, clap, cackle, crackle, fizzle, hiss, ka-boom, pop, shriek, sigh, sizzle, snap, squeal, whish, whistle, whoop, wow ****

  • shrry_hurry 257w


    Brace yourself for the main event!
    Y'all impatiently waiting…
    It's like an AIDS test, what's the results?
    POSITIVE?! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-haaaah

    Yo see, the crackhead, knows that a loser is worth more dead than alive n he’s gonna think: What good it's gonna do against a man that strangles himself?
    He’s waitin for hell like hell shit he’s anxious as hell, Well;
    Yo have the right to remain violent and start wilin’ to start a fight with any guy that was smart eyin' yo or get in your car, start it, and start drivin' cuz yo pretend yo never saw that any guy.

    Yo’re doing acid, crack, smack, coke and smoking dope then yo take each individual degenerate's head and reach into it. Just to see if they’re influenced by yo if they ever listens to yo. And if they feed into this shit, they’re an innocent victim. However, I do show some respect to few as ecstasy got me standing next to yo getting sentimental as fuck spillin' guts to yo. It don't matter as long as yo get where yo're going 'cause none of the shit is going to mean shit where we're going. They tell yo to stop, but yo just sit there ignoring, Even though yo wake up feeling like shit every morning.

    Now., Am I the only one who realizes I stink?

    To tell the truth, I would rather not have gone to any office at all to-day, for I know beforehand that my boss look as sour as vinegar. For some time past he always says to me, “Look here, my man. There is something wrong with yr head. Yo often rush about as though yo were possessed. Then yo make such confused abstracts of the documents that the devil himself cannot make them out; Yo write the title without any capital letters, and add neither the date nor the docket-number.” The long-legged scoundrel! He is certainly envious of me, because I sit in the creative work-room, and mend his excellency turning into silly pens. In a world full of people, yo either make ‘em slaves or yo become one of ‘em; So I decide to strike back and flatten every tire on this bike rack!

    In a way we’re like a tree: in a forest of our fellows, we will grow as straight as our generic and individual nature permits; Alone in the open, we yield to the deforming stresses and tortions that environ us. Nature is the god and society is the devil. And the bullies are everywhere if yo ever wonder the place. So which side we gon back n fight back that fucking confusion which stays up al our lives. But what is it that let ourselves permit to be ourselves?

    Well leme tel yo something; It's not about money, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no! So why do I want to be a rockie? Why do I front a nature-band in shitty but character-filled little clubs, jumping around like a spaz and gnashing my teeth? Am I the archetype? Is it somehow in me, like a preordained characteristic ? We all like a bit of the good life - some the money, some the drugs, others the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But this guy wants none of it. Cause he doesn't give a fuck like his middle finger is stuck.
    And he’s wavin it at everybody screamin, "I suck!”

    Haaaa ha! Bet any body part yo'd care to name that, had I had even the slightest least inkling of a clue that I would still be answering questions about this word nearly 1000 years later, I would have bloody well trademarked the damned thing: FUCK EVERYTHING!

    He is savage, primitive and an animal. He strikes with his paws like a bear from a cave, and he is ferocious. He must have skill. He is modern. He is romantic. He is not a man with soft and tender, and he faces the wild bully in conflict. And he kills with a knife, a slender one, with one thrust. He is delicious. It makes the heart beat to behold--the small man, the great bully, the wide level sand, the thousands that look on without breath; the great bully rushes to the attack, the small man stands like a statue; he does not move, he is unafraid, and in his hand is the slender sword flashing like silver in the sun; nearer and nearer rushes the great bully with its whack strength, he does not move, and then--so--the sword flashes, the thrust is made, to the heart, to the hilt, the bully falls to the sand and is dead, and the man is unhurt. It is brave. It is magnificent! But the man of the prize-fight--he is the brute, the human bully, the savage primitive, the maniac that receives many blows in his stupid face and rejoices the murder of the bully.

    A witless fellow, no doubt, but what could he be doing there in the heart of a brain?

    Infected, selected, neglected n ejected from the society wishes for no longer run.
    And next time yo could best believe, believe the best, fuck the rest.
    What yo supposed to be snatchin' n killing fate?
    Yo come in to a world of punctured hearts and jackin' off fake fucks, no matter who.
    Lethal n illegal combo overseein' the society like seagulls.
    Balls in the jaws on the hunt n kill injustice like bald eagles.

  • shrry_hurry 258w

    Let's just stick with the ones - faces the same problem: What do you do with the people who don't fit in? Well I don't fit in too!

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    “Woah, woah, Woah!” I need more answers.

    Where do I start with questions?

    Al’yt, people live by pluralism in the knowledge that their professional n personal growth is only through the development of the greater community because everyone believes themselves to be part of the collective. In a way, 'I guess we’re who we’re!'

    Currently, the majority population feels society does not support their efforts so they end up falling short of the perseverance required to complete the task. Should the group consciousness of the population believe their efforts to gain employment, develop a family and create a platform for education and medical surety for families or selves!

    A world without suffering, pain, guilt, war, hunger, greed, selfishness, fear, hate, strife, crime, tears, sorrow, disappointment, sickness, prejudice, jealousy, divorce, lust, poverty, forgiveness, famine, drought, conflict, division, disasters. Shit that’s too much isn’t it?

    “Oh we can’t take this anymore! Please let someone take away all of our liberties and individuality in the name of universal stability!” And the Powers that be said, “OK.” And now there’s no war, no sadness, no individuality, no history, no literature (!), no families, no emotional ties to others, no solitude allowed, no scientific freedom, and no religion. But still, there’s life. A lot of it. Including me , yo, everyone n everything. Now what we make ourselves to a betterment for a better world? To be clear, the magic is within us.

    Thoughts killing me as I walked the streets and the idea of ideal world was a present scenario created inside my head, just enough to give myself a warm smile n the expected world to see. The weather was breathlessly hot, there was thunder in the air. I had dug all the morning and was resting, stretched out along the floor. And suddenly the thought of LIFE was a real presence, naked and tangible, saying "Sweet!" and "Put my arms round myself, just making sure that I was breathing!"–in shoes and socks, perfumed. Eternity was in my eyes. The world looked merely as small as I could imagine. So small that I could feel the natural forces around my body. If there were a GOD. This is how he’d have felt. Now I feel yo boy!

    In a sense in this world, every one is every one else as well. All the fetal conditioning, the power of convention molds each individual into an interchangeable part in the society, valuable only for the purpose of making the whole run smoothly. In such a world, uniqueness is uselessness and uniformity is bliss, because social stability is everything. The ideal world is the key that holds the door for lessons learned.
    Well to keep individuals from experiencing the stressful negative effects of conflicts that the society cannot prevent. Pain and stress — grief, humiliation, disappointment — representing uniquely individual reactions to conflict still occur sometimes in the ideal world.

    The people of the new world "solve" their conflict problems by swallowing a few tablets or taking an extended Globe-holiday, which removes or sufficiently masks the negative feelings and emotions that other, more creative, problem-solving techniques might have and which cuts off the possibility of action that might have socially disruptive or revolutionary take-aways.
    However, the usual day-to-day-complaints continue merely as a show of daring and bravado ever done by mankind. He sees no reason and feels no moral or social compunction to fight for the rights of others oppressed by the social system. So in a way, EVERYBODY IS A WINNER!

    And for the people with false belief believes themselves into accepting a world that they would reject, if only they were fully conscious of its nature. But, distracted by consumerism and pleasure, people seldom truly engage the reality they are living, just as the citizens of the ideal new world seldom recognize the restraints of their society. Unconscious manipulation through language — propaganda — keeps individual minds open to any suggestions, even the most inhuman activities can be prevented or make them the old-mummy-tales and have a laugh towards it.

    The only hope lies in the active mind, able and willing to make its own judgments. Individual freedom, compassion, and intelligence — the very qualities aren’t missing in the dystopia of Ideal New World — can guide the fully conscious, fully human mind into a truly free, truly human future.
    Well lets say, that I believe is 'dream to improve'!

    Now the prime question that deliberately got my hand aching my head. What according to me is the ideal world? What does utopia mean to me?

    * Fades out*

  • shrry_hurry 259w

    #Carol., The mystique bomb dropped to heal this soul and set the spirits free!

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    “I think of all the places I’ve ever been to and of everything that’s happening in the world at this moment, all the people eating food, working, holding hands, lying in hospital beds, sunbathing, dying, making love. I could be any of those. But no, I’m here.”

    Cuz see it was all-already written, done n said n yada yada!
    So what can I say? Well, Just gotta navigate through her eyes;
    World tried to fix me. Oh she always did. But I laughed at her with the-fuck-yo-gig.
    Another brag boy? She replied.
    I thought to myself , Oh boy! And wondered what kinda creature can kill me the very first sight?
    OH BOY!!
    An understanding surpasses instinct and perhaps of every possible romantic dImensions falls in front of me n I’ll never know the difference between what I see and what I’ll admit to seeing. I dunno how to define it n I seriously dunno how to fall in love!
    Fall in love? L-O-L That’s crazy! Al’yty, how am I gonna define it now?

    It’s really that hard but... It seems pretty funny and I throw back my head, laughing, arching my back ever so slightly and bringing my fingertips up to the soft part of my skin where my neck meets my left ear. Then, while my body is still shaking, I lean forward, I remember looking at her the first time, eyes shining, my lips parts in a big-stupid-smile even now. She lets me experience a second or half-second of that, just enough time to allow me to believe that a connection exists.

    If beautiful was ever-stir-crazy, it gotta be her. Her hair., a ruddy black with green red stripes on, each filament of the neatly gathered mass shining with its own lustre and delicate graduation of colour. In perfect harmony were her ivory-clear complexion and deep sea-blue eyes that looked upon the world with the ingenuous calmness of a mermaid or the pixie of an undiscovered mountain stream. Her frame was strong and yet possessed the grace of absolute naturalness--something that seemed to claim for her a right as a perfect work of nature to exist and be admired equally with a rare flower or some beautiful, milk-white dove among its sober-hued companions. And.. to add up her sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on, that's when she’s the prettiest.

    Powerful it is, the eye contact is, it’s not the real trick; No, the real trick lies in the breaking of eye contact – suddenly, swiftly, blushing as if I’m exerting physical resistance to some strong attraction. World couldn’t control me n here she is, destroying all-my-crazy-thoughts. I don't know but, it seem like uh, somebody must have gave her a teaspoon of honey every night n day Or was it a pack of Now & Laters cause she the sweetest thing to watch n learn. Its crazy just how I can enjoy every molecule of her. Made o’pure molecules I bet. And if I want to spontaneously combust that's what we'll do in unison. Ooh! Pro’ly I’m taking it too far.. But whats the use?

    She’s a useful; Like I can see her million times with the same neverending-big-stupid-smile. Well she’s dangerous but pure-sheer-beauty. It may get me who I want and what I want, but I get so used to doing it, Out of all the thrills I realize that I’m not using the same moves, the same lines, the same gleaming eyes on her in whom I have no interest or every interest. And by the time I’m aware, I’m already in love with her n I don’t have to break her heart like so heartlessly she did but all of a sudden its so much fun to pick up the pieces n puzzle the hell outta it. But what am I missing here? How the hell did she do it?
    Well.. WHAT. WHO. WHEN. HOW. WHY. These five are killing me just like my education did!

    Its as confusing as it gets apart from the wonderful feeling. We stay up night. We laugh. We sing. We do dishes. We late-walk. We paint eachother faces. We bake bread. We do drugs. We party crazy. We crossword puzzle. We climb up the mountain. We ride bikes. We don’t sick-fight. We don’t crap-argue. We don’t kiss eachother. We sleep together but always with some clothes on. If sex was the love-show, we'd never be stage artists, just in case to clear the conflicts between relationships. Thats why we dont have one!

    I gotta give it all to her, Blowing my transmitters in a second;
    'Tis a brave master.. Let it have scope: I Followed it utterly, no hope beyond hope.
    It dives into noon, with wing unspent, untold intent as she knows her path and the outlets of the sky.
    It was never for the mean that required courage stout to meet this living beauty.
    Souls above doubt, more than they were n ever ascending gravity that clings with life to this pretty-ness.
    But what about the surprise?
    Well.. She flits across her bosom young of a joy apart from my littering hum;
    hummm.. and I say:

    Free she be, free she be.. fancy-free.
    The birdy free as she flies free.. inside my head.
    I gotta let the palest rose she flung from her summer diadem free.
    As a self of purer clay she appear n her parting dims the day free,
    Stealing grace from all the alive;
    Heartily know, wasn't about first or last sight.
    Just when the world left me free, She arrived!

  • shrry_hurry 261w

    Everybody needs a theory of everything to resolve a question? It's a KO! Now what's the question?!

    Uh... What's the time?!

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    Tact trippy acting maniac tunes burst in action.
    Fact a dope-brainiac beat mainly lacks attraction.
    Pact the season for the-insanely-wired-mission.
    Exact interrogation turns into this decks of narration;

    Al’yt… I'll stop the alphabet at A and go right down to Z.
    It'll run my brain around the block to jog my fucking memory.
    It's either them or me, kill or be killed. Oh the alphabets ruined me!
    I rather date a stick of A-to-Z-dynamite and make out with a bang.
    I shout the slang now, simple as A,B,C's n Z’s.
    Z’s as in past, present and future. And A’s blown away. BOOM!
    So facts are always known, people still get treated with shocks;
    “Now I better cut the craps!”

    I'm a hair away from getting carried away.
    Oh gawd, What this time?
    Left unanswered, I guess it’s the ‘TIME’ !
    Being labelled crazy all the time.
    Ah… fuck! time time time..
    I gotta do smthng about this fella this time. Haaaa don’t yo think., TIME?
    Oh yea! I gotta gotta.. do smthng about TIME;

    Gathered the knowledge and bout to try smthng which I’ve only seen in movies.
    I rushed to the workshops and tool shops and hustled everything I could. To name a few, tools were noise cancellation headphones, a non-working watch, 2 bracelets, an ipod, a timer, a bell, and a color changing clock and a chemical filled with electro active cells just to stop the motion and a power transmitter. I went into my basement bathroom with these items completely striped with sharpie drawn all over my body and tried to travel this guy. I shut off the lights and then turn on the fan and then I would set the timer to specific number and then walk out the door hoping the world was frozen in time, applying science on my biological body.
    I tried this repeatedly with my other time traveling methods. My other method was to change the time on my computer to the time of my choosing which would then change the world’s time if my machines worked anyhow. I repeatedly tried to stop time with this too and because I believed the ‘time is universal’ and it can be controlled if correctly done anywhere on earth.

    As I pray no prayers, nothing worked. Time the mean fucker won again. The clock strikes 4 in the morning, I slept off my tireless eyes without knowing; Lost into sleep’s translation, a’last I felt tears gathered in my eyes and starts to slide down my cheeks, my skin pressed against my bones with a fierce tightness. I lay back on my bed pretending numb and to do nothing but stare at the ceiling. I felt dizzy and suddenly cold, unexplainable headache that turned into a sorta acid trip. I fainted; The world disappeared in a freezing tide of darkness.

    I wake up in a hospital bed. Slowly, I find my glasses before looking about the room. I'm partially reassured by the sight of my clock. The second hand ticks forward twice and backwards thrice. I’m freaked the fuck out now. I try to leave the bed but I feel too tired, despite just waking up. Where the fuck am I??? That puzzled-stupid-monkey face says it all. The door opens and a gal walks in, carrying a stack of boxes filled with I-dunno-what. The stranger doesn’t mind me, then places the boxes on the table at the end of the bed and walks out.

    Without knowing the situation, I rushed out and stopped at her “ Hey…! Wait!” !
    She turns towards me and says it all : The answer to the mathematical relation of time to the three spatial dimensions. Which is in the form of an equation, as simple as the German's historic energy-mass formula—"e = mc2", where "c" represents the speed of light. But don’tya hurry, all yo gotta do is wait! Just as yo said , Wait!
    WHAT THE FFFFF! I couldn’t believe what she just said.. But why?
    Making some sense and no sense together, she walks away from me. In the same time, outta nowhere someone shouts “FIRE”!

    Its only 0.12 sec where I could react and hear the bullets firing, It’ll take 0.06 sec to shoot the hell outta my chest and bleed in the next 0.20 sec. And the word “wait” is echoing everywhere.

    The waiting is painful. Slowly and reluctantly, I opened my eyes on the cellar scene.
    The white-painted walls lit by thousand-watt bulbs, the four rifle muzzles pointed at me, the squinted eyes behind the sights, the taut retracted trigger-fingers, squat thick-chested Death standing to one side with his hand down at his thigh in the conclusion of the sweeping axe-blade gesture with which he had accompanied the command to fire, the bullets coming at my chest. Not more than twelve to fifteen inches away; while from the corner, out of the range of fire, the one-eyed scavenger directed the stream of water around my feet to wash the blood away..


    No, the bullets aren't coming. They are motionless in space. The eyes behind the sights are motionless. The water hosing over my feet is motionless, both the stream and the up-splattering drops of it. I could see everything stopped. And, I could feel the already-trippy sensation, once again the world disappeared in a freezing tide of darkness.

    I woke up! Trying to believe that it was all a dream. Shocked and not knowing how to describe what had just happened. Found my basement flooded with water, Thinking it's nothing more than a leak, I crawled under the sink to fix the problem. But when I crawled inside the sink-cabinet, I noticed that it just continued. So I kept crawling further until I stopped right at the end of the tunnel. When I got out, I had landed up in the future, in 2042 in fact. And oddly enough, I even met myself in the future, an old 52-year-old self. Future ME wasn't very surprised to meet me. Over and above, I even told him things that only he could've known. We even had the same tattoo. Of course, the future guy's tattoo was a little more faded. And he said, look who’s here!
    The man, time himself. Hmm, interesting. Although honestly, this one sounds more like an acid trip, But who is anyone to judge?
    I.. I.. please tel me whats going on? Yo’re me, aren’t yo? Am I really time travelling?
    Whoa.. calm down fella, Now I know what people look at me and what I’m. Stop being a freak. Oh but yo’re a freak! How hard it is.. well answer to yr question.. if I know the answer, yo knew it already.

    Oh FUCK! The world disappeared in a freezing tide of darkness!

  • shrry_hurry 273w

    I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.

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    Born on a thursday , world had me guilt tripping by sunday.
    So it took me a while to learn how to walk straight. Words I learned later confused me with the black letters served in bow ties.
    How could a guy know right from wrong if his sun n moon are all the same?

    When he's behind himself, he's stuck with the same stick that he's trying to light.
    Maybe he need some be-normal serum syrup for his unusual symptoms.
    He likes living in this noise pollution contamination, but not examining humans like cartoon-animation.
    Ayo, his brain n these drugs cause a chain reaction, and laughs to get his mind relaxing.
    These spills travel thru into his spine like siren drills.
    Uh.. talk about his physical fitness, simply put he's smoking relentless.

    The fun fact and description of being different is what it is. The mirror shows what he sees.
    Fearless eyes and a perfect body. A wasted dude who gives no fuck like thee.
    Bruises, cuts, wounds, they heal all so quickly, For him there's no wound that will not heal.
    He's got no gap in the memory, nor a past that wishes not to be remembered.
    But there's his favorite of all, This dude's rage issue notwithstanding.
    And someone with the tortured soul of a poet, who has seen the beauty n whatnot.
    He unfurl his wings not wishing he looked like a king but instead he flies around n ensures no one sees.

    He doesn't know if he should fear it or embrace that one day that old dude might be him.
    Yo see that dude?
    That’s the dude right there..
    Every day he's on the road, a roadie not doing anything but smoking those nasty fruit-flavored cigars, drug-shit n talking to the street people.
    He’s always dressed like he'l never go to work, which he guess is appropriate -- that's been his job: Hanging out and getting wasted.
    He does no shit but says no job would excite him, No sentiments he can cry about.
    But he still remains calm, probably absorbing the full effect of a massive headache caused by the world itself.
    He sees the sun is setting now, The darkness that follows is like death.
    He wishes to survive till the next morning's light, the birth of a new day; Just like everyday.

    He's tried and tired, but he sadly only found himself tied and set aside.
    He's destruction and there will never be construction.
    His mind and soul have been slammed and jammed for he's the damned.
    There is no where left for him, near death experiences is watching his life play back.
    Tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle, Only a lunatic would like to see his skull crushed !

    Well.. with all the craziness in his life, At least more then he usually did, that is.
    This particular dude dressed in a lumberjacks checkered shirt of red and black n a pair of black bikers boots, was no ordinary fellow.
    And lived a life most could only imagine.
    He likes his life, All he could do is find himself wanting to be..
    The smell of testosterone, cigars, and beer sailed around his brains like a ship on a gentle sea.
    A cache of smell is he was all too familiar with, An artist with multiple skills cornered by his own thoughts.
    He settles down in a dark corner near the end of the small building, careful to avoid much eye contact, but still being able to make enough.
    He enjoys the seclusion, the peace. He had seen much thrills as of late, and even his attempts at a change of pace, seemed to be for naught.
    So nights like this were rare. Beer and brawls. Seemed like an eternity. The brawls were frequent at least.
    But here. In this place, In his mind.
    It would be no death. There would be no mourners. A couple punches to the jaw and a high stumble into the cold winters air, would possibly be all that occurs with the dude again, who's doing it again.

  • shrry_hurry 278w


    Another usual day and these guys go crazy once again.

    Listen yo boys. Yo guys know what the word essential means? Yo know when yo eat, write n for grasping any object by yr hand. Moreover, holding me-up is a universal symbol of victory. Yo get it?! Huh?
    Babies suck me, they love it n then all I gotta do is to shower motherly affection and consolation. Or Wiki me, it says I mean to “to swell,” which makes me "the swollen one." There is some debate as to whether I can rightfully be called a finger, but classification aside, the name fits. I fit here n I'm not gonna tel yo guys to shut up this time. Am I making it clear!? What yo guys got dumb all of a sudden. Yo four.. Pinky, Arrow, Ring n Middle. I like y'all man, it just makes my head red when yo fellas compare me with yr shits. Just leave me alone as I am n I shall guide y'all or I'll break yr joints with ease.

    Hey Thumb chill man, yo gotta be so chill right now. Yo talking about pride man? Fuck I was laughing ! Did yo see that? Yo forgot what the Egyptians say, ooh they say I'm the vein of the fingers, the Lover's vein connected to the heart n signifies that a man has a hold of a woman's heart, he would follow the gospel of Beyoncé and put a ring on it, a practice that lives on today n the love is forever. Yo believe in love fellas? Wrong question oopsy. Haha take a look at me! People crown me with the ring and that’s the way they honor the king. I am beautiful y'all n this conversation ends here.

    Ring Ring Ring. Yo may rhyme with the king but I'm just done with yr beauty, love n all this shit. Fellas, none of yo are useful as me. I direct, I teach, I point, I preach! Sorry y'all, don’t take it to yr heart but don't argue with anyone who's the sharp n smart one here. I can brag toooo.. It's bizarre but the scientists say I'm the extraordinary link between the ratio that vibrates the senses n signals the brain to trigger a whole host of seemingly unrelated traits n proved it with their 2D-4D jargons n yada yada. Leme tel ya fellas, Just don't pick the wrong guy. Oh n thumb! That was strong man. I mean.. really? O'ring! Too much hotness man, tooo.. sweaty. Damn I already know what Pinky will soap on n I can see Middle ready with his whack words. But..but.. I mean business. I'm simple fellas just get it together al'yt. I'll be here n POINTED TO ->

    I dunno wattu brag.. uhm.. leme think.. I'm the little one.. I'm sad. Yo know crying is important too. I'm inferior, y'all superior which I appreciate.. I'm gonna start my crying now with all these fantasy of jokes. Weep weep!

    What all the fuck fellas?
    Total Fuck of all fucks. I can fucking see y'all, it's funny standing tall n listening to all yr whore craps. Like a bitch y'all playing with yr mouths yo faggots. Power, Beauty, Knowledge n Kindness is not what y'all want.
    Yo are familiar with I don't give a fuck-fuck but I do give a fuck here n I'm here standing tall looking at y'all morons who fuck making no fucking sense. Yo know what makes sense? It is when we hit this motherfucker who uses us for every shit n just be fucking proud of himself, showing us with different actions.
    In fact fuckers, even more than each one of yo! Tell me yo pussies, Without us will this cocksucker survive?
    Can't fuckin write, or fly a fucking kite.
    Can't lift the ass-weight, or eat the tasty shitty date.
    Can't wear a fucking cap or open and close the shutting tap.
    Whatever the shit he does. We mean this fuckers. Now pull up yr sock n do smthng for the first time. Let's punch this motherfucker with everything we have. He's just drinking n fucking up his own self. Now do it for the fucking sake of yrself. To help yrself. To fight yrself. To get wasted. Yo may miss this fucking opportunity cuz He may get a bad stomach n can rush to toilet n use us again like he does or He'll even type this shit n get the cheap credits or he's gonna do some fucking shit which he realizes at the end that nothing mattered n we did it just like he wanted us to.. like.. like little fucks . .
    Now what matters is.. I wanna punch him in his fucking face for all reasons or for no reasons at all. I wanna destroy it heart-fully. We can't fight ourself which we have to but we can't, I say let's KO this fucker down. So who's fucking with me to fucking take this cocksucker?

    *Narrator walks out of the bar*

    * Punches himself on the face*

    *fells down*

    *Continuous punches all over the face*

  • shrry_hurry 278w


    "Let me tell, ammm.... let's...... Crucify her!"

    "Crucify? Seriously? And so?"

    "So all our sins will be cleaned with her holy soul ha ha ha ha!"

    "I say let her go, she doesn't deserve to die"

    "Since when did you start to develop a 'turn on' for her my friend... ha... ha..."

    "Who the hell are you two? Why have you kept me here in this room? Where am I? I am hungry and what is going on?? Please leave me alone!!"

    "Aaarrrrrrr fucking close you bitch mouth. Too many questions, too many, too too many and still there is one answer for all those questions. And it is a beautiful invention too; Fucking Duct tape bitch, Ducttt Taaapeee"

    Single room thriller "Eight" (#theeight)
    Collaborative series,

    @jkaravind and @shrry_hurry

    Coming soon...


  • shrry_hurry 279w


    God being called as father. Oh father! Our father!
    Who art in heaven which means no space but a way of being, that he/she/god/father is majestic and transcends everything we can conceive of his holiness. The Father is in heaven, his dwelling place ofcourse, our beloved homeland to which we are failed to aspire, . What a blessing it is..
    To call God our Father!

    Hallow as in holy. Peace as in name. thy name that hallows n inspires the name.
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 
    Therefore the true self of the diseases of the soul, who is told n shared the life of man for the sake of those who were sick, gradually weakens the cause of disease through the thoughts contained in the prayer n so restores us to spiritual health, seems to be total bullshit if yo're pretty messed up with science. When we say thy will be done, we ask that God's will be done within us, to offset our weak nature, a nature given to concupiscence n temptation which is wrong for that matter. The matter is God. So when the kingdom welcomes, Personally I'd ignore it even if it's real.

    The word please can be implied. "Give us" expresses in communion with our brethren our filial trust in our heavenly god, who gives us life gives us "our bread," the nourishment life requires, both material and spiritual. In a way, I'd call nature the mother and later blame it on the so called father. The presence of world hunger calls to exercise responsibility n justice for the poor, to share with love our spiritual n material goods. For yo should learn through what yo say that the human life is but the life of a day. Only the present each one of us can call his own; the hope of the future is unknown, for we know not what the day to come may bring forth. This says why atheists are right sometimes. Whatevs, do not hell with it even I'm not one of em.

    For if yo forgive men their trespasses, yr heavenly Father will also forgive yo. But if yo do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will yr Father forgive yr trespasses".
    Gives me only one Pope John Paul II reminds us "Forgiveness is the key to peace!" I wish Pope could poop in this matter if he din involve god n peace together.

    The Holy Spirit makes us discern between trials, necessary for the growth of the inner man, n temptation, which leads to sin and death. Discernment unmasks the lie of temptation. This also requests the grace of vigilance n final perseverance, I wonder what's wrong with the love shared between people n concluded in terms of Almighty.

    Evil is not an abstraction but a person, the evil one, the individual of the world. Along with the deliverance from the evils that overwhelm humanity which continuos the argument between lord n satan, the argument is fake as candy ice soaked in a hot bath tub. Lick it but it's temporary just like our lives.

    By the final "Amen," which means "So be it," we ratify what is contained in the prayer that God has taught us nothing n he wants nothing, so my feelings on God is nothing.

    Fuck religion, love y'all, everything which is real as me. I respect yo, yr feelings, for who yo are n what yo believe in! So be it!
    - Amen!

  • shrry_hurry 279w


    That pretty little thing called darkness.
    Haunty, I dunno why so much sadness.
    I just wanted to sleep off with seduction.
    But this dream is the wake of destruction.

    Fluffy mission reeled to my vision.
    To much fear overtook my decision.
    Scary footsteps of a masked stranger.
    Heart-beat-boxing clear off the danger.

    Hypnotic trance that suddenly broke.
    Or is this the fucking monster's evoke?
    Sound of saliva trapped in my mouth.
    All I can see is a dark-way-out the south.

    Beauty goes when horror comes the way.
    Eternal smile of 32-white-teeth is of stay.
    Imagining the torture waiting for my face.
    Failed to advance the devil's death race.

    Never thought I could endure the pressure.
    Luckily I saw the gun on top of my dresser.
    Tried to pull off a dramatic stunt as drastic.
    Inner feeling got me like, that's just fantastic!

    Recovered, back flipped and landed on a mat.
    Nasty mask with a axe sneakin-inn like a cat.
    Face-face, Here the show's about to begin.
    Axe-offf! The blade is already inside my skin.

    I gasp, Here he lays another bloody tear.
    So much pain, This is too much to bear.
    I gave the final smile that I lastly save.
    Charms of horror, Nothing but the brave!