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  • shruti_25904 1h

    Dream-sill ----- window sill of dreams
    #painter @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    I painted the night sky the night before
    With a sprinkle of grey fog and white snow
    I painted the fade-lit camp
    Stayed there a group of men bonfiring

    I painted the moon in the midnight
    So beautiful and pure it was
    Growing its off-white bedsheets around
    It sang a musical note

    I painted a wizard who swished
    Past the moon on her stick
    By appearance she was kind
    From her heart she was wicked

    At last, I decorated my dream-sill
    With a patch of blue, scars of red
    Hued my heart with purple, my skin with tint
    And there, I disappeared in those transparent canvas lighting the curtains.

  • shruti_25904 15h

    ������ @iamaselenophile @_astitva_ @inked_selenophile

    Inked something before sleeping ����
    Good night ������

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    Mingling merrily with starry souls in nostalgic nights carrying shampoo sachets to bring out the most beautiful - miraculous moon

  • shruti_25904 2d

    #random ����
    These days, I m obsessed with the word "stranger", ����

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    Dear stranger

    Why do u fake ur smile inspite of knowing that the broadness of smile reveals everything...

  • shruti_25904 2d

    Do tag ur 12thians ������
    Kabi kabi hasna aur hasana chaiye ������������

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    Someone : kya chal ra

    Me : zubaa pr padhai, dil mein projects aur practicals chal rhe

  • shruti_25904 3d

    Loverses - love verses
    Dunno what I penned

    #portrait @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay #ceesreposts

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    Dear stranger !!!
    Collecting pieces of scars with u
    Is the best memory we had
    Not a minute u seemed a stranger
    You were a soft beat of music to my ears
    The retina of my eyes formed a real image of yours
    That virtually you were a silent bell that jingled loverses
    Counting the stars in those chilling nights with u
    Was our best hobby u know that
    You were a thing of beauty
    My senses could respond
    The essense of love u create
    'Arijit' u r my strings which doze off the worthy metaphors
    The stimulus u generate
    Is a gift of magic to my world of dreams...

  • shruti_25904 3d

    Aashiqui : a tale of selfless ❤️ love

    You are my healer in pain
    You are my silent night of my deserted heart
    You are my breath of constant beeps
    Its my luck to be your day in this isolated land

    Can I be your faded shadow in this dense moonlight
    Can I be your quill to bleed those painful metaphors
    Can I be your partner in pain forever
    Can I be your rose dipped in emulsion of rosewater

    Do u feel the numbness in your ears
    When your heart spills the poetries of a still dancer?.
    Does your eyes blink to such extent while mingling barefoot
    In that old bungalow which echoes our love even today?.

  • shruti_25904 5d

    #friendship @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay #ceesreposts

    Mun : moon �� + sun ��

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    Mun : the friendly strangers

    Two strangers
    Met in the orange sky
    One traced its path from east
    Other from the destiny

    One was bright and dazzling
    Other was grey and pure
    Heaven fixed them in phases
    Namely day and night

    The bond they are confined in
    Is a cruise of friendship within
    One is an essence of freshness
    And other, the essence of silent poetries

    Moon, the soul of sun
    Sun, the healer of scars
    One without another is an untied lace
    Coz of which this universe stumbles and falls apart

    Painted with the hues of care
    Sun sprinkles the shades of love
    Sprinkled by moon are the shades of utter peace
    As the essence of a deserted lake on a white dove

    Moon and Sun drenched in vacuum
    Moon with its purity, sun in its glaze
    Dreaming together in the bed so high
    Like 2 diamonds in the sky...

  • shruti_25904 1w

    Dear younger me,
    Kindly don't be jealous and don't tense urself unnecessarily by wondering how can I live my life happily at my teens inspite of my mood swings

  • shruti_25904 1w

    Finally, got vaccinated today

  • shruti_25904 1w

    Let's travel to Poesierra
    ����������Have a read, y'all... A mere try ��������������������������
    Here, rust - igloo
    Robes - very warm clothes, ice-friendly
    Poesierra - poetic era
    Poeeeen - keen of poets/poems
    Gen - generation

    #bygone @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Poesierra : A poeeen gen

    If i would have been Alive,
    In the era of the Shakespeare
    Or Wordsworth or the Frost
    I would have resided in the rust

    I would have worn a leather jacket
    And warm robes to survive
    I would have asked Mr. Frost
    Why did u sit under ice to pen
    The Dust of Snow so pretty and crisp

    I would have melted all the Gold to blankets
    For the poor to cherish
    The warmth of the bonfires
    And to live with happiness forever

    I would have asked
    Mr. Shakespeare to translate
    The complex Novels into Simple one
    For common people to rejoice

    It would be so pleasant if
    All the poets of this universe
    Gathered to rejoice a poetic life
    And showered the magical quill in society

    Quills can transform a society
    From a judgemental to an ideal one
    I would rather live with poets
    And ink a memoir of poets

    I would play word games with Mr. Wordsworth
    And scribble the ice with sticks
    a nostalgia that we all existed
    Merrily in this poesierra