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  • shubhamk7 2h

    हम तो बस जी रहे है,
    किसी के इंतजार में।
    हम इस बात से वाकिब है की,
    हमें अपनानेवाला कोई नहीं।

  • shubhamk7 4d

    If you Break Someone's Heart
    They Still Talk to You,
    With Same
    Excitement and Respect.
    Beleive Me,
    They Really Love You.

  • shubhamk7 2w

    Addiction Of People Is More Dangerous Than Addiction Of Drug Or Alcohol.

  • shubhamk7 3w

    By just Looking,
    I'm Fall in Love with You,
    Now I just Pray to God,
    Take Her Away...

  • shubhamk7 5w


    Whenever that girl,
    Come to the window,
    Some died looking at her,
    Some died without looking at her,
    When she pass through,
    Her lover's used to do celebration.

  • shubhamk7 6w

    Yeah I'm Healing,
    Not Depressed,
    Not Nervous,
    But still I'm Confused,
    To Heal or Not?

  • shubhamk7 8w


    Father's status is the Highest,
    It's like God's own Face..
    If you Walk holding Father's Finger,
    The Path is Easy too..
    If father's Shadow is above you,
    There is Sky in your Feet..
    Father is Wealth,
    If lost, what do you have Left?

  • shubhamk7 9w

    Sometimes we try to Hide our Feelings,
    We put Smile on Face,
    we Laugh,
    we try to Look Cool.
    But we Forget the main thing that,
    Our Eyes and Silence speak alot.

  • shubhamk7 9w


    Never say someone
    To stay in your life,
    I say never.
    They stay for a while,
    But they fuck your entire life.

  • shubhamk7 9w

    "Son. I'm done."
    "No dad.we need you."
    "You have to take responsibility."
    "I will.but I need you."
    "No son. I have to go."
    And suddenly,
    A pin drop silence.