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  • shuv_hum 206w


    Facades are necessary for survival in this world because no one but you can understand yourself truly.
    No matter how disturbing it sounds, but you're all alone and that's the reality.
    No matter how nicely people behave with you, no matter how helpful they are, in the end, you and only you are the only one to help yourself.
    So believe in yourself, put a facade, shout out that you're fine, brace yourself and face your demons!

  • shuv_hum 206w

    In love with your soul

    I don't know what's wrong with me,
    And I don't even want to know.
    I hate being so vulnerable,
    But my heart longs for you,
    As if I am being hypnotized by your angelic soul.
    So pure and beautiful, I can face the Infernos of hell just for a glimpse of you.
    My vessel is not in control of my own soul,
    Like my soul was waiting just for you since eternity.
    And yet my logical mind, it rebels against my soul, for such vulnerability it can't stand.
    I am being torn apart by my own fragments of existence.
    Such dangerous love can become.
    But it's love that held the world together,
    And I know and believe, that I'll be fine, if I stay by your side.

  • shuv_hum 206w


    When life's getting complicated and starts making no sense,
    It's time for rebirth.
    When you're in conflict with your heart and mind,
    It's time for rebirth.
    When you are feeling like you're done with life,
    It's time for rebirth.
    Because not everything goes by how you think.
    That's how you live.

  • shuv_hum 210w

    Happiness is but an occasional episode
    In the general drama of pain
    That was only thing I knew
    Chanting just again and again

    With crooked lines and scribbled words
    Did I find you there
    Adding colours to my awful life
    With just a meagre glare

    Never knew low quickly this fortnight passed
    The days I have suffered the least
    But I still stand thinking about low
    That beauty chose their beast

    Bringing me out of a farrago of lies
    And helping me turn self abide
    As I feel confident and lucky today
    To have you stand by my side

    That you haven't been my hurricane lamp
    Nor sunrise on my darkest days
    But its your sweetness that me
    Mad, freeing me from self made cage

    I know there's still more to come
    And yah! Challenges have raised a heap
    But since I have your hands in mine, I can
    Walk miles and miles before I sleep

    It's friendship, but not love of which we have planted a seed
    Privileged I am to have you as well
    Lucky indeed
    By Uday Mishra | instagram@uday_2331

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    An untitled poem

    "It's friendship, but not love of which we have planted a seed"
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  • shuv_hum 211w

    The soul of a mother

    The most strongest person one could ever meet.
    She'll face the world, just to see a smile on your face.
    Even if you don't acknowledge her, she won't mind.
    Because she loves you truly, with her whole heart.
    If you want to know what true love is, just remember the bond of you and your mother. You're very lucky indeed if you have your mother by your side, because not everybody's lucky enough.

  • shuv_hum 211w


    I have been alone for so long, I don't even remember when was the last time I had deep-talked with someone (or even had a deep talk).
    I should be longing for company, but my soul is at peace, like it has attained nirvana.
    It said to me, "Don't you think it's lovely? To be content with yourself. As no one's around to bother you, you can truly explore yourself, forgetting about the world for a time, savouring solitude."
    Now that I think about, it's indeed a lovely feeling.
    You can't be mocked or harmed in any way and can always enjoy your own company.

  • shuv_hum 211w

    An Overthinker's mind

    Chaotic imbalance between thoughts,
    Fire raging admist the mind.
    Who would have known that a war will be raged by thoughts inside the mind,
    Just by mere words of someone else.

  • shuv_hum 211w

    By Axwell & Ingrosso- Sun is shining

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    Sun is shining and so are you!

    A simple band of gold,
    Wrapped around my soul,
    Hard forgiving, hard forget.

    Faith is in our hands,
    Castles made of sand,
    No more guessing, no regrets.

    And you came my way on a winner's day,
    Shouted loudly come out and play,
    Can't you tell I got news for you,
    Sun is shining and so are you.

    And we're gonna be alright,
    Dry your tears and hold tight,
    Can't you tell I got news for you,
    Sun is shining and so are you.

  • shuv_hum 211w

    Bibliophile thoughts

    I love books.
    With just one sentence, you can lose yourself in someone else's dreams.
    The way I see it, it serves as a bridge by which readers connect with author's mind, allowing us to truly know and relish their thoughts.
    Immersing yourself in a book is liberation. You can truly forget yourself, but for a time.

  • shuv_hum 211w

    Books are ��
    #bibliophile #book_lover #books
    Have a look- @abhishek_das

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    Books are entities of the twisted imagination of people.
    To stray away from reality into imagination, savouring it, is indeed a beautiful feeling.