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  • shvzoomin 141w

    Lors krishna says everything in the universe can be destroyed but not the soul..
    It can't be created nor destroyed..
    #soul #life #philosophy #life #inspiration #thoughts

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    The wise man will endure pleasure and pain with the same emotion.
    The body is perishable and cannot be protected, but the soul is


  • shvzoomin 141w

    Sirens of my heart

    Sometimes i forget certain words when I see you..
    I forget every alphabet, every word when you smile.
    I feel like my brain stuck in the Amidst traffic jam
    where my heart blows horns like
    i love you ❤️❤️❤️..

  • shvzoomin 141w

    It's not that each and every guy is a fuck boy..but they still exist in between us. Which makes a women to feel worse

    #writersnetwork #writer #thoughts #girls #support #love #diary #life

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    Just another guy??

    He'll come to you with a lovely smile in the face.
    For Seeking your time and consuming your love..
    His sweet words and pretty face will fill up all the empty spaces..
    And then your heart provides special place for him.

    He'll tell you that he loves you in different ways..
    Which will cover up wounds and scars with fake bandages..
    But remember he's the guy who runs after cleavages.
    Amd he'll use just to complete one of his challenges.

    He'll talk about marriage and romantic nights in the bedchamber..
    And promise you that he'll wed at the end of December,
    but leave you in the middle of November,
    And your heart will slowly somber..


  • shvzoomin 147w


    I have the hallucination of missing you at this very moment..
    I know it's not real but i feel it very deeply

  • shvzoomin 150w


    In the harmony of passing times..
    Every day is a celebration of each hustle..


  • shvzoomin 150w

    In the europic lanes of new beginnings,
    Twinkling stars are your resort at night..
    Gaze at the sky..
    Soar high to reach your inner peace...

  • shvzoomin 161w

    No Sacrifice

    Not everybody leaves...
    Sometimes if you reach out...
    The person will be right there waiting..!
    Try reaching out people if you want them in your life..
    Giving up is no sacrifice..

  • shvzoomin 166w


    The altruistic thoughts of my brain always drive the things to happen frivolously!


  • shvzoomin 167w


    I've invested too much in something with no return.
    Once again I'd confused by remorse with purpose!


  • shvzoomin 169w

    When I was a child I'd sit for hours
    Staring into open flame
    Something in it had a power
    Could barely tear my eyes away
    All you have is your fire
    And the place you need to reach
    Don't you ever
    Tame your demon
    But always keep 'em on a leash