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  • siddiqua_ 29w

    A cloudy day with a light drizzle,
    enlivened me leisurely and as I
    woke up with the sudden sound
    of thunder, unusual to me,
    which neither distracted nor
    pleased me enough.

    I scour my blurry vision
    with the rain dribbling
    from the clouds of eiderdown,
    and sense a wave of generosity
    where every drop seemed
    to graze over me.

    Oblivious to the affection
    and a coveted endearment,
    the emptiness of space
    now is filled with the grace
    where every void
    choking around you
    makes you realise,
    you really can't get enough.

  • siddiqua_ 30w

    It was a already a heavy day today:(

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    Kahin in sakht deewaro ke peeche
    aaj bhi wo meethi si awaaz gunjti hai
    Tum nahi to kya hua
    tumhare hone ka ehsaas to hai

    Kahin in hawaon ke guftugu me
    aaj bhi wo aziyat wale qisse oonchi parwaz le rahe hai
    Tum nahin to kya hua
    tumhari mutadid yaadein to hai

    Kahin in sheeshon ke aks me
    aaj bhi wo masoom si muskurahat nazar aati hai
    Tum nahi to kya hua
    tumhare nishaan maujood to hai

    Kahin zindagi ke har mod pr hikmat ki baatein hamesha hausla diya krti rehti hai
    Tum nahi to kya hua
    tumhare falsafe musalsal mere saath to hai

    Kahin is zulmat wali duniya se wo khalis mohabbat mehroom si ho gyi hai
    Tum nahi to kya hua
    tumse dubara milne ki aas to hai


  • siddiqua_ 31w

    Thy nimbus clouds, why come betwixt
    mine empyrean stars,
    coruscating were they yesternight now is
    stashing in the elysian fields.
    Where's now thy deific presence,
    thy spiritual transcendence of tranquility?

    Little quixotic diamonds are thou,
    thou the reason of my dopamine rush
    of types O, B, A, F, G, K and M.
    Light of thine, bloom my soul,
    arrive erelong as I may shed my
    existence and
    thou may prevail over every vision.

    /Oh stars, where art thou?/

    Skip please, okay bubyeee;_;

    @hafeezhmha heyloo again.

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  • siddiqua_ 32w

    A melancholic duskiness
    and a gloomy night.

    Dying and not dying
    and beneath them,

    she reclines on the rosa salmon tiles
    to narrate love poems which holds
    the quiddity of pristine affection.

    Betty bright lamp besides her slender physique
    and deep dyed darkness symbolising the void inside her,
    her hands traipsing the air and her hopes gathering
    to behold few sights.

    A drowsy world
    and a still globe.

    Surviving and not surviving
    and above them,

    the elysian moonless skies sing ballads
    for it's apple of the eye, lost lately
    which reveals the deific vivacity.

    Unfathomable area of cosmos surrounding them
    and finite entities rallying alongside one another,
    they swoon revolving in the wide universe waiting for the return of their companion.

    //and both of them hopelessly
    awaits for reappearance of- THE STARS.//


    The ending could have been more better :((

    @hafeezhmha heyloo.

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  • siddiqua_ 32w

    Squishy drizzle,
    caressing gently over soft epidermis
    persuading words of deep appreciation.

    Peaceful pitter-patter,
    cheerfully caroling the words of nature,
    narrows the calibre of enticement.

    Dewy petrichor
    being aroma that introduces hope,
    breathes freshly inside heavy lungs.

    Spherical raindrops
    thousand in number, unites for gratifying
    hapless victims of life.

    A matchless season,
    empowering a person to discover herself
    cleansing the melancholy around.

    Okay, idk what shit is this;_;

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    A season of rebirths.

  • siddiqua_ 41w


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    A sly, evil soul
    hunts for a foible
    in an impeccable person
    of sins viz merely a miniature.

    a kindest sapien
    cannot resist to discover
    the goodness, existing even
    in the worst creature.

  • siddiqua_ 45w

    Departed scrutator.

    As the dusk falls over my ceased soul,
    and the cicadas flutter in the bucolic surrounding,
    both enriching and exhausting my existence.
    I sometimes wonder, even when my heart in solitude has abundance love to share,
    then why only the loneliness spreads.
    When the best of dreams can bloom with utmost boon, why do I fail to conquer them.
    A life can be pursued with all hygge,
    Alas! I still sow the seeds of pessimism.
    This journey is meant to have ebb and flow,
    still I strive only for serenity.
    Oh what an affliction took shelter in this ephemeral creature!
    Leaving no ways to be person of wabi-sabi and seeker.

  • siddiqua_ 53w

    The meticulous emotions dripping with high viscosity from his honey glazed eyes proved to mesmerize all her arcane devotion. Perhaps, he possessed that spirit which is eminently innocent, a spirit of decorum and piousness always having a tint of careless satire.
    Strolling on a narrow street a scintilla of thought swiftly came dashing the waves of her curls leaving a selcouth memory on the walls of severed heart. Where he muttered teasingly in the hours of darkness;
    "Turn thine lashes behind."
    Her eyes cracked open with a zizz sound saying;
    "Oh darling, let me sleep."
    He caressed her cheeks extending forwards gazing at her temple and whispered,
    "Let me catch a glimpse of thy eyes, so I can dream of stars tonight."

    Though I never wanted to return here, idk what made me post this:/
    Hope y'all are doing well. Thank you soo very much for asking about my whereabouts, I'll surely reply to everyone of you.
    Have a great day ahead!

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  • siddiqua_ 62w

    I've absorbed Z I L C H
    The very first attempt was a succulent cowping out of a cerulean blue pot that I kept in the bathroom window. It drew a finger across the rosa salmon tiles on the walls of lavatory and cuddled itself to the fog on the glass, like it pecked the cosy dawn and the sunglare was a blush that whispered the leaves it was al right. At every feeding I saw the risqué intimacy that absorbed the water provided into the leaves, the stems and the coquettish flare of the petals cupped to feel. The roots in reaching and a vine crept down the windowsill to draw a finger along the entire vibrant plant, while the crown I was wearing slipped behind, my tongue held to the brightness of sunrise, tasting the prism of morning filled in my room. I open the cabinet of clothes and the light reflecting off the mirror cuts the plant down the centre. I can see a brown vein choking the stems neck. I noticed the petals withering slowly in a hush. I watched it until my lease is up, not realising to close the cabinet. Grabbing the plant, I move outside, clenched it's carcass by the nape, shouldered by the dirt and the water gushing outside the vase. I feel the brittle roots which are now still, broken at the touch, I hurl the plant off the porch and kept it near the street, where the light rain tries to make a spilling into the sewer gate, where this succulent might catch a fleeting breath, where it may be trampled till it crumbles and washes away, no longer RECOGNISED.


    Hope y'all are doing well, buds. ��

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  • siddiqua_ 64w