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  • silentloud 210w

    Mona Lisa Smile


    You're a portrait of everlasting beauty
    Your maker created you so vaguely

    Seems that every artist wants to paint you so badly
    One can distinguish real from a copy

    In spite of your tragic love story,
    Trauma wasn't the result;
    And you start to worry

    Every painting has its past
    From a simple sketch turns a masterpiece
    So as you, waiting for your prince

    No matter how many paintings have done,
    For me, comparison is no such fun

    For a painter uses emotion instead of a brush;
    Instead of a canvas, there was his crush :)
    A painting consists of great affection instead of a vivid complexion

    Your maker handled you with care
    So as the museum sheltered you well
    No wonder why critics doesn't have a place for such exhibits
    For you to be judged so senseless
    They dont know you're unique and just trying to look for happiness

    But then you find yourself lost
    Yet dont want to be found
    Like a sheep of a different shade
    Out of place in your own race
    Keeping distance for your own sake

    Then at night I visit you
    To take a glimpse of you
    My heart begins to pound so rapidly
    I might fall! Will you try and catch me?

    Even though you smile so rarely
    For you I'll try to exist definitely
    So that your smile will just cost me a penny

    To see that "Mona Lisa" smile
    Will make my life a worthwhile