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  • silentwritr 112w

    @the_cockeyed_optimist I wish you were here❤️❤️❤️

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    The dancing leaves whispered your name yesterday
    And the storm steadily whipped by my side
    Reminding me of your absence there
    The desolate bird called out for her lover
    With such longing that
    I wished I could join her with a song of my own anguish
    Come home darling
    For there's no beauty without you
    Come home darling
    For there's no magic without you
    Come home darling
    For there's no meaning without you!


  • silentwritr 117w

    Thank you ❤️
    And Happy 21.1

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    What good is life without you

    What good is the life
    Lived without knowing
    Love so profound

    That weaves kindness through
    Every fibre of this lonely heart

    That takes those flaws
    Slashed across your skin
    And shows you the masterpiece within

    That holds your hand
    As you stumble around the roots
    And walks you across the river

    What good is the life
    Lived without leaving its
    Mark upon an another life

  • silentwritr 138w

    They had a war ravaged island
    Amidst the blood and bone dust,
    Was an unyielding bed of roses
    Watered with the softest kisses
    And the tenderest of loves.

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  • silentwritr 139w

    All you can do is try

  • silentwritr 143w


    I would bleed ink
    All night long
    If it meant
    I could find the words
    To write how beautiful you are

  • silentwritr 144w

    North star

    The North Star seeks the Moon
    Just as the wayfarer
    Seeks the North star...
    Neither know where they got lost,
    Only what will deliver them home.

  • silentwritr 147w

    உயிர் பிரிந்து ஓடிய பின்
    உடல் கிடந்து ஆடுவதேன்

    உயிர் வெகுண்டு வாடிய பின்
    மனம் எதையோ தேடுவதேன்

  • silentwritr 147w

    கரைகாணா பெருந்தணல்கள்
    என்னுள் யுகம் யுகமாய்
    கணநேரம் முகம் வருடி
    மறைந்த உன் மணம்
    மட்டும் என்னைப்
    பேரமைதியில் அமிழ்த்துவதென்னவோ

  • silentwritr 150w


    I've built you a shrine
    of poems- with the left over
    pieces of my heart.

  • silentwritr 150w


    It's been a long day, my love
    My feet are blistered-
    From days of futile living
    My back is crooked-
    From the weight of tears spilled alone
    My hands are blood-stained-
    From the sins that couldn't be undone
    All I want is a blanket to curl into,
    All I want is a heart to rest in,
    All I want is you.