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  • silver_flakes 13h

    I breath you in everyday
    In the colours of life
    In the fleeting smile across longing faces
    In the distant laughter
    Echoing off the walls of far away lands
    Siince you have left me
    All alone to pick up broken piecies of our love
    I'll glue them to my heart
    And keep them forever
    I told you my love was never a fleeting shadow
    It lasts forever
    I cannot love one now and forget tomorrow
    My heart beats once in ecstacy
    And not twice in reconciliation
    I was never made to love twice
    My love has always been a single rose
    Waiting to be plucked by the right soul
    As you look at me with fast fading eyes
    Do not tell me to move on and love another
    You plucked the single rose of this heart off the tree And now that it has been yours for blissful years
    Do not think it can be passed on like a baton
    To the next available fingers to ensure continuity.
    I'll love you till your next life
    I'll wait for you at the door steps of paradise
    Eagerly awaiting your loving smile and open arms
    As the light fades from your eyes
    Eyes that have loved me for so long
    As the loud sound of the heart machine wails in the dark night
    And your trembling hands go limp
    The buds of my heart close up in a long winter rest
    Only to be reopened under spring's yearning gaze
    Forever is Eternity's promise from me to you

    #flakeyy #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #eternityfl

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    Eternity's Promise


  • silver_flakes 2w

    Back again♥️��

    ♥︎In times past we fought the restraining arms of society, straining against our bonds like bulls locked in an arena.

    ♥︎When our horns finally broke through the iron bars, we ran toward the hills that fell away in a deadly trap, without cares for safety.

    ♥︎For love was our freedom for which we were willing to risk it all.

    ♥︎Falling towards the green vegetation that hides our unknown destination bellow the steep hills, hand holding, smiles wide and reassuring.

    ♥︎This is our only future and we would rather have it lie in the hands of the breathing hills than in the hands of bitter society.

    ♥︎Let's fall together and experience the last moments of ecstasy in the world's existence, before our eyes close and our love filled hearts cease to beat to the tunes of forever.

    ♥︎We knew this love was risk-filled but we drank it in full measure and slurped the remains in vigourous licks.

    ♥︎We were prepared to go through the dark forests of restraints and the quagmire of duty.

    ♥︎We were wipped across the face by taunting branches and soaked by muddy hands of selfishness, but we walked and wadded through the daunting obstacles, only to fall victim to the flaws in our blooming love.

    ♥︎Trapped in cages of despair, we look into the star-filled eyes that kept us going in winter's cold grip and summer's hot embrace and then tears leak from these love-blooming orbs to fall slowly on the welcoming sand.

    ♥︎Our paths had ended where they began, in observing gazes and silent promises, but now, not promises of forever in life but together in death.

    ♥︎As we fall towards the beckoning trees in the approaching moonlight, bear my heart on your chest, let it cushion your fall, so death does not grip you harshly but slowly and painlessly.

    ♥︎Together we lived, together we die. I am yours and you are mine in

    #two #flakeyy #eternityfl #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts @childauthor_345 ♥️

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    Eternity's Embrace


  • silver_flakes 5w

    Quiritare(Latin for cry)

    All around me are words
    Words of condemnation
    Sharp tunes of denunciation
    In reply I say:

    Stop telling her to stop
    Let her cry
    Her tears will heal her aching soul
    Let her purge the sorrow of loss
    Out of her system with gasping tears
    Don't tell her to stop the cleansing of her heart
    Her tears will scorch her cheeks
    But they would soothe her eyes

    Don't tell her to cease
    Let her cry
    Her tears will calm her rage
    Her anger does not result in shouts
    Or hurtful barbs of words hurled
    No, she would rather hold it in
    And cry her anger to the face in the mirror
    Let her cry out her rage like a beast
    It hurts no one but herself
    They would make her head ache
    But they would relieve her emotions

    Hold it!
    Let him cry out loud
    He's a man I know this very well
    But he has the tear glands too
    Let them do their glorious work
    Let them release his frustrations
    Let him cry out his pain
    Not hold it in masculinity's cage
    They would make him look weak to you
    But they would increase my love for him

    Stop I say
    Yes, stop telling them to stop
    Let them remember and cry
    They're bold enough to recall
    Memories of their dead loved one
    It's not buried deep in a corner
    It's ever fresh in their memory
    So let them cry their pain and longing
    It'll help them hold on to love
    The tears would make them lonely
    But they would make them stronger

    Stop it
    Let her cry out and fold over
    She's a woman I know
    But her pain twists her abdomen
    So let her cry her agony out
    She can't always walk straight and smile
    Stop telling her to be strong
    Tears are not dents in her armour
    So let the woman cry

    Let them cry
    Tears are not weaknesses
    So please, cry

    #flakeyy @miraquill @writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #start #latinno

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    Let them cry
    Tears are not weaknesses
    So please, cry

  • silver_flakes 5w

    To be alone, is it really a bad thing?
    Maybe, perhaps I just want the solitude
    To feel the wind blowing my lone figure
    Solitude is not a box of pandora's curse
    It is a healing spring of lethe
    Where I forget painful memories
    And glean the sun's heat into my soul
    Solitude is not a permanently separated box
    Nor a caliginous alley that bodes evil
    Where you curl up in a foetal position
    Solitude means I have time for me and I
    I build my steps and cement my gaping cracks
    I reflect on life and its paradoxical complexities
    Solitude is not always isolation
    Solitude sometimes means participation
    Alone I can observe the world's creatures
    The lone fly, the crawling ants and scurrying rats
    Alone, I can appreciate their lives and experience
    I gleam more from my surroundings
    When I'm separated from the crowds in it
    I see beyond the surface smile to the nervous twitch
    I hear the bitter pain behind the booming laughter
    The looming hatred in the warm engulfing bear hug
    Solitude is not a crime to humanity
    Solitude does not mean loneliness
    Solitude is bliss

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for repost♥️����

    #flakeyy #archaic #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill #ceesreposts #latinno

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  • silver_flakes 7w

    @writersnetwork ��������♥️♥️♥️ thank you so much for repost!!!!!

    Staring at open space
    I appear blank like an empty slate
    But in a maze of dreams I'm far afloat
    Envisioning lives and colours unknown to reality

    As the world bleds soot into clear eyes
    I close my eyes and hide in the calm waters of dreams
    Or perhaps they are wild musings, imaginations
    They entail bouts of insanity to some
    But cool springs of relieve to my aching soul

    As the world cages us in its bitter vise-like grip
    I escape to the realm of imagined fantasies
    Where damsels truly lie in distress not fradulence
    And knights in shining armour wear not slimy sneers
    Where dragons are slayed and not daily fed with bones
    Where kings care to love and protect not enslave

    I've been dreaming since forever
    In them I find shelter from mournful tunes of sorrow
    The piper calls not rats into the city's heart
    His tunes are for fair maidens to dance in delight
    Underneath the night sky that showers stars as rain
    Where the princes are no frogs turned by evil hands
    And the castles are not foreboding towers of Rapunzel

    I dream of dreams in broad daylight
    I smile at follies committed in dreamy corners unseen
    Bewildered looks peep at me from reality's wornout eye
    But leave me be please O eye of sore Truth
    That I might indulge in my dreams of solitude
    For there lies my sanctuary
    And in it the world is sane

    #flakeyy #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #cees_options @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    Imagined dreams

    //I'm a dreamer
    Come day or night
    Search for me
    Not in reality's house
    For in dreams I reside//

  • silver_flakes 8w

    In the mirrored dystopia
    The chaos that brews within hearts
    Wisdom eloped on wings of an eagle
    Fled the choking darkness of silence
    As embers blazed high...

    For when the circle of truth crashed
    And fellow conscience powered out
    Wisdom's mien fizzled into smolders
    Words born of pain died in open wombs
    As tempers slowly smoldered...

    Where frisson rose high in decadence
    And mounting pressures exhaled filth
    Gumption shrank like a deflated balloon
    Milked of all strength of intellection.
    As speech deserted life...

  • silver_flakes 9w

    Love's Battle

    We are in the ocean of love
    Battered but not drowning
    We rise up for air sometimes
    Then plunge into the depths again
    Waves rise and fall like our love
    But we ride the tide by its horns

    We are in the ocean of love
    We are soaked but not shivering
    We gulp water and our raging fear
    Then cling to the very thing we dread
    The waters overwhelm like love itself
    But we breath by dreams of our desires

    We are in the ocean of love
    Cold but not with a frozen heart
    We give up and float away at times
    Then fight the sluggish waters of defeat
    Loving and being loved is a battle itself
    But we love and seek to love all over again

  • silver_flakes 9w

    Eternity's Breath

    We are in the ocean of love and hatred
    Floating amidst debris of broken hearts
    Yet in the rising tides we cast our nets
    Hoping to secure a hint of eternity's breath
    And glue it to our warm hearts of flesh
    So that though we swim high and low
    And the waters vomit occasional hatred
    We will forever have the ocean's share of love
    Together we'll weather the storms to come
    Grasping the raging waves with hands of gold
    All's fair in oceans of love

  • silver_flakes 9w

    Sweet Tears

    My tears of pain fill a cup so I turn it into wine that makes the heart of man rejoice.

  • silver_flakes 10w

    Love colours

    They said green is the colour of evil
    But green was the colour of your love
    In deep entrancement I saw the light
    Right in the middle of your glowing eyes
    It was ever unchanging, your miracle
    I found serenity in the colours of gloom
    Green was your love and black was your heart
    But those orbs promised eternal flames
    Devotion on a platter of sacrificial smoke
    For like Persephone I loved the Hades in you
    Spring brought life to death and despair
    Still I loved the darkness, it was the very you
    The scales frightened all but eternal spring
    My love perfected the gloomy florescence
    And eternal promises made on the river Styx
    Ne'er shall be erased by waters of lethe
    For green was your love and black your heart
    And I loved all without a glorious inch apart

    #flakeyy#love#ceesreposts#mythology @writersnetwork @miraquill #pod #acceptance

    Thank you for EC♥️@miraquill

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    Love colours

    //like Persephone I loved the Hades in you//