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  • silverspoon 13w

    The Shutdown

    I closed all doors,
    One by one
    To step into this,
    Eternal and naive darkness
    That seems so frightful,
    But is actually too delightful
    For it has been suffering,
    On its own for infinity
    In a hope to see its dazzling light,
    Anticipating only nurture and only care
    Mistaken and vulnerable,
    Its been waiting to be seen
    By the lightning that struck,
    And left it in a black hole in time
    I showed what the world sees,
    How darkness and light have always coexisted
    Realizing all the pain was not necessary,
    Darkness met Light and created space
    Filled with the sun, stars and moon,
    As a proof of their true love and devotion
    Walking away I felt a tap on the shoulder,
    It was them both smiling
    Who sent me back to the world,
    Where I could see the sun, stars and the moon
    And know that they have always been together,
    In space and time, like you and me


  • silverspoon 13w

    Great Soul

    Theres got to be a way to live this life
    Not feeling like choking on a knife
    Theres got to be a way to feel what you feel
    Unlike escaping and skipping a meal
    Theres got to be love and to be loved
    Rather than a chance of being undeserved
    Theres got be a will and a purpose
    For all those who end up in cycle of reuse
    Theres got to be something beyond just ordinary
    To make a great soul, probably meet a fairy
    Theres got to be a dauntless heart
    Which will beat no matter what


  • silverspoon 26w

    In Life's game

    I really want to write a happy lore
    Its been my dream forever now
    Will that ever happen or will I be no more
    My heart is wrenched in pain somehow

    I smile and smile in all the trying times
    Make decisions with kindness first
    I recall that I repeat myself like wind chimes
    Same sounds but different tones of dust

    My screams may sound similar
    But the want to be understood is the same
    Now im not scared of anyones demeanor
    Lost all the will in this life's game

    What might come, will come
    What may not, will not
    Id rather this or that but im so numb
    Im getting colder and theres nothing hot

    I cannot run and I cannot drown
    I cannot float either or even fly
    All I want to do is write a happy lore
    For you to laugh with me and share a tear of joy


  • silverspoon 31w

    What it's like
    Revisiting the past
    Claiming memory after another
    Looking for love
    While a bleak present is running by faith

    What it's like
    To be in the dark
    And no one knocks your door
    Your heartbeat broken
    With a cloudy head

    What it's like
    To be stuck in a loop
    Nothing brings life
    To be feeling apart
    In these rocket socials

    It is what it's like
    Like sinking blood
    In quick sand

  • silverspoon 38w

    Pain hotel

    Looking through her hotel room's window
    She thought if she should still want him or no
    If she still has to wait for that day

    In split second, she was holding back tears
    Escaping and hiding in his memories
    She told herself, she'd rather not cry this time

    Because she still doesn't understand
    If she needs to stop that beating heart
    Or just let it skip a beat, when she thinks of him


  • silverspoon 50w

    Dimmed frame

    Underneath this waking world
    There is a lawless order
    Often traitors being understood,
    Villians being applauded
    For diminishing humane skies,
    And love for those
    Who truly and reluctantly live,
    Embrace the freedom of thought
    Explore insanity to be lost,
    While kindness was coveted
    In deceit and manipulation,
    For whats more was empathy
    Lost its way to roughhouse,
    Adamant quest for euphoria
    Laid down an illusion
    Between the past and future,
    Where Now is a paradoxic heartache


  • silverspoon 57w

    Pretentious Sorrow

    Is this a troubled soul
    Cause now its taking a toll
    Even more right now
    On my faith in love
    I tell myself its seasonal
    Or perhaps terminal
    Banging on the closed door
    For anyone to open atleast a little more
    Who is on the way
    To find this molten clay
    Endless waiting
    In a hope of skating
    Through horrid dark veins
    Into healing chains
    What could it be called
    Destiny or fate reinstalled
    Can death surpass these weak tantrums
    If so, I'd dance in joy and roll the drums


  • silverspoon 59w

    If I could be

    I dream and paint pictures
    Of what love looks like
    Maybe im cursed
    And made to vow
    To emptiness and silence
    I stood there starring
    Simply for them to trespass
    But I beg them to understand me
    That its hollow inside my bones
    And nobody does
    I failed to explain probably
    The depth of my pain
    The tremors of these screams
    Now everybody wonders why
    Have I turned numb
    I don't know either
    Perhaps im blessed to rot
    In my own world
    Of makeshift stories
    All this to only ask you
    Did you ever feel loved
    Cause I never did
    I never could


  • silverspoon 60w

    Damned Carousel

    In every dream's background
    I play our favourite memories
    Its summer, I run to you
    And this time, we go picking blueberries
    Said I missed you
    You confessed that you madly did
    If its all about good times
    Let me bottle these illusions with a lid
    Soon I struggle to wake up
    And accept its always a dream
    Talking giggling kissing
    Always together like a team
    Was it adoration or was it reprisal
    Cause my heart still awaits
    To know what its like
    Arrival of true love crates


  • silverspoon 65w

    Lake flower

    Winter had now gone
    Just before she was born
    Her fate was in spring
    And in every little birds' wing
    Now sunshine kissed her everyday
    To make sure she is doing okay
    After a few sunsets on that hill
    She bloomed next to the wind mill
    Her smiles brought happiness
    And that kept spreading nonetheless
    Her love so tender and bloom so radiant
    That she pushed the bugs that never meant
    It was time to wither and fall
    Into the land's reign of decay for all
    Her life was destined to lend
    And thus, all beautiful things come to an end