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  • simranbawa 1w

    Undue Love

    If to be, or not to be, that is the question,
    Then I shall live on to love you with my all.
    I shall live on to dwell and dive in this mystically miserable musing.
    Mystical, as it
    Yearns for your sight,
    Burns in your light
    And hurts so right.
    Miserable, as it implores to
    Seek you your solace,
    Beseech you your happy place,
    And be your peace without a face.
    Yes, you are a musing indeed
    For you can only be felt,
    Not meant to be held.
    For those who care to ask,
    There is no such feeling as fine,
    This love shall never unmask,
    To begin with, you were never mine.
    In loneliness, I loved
    In silence, I succumbed.
    Fiercely, I flew
    And as I write to you
    My love shall remain undue.

  • simranbawa 3w


    I think full stops are both toxic and overrated, like why would you want to end the sentence there...let it slide, let it explore, let it float, let it live and let it breathe because wow this isn't the end;

    Don't let that dot finish your sentence and definitely don't let that accident end your life; be like a semicolon, bold, beautiful, curvy and quirky; leave them hanging bestiee all kn and fight for what you deserve for you are a warrior;

  • simranbawa 4w

    Spring Balance

    If I were a psychologist I'd ask my patients to view the universe as a spring balance where everything has it's own fair and worthy work weight. Where weight is equivalent to the work and effort one puts in their life meanwhile the reading earned on the scale is a fruitful, sweet success. The more you work the more you earn yourself digits on that scale.

    All fairly earned points with hard work and diligence shall be added to the scale of success and you'll eventually be a person of more gravity. Now, remember to let that weight pull you down to the ground and let it glue you to your roots. That weight might feel overwhelming at times. At times you might be tempted to exploit the colossal powers of this weight but don't let those seven sins slacken your efforts. If in a dilemma, remember that, gratitude holding your gravity can take you to spaces of multidimensional divinity.

    If somehow you let your ego drive your desires then you'll float. You'll float to heights where you unhook yourself from the spring balance as you no longer need the validation of your efforts on that fair scale. You'll float for bigger and corrupted digits.You'll float higher indeed, devouring all tastes of human lavishness. You'll float amongst the luscious lust, the gullible gluttony, the guilty greed, the sleepy sloth, the raging wrath, the enunciating envy and the imprudent pride. Those seas will provoke you and then penetrate your very last whisper of conscience until it is silenced. And just like Adam ate the apple, you too, will fall prey to devil's disguise.

    And just when you start to wonder what comes next, there will come the great fall. It will strip you off your luxuries and flush you hard right to the rock bottom. That fall would be loud, devastating and crushing to the point it will break your bones. And that fall would leave you limping for another strife and such is the principle of spring balance of life.

  • simranbawa 6w


    I have a hole in my mind
    A hole for drowsy days
    And anxious nights
    To remember;
    For sordid springs
    Or dull-dry December.
    In isolation, I stay
    In desolation, I lay;
    To create and to cry,
    To preach and then pry.
    It is a silent yet empty space,
    Neither quirky questions
    Nor sprightly suggestions
    Leaves room for self embrace.
    This hole I talk of,
    Emerges in times of despair
    When spirit wears off,
    When soul needs some repair.
    A hole I hide in,
    A hole I confide in,
    A hole that heals me,
    A hole that conceals me.

  • simranbawa 13w


    To freeze the falling of these slipping sands
    And mock the mimic of clock hands.
    Cry out loud some credible tales of time
    And see the surrender of a saga sublime.
    Watch as my wizardry beckons
    Minutes to melt into seconds
    And seconds to hours
    Such could be my cosmic powers.

  • simranbawa 18w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
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    Amusing how you loathe the sun that shines bright and write poems about the moon that is a mere reflection of all that brightness.

  • simranbawa 19w

    Thank you for the love this community has shown to me ♡
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
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    Beauty is upon you who walks with valour to lead the tide but is timid deep inside.
    Beauty is upon you who sings her son to sleep but blank walls know how thou weep.
    Beauty is upon you who earns the bread to feed thy family but sleeps empty stomach happily.
    Beauty is upon you who is a friendly shoulder to cry but wipe his own tears dry.
    Beauty is upon you who made the nation proud but couldn't afford his mother's shroud.
    Beauty is upon you who knows no affection but even adore thy reflection.
    Beauty is upon you who reads and in one of these lines, your story breeds.
    Beauty is upon me who writes and with every word a name strikes.

  • simranbawa 21w

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    Their eyes bleeding green is what enraptures me the most.

  • simranbawa 22w

    Posted this again because I love this piece so much <3 @writersnetwork @miraquill
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    If Only

    If only I was a sun
    I'd burn a little a less.
    If only I was a son
    I'd cry a little less.

    If only I was a sole
    I'd chafe a little less.
    If only I was a soul
    I'd grieve a little less.

    If only I was a chord
    I'd throb a little less.
    If only I was in accord
    I'd hurt a little less.

    If only I was a bear
    I'd grunt a little less.
    If only I could bare
    I'd die a little less.

  • simranbawa 23w

    Hey there beautiful! Hope you're having a great day. Please remember to take care of yourself :D

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork <3
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    Do you see the city bleeding or it's just me welling up with bloody tears?