ars longa, vita brevis

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  • sirimiri_ 21w

    I kind of suck at acrostic poem but I tried.

    Thank You So Much for being here. You are loved and you will always be by me.

    @the_lost_melody @_firefly @_creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ @natasha_a

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    H opes
    A aligned in the shelves,
    R ays of sun sliding through holes,
    S hining upon sacred pendants, echoing in
    H alls of victory and
    I nfinite mother's love, a
    T ame touch which heal and
    A n ecstatic magic fascinating her quill.

    @_firefly This is for you Harshita. You will always be remembered by me.

    G orgeous feathers
    A ccorded with a phoenix's blood,
    R ummaging nightmares of
    I ndefinite wars,
    M eticulously blessed with
    A n anonymous embrace of comfort.

    @the_lost_melody This is for you Garima. You have always been a mature and great friend.

    H elium balloons
    A scending the limits,
    R avishing smile, rejuvenates
    S ilhouettes of past, courteous
    H armony caressing to sleep amidst
    I ced surroundings,
    T alking about stars and
    A dmiring the dancing demons in.]

    @_creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ This is for you Harshita. You always liked being called Harshi.

    A ffable epitome of
    R unning streams,
    U ndiscovered depths, hides
    N imble creatures,
    I dealistically brave, of
    M agnificent wonders
    A lluded, calmness of prairies.

    @natasha_a This is for you Arunima. You are the kindest person I have met.

    This is for you| You are loved

  • sirimiri_ 35w


    I guess this is goodbye.

    I have been trying to write since a long time but everything's getting hectic and I end up throwing my phone away from me. It has been a lot messed up and I dont think so I will be able to continue to write here. I hope everyone here are doing alright.

    @the_lost_melody Thanks Garima. You have always cheered me on. If hope and astral were a person, it'd be you. You are a mature and kind person who listened to me whenever I wanted to talk. Even though I couldn't get to know you better but I know you are a beautiful person inside and out. And let's not say anything about the pieces you write. They are ecstatically beautiful. I wish you to be happy and healthy all along the road and thank you so much for the playlist.

    @_firefly If poignance and love had a mixture, it'd be you. When I first talked to you, I felt hopeful after a long time. I always thought that I failed as a human, but you made me believe that what happened was not my fault. I have read your pieces to her and sometimes when she asks me to explain, I sit back thinking how beautifully you write things. You leave me in an awe. You are a great writer. Wish you a great time ahead.

    @natasha_a I never thought you'd be this young. I was quite surprised by the way you first talked to me. You sounded very mature. You are a beautiful soul tied by some strings you can't break apart. You want to be free but love has always bounded you. And I am proud of how strong you are. We havent been able to talk a lot and I don't really know what made you fear love but don't fear it. I hope you find someone who loves you the way you love talking about skies and stars.

    @_creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ You are magic. Hats off to you! I never have words to describe how amazing you are. While writing a comment, I often wonder if I get the real meaning of your writeup or not. And I feel as if I am in no position to praise your pieces. You are so awesome. Your sweet comments have always made my day. Thanks for always cheering me on. I wish you nothing but success, happiness and health all along the future. No matter how much I try to write about you, I end up eating my words.

    I thank all the people I met here and I hope you all are doing alright.

    Sylas :)