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  • sisira 8w

    Tired like hell,
    But no excuses to say.
    Just want some mental peace,
    or maybe, freedom from the fence.

  • sisira 20w

    ये जो छोटे छोटे से ख़्वाब है
    इन्हें मैने ही बुने है
    फिर जाने क्यूं
    ये मुझसे ही रूठे है।

  • sisira 20w

    मेरा जो खुशियों का बगीचा है
    ना जाने क्यूं
    आज कल सूखा पड़ा है।

  • sisira 22w

    ये हवाएं
    जब मुझसे हो कर गुजरती है
    ऐसा लगता है
    जैसे कुछ गुनगुनाती है
    मेरे जुल्फों से इस कदर इतराती है
    की तेरे होने का अहसास दिलाती है।

  • sisira 43w

    Walking in the lane
    With the flow of wind
    I was thinking of my love
    Love with the wild !

    The wind flows high
    Forcing thoughts to say hi
    Thoughts of my love
    Love with the wild !

    The beauty of the earth
    Sends imagination forth
    From my birth
    Was my love worth?
    My love with the wild !

    The wind does blow
    Telling memories to flow.

    Then was the first
    When I heard of the albatross
    I still remember that chapter
    The rime of the ancient mariner.

    With long and flat pinion
    It fly through ocean
    The rise of sun it see
    Looks like diamond in the sea
    From mountains to blossom
    And sea to ice
    To see this paradise
    Only albatross have eyes.

    From the the life of birds
    To the life of marine
    It chase them all.

    Being jealous from it
    I wished to be an albatross
    Covering my heart with moss
    To ignore the truth of loss
    Fear of losing my love
    Love with the wild !

    With the end of lane
    Closing the chapter of imagination
    My love with the wild will remain
    Under the name of hallucination.


    Only a writer knows what he or she writes
    I know it would be little hard for others to understand ����

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    Love with the wild

  • sisira 43w

    With the decay of root
    They lost shoot

  • sisira 45w

    हर कोई यहां दौड़ रहा
    पर जाने कहां वो जा रहा।
    उसे ख़बर ना रही आज की
    बस चलता ही वो जा रहा।
    खुदको भी अब छोड़ चला
    जाने कहां मुंह मोड़ चला।

  • sisira 46w

    No one wants to be a villain by their own will
    It's the situation which forces them to be a villain

  • sisira 46w

    सुकून की चाहत तो हमें भी थी।
    मगर हमारे नसीब में बेचैनी ही लिखी थी।

  • sisira 47w

    When the wind flows straight
    Brings sorrow with it
    Forcing the memories to recap
    Those pleasure in mother's lap
    With siblings in the woodland
    Playing hide and seek in the twilight
    Bathing in the lagoon
    Joy was the fortune
    Watching to the blossom
    The pleasure was income
    Those childhood days
    Till then were gold mines
    In the present
    Memories have wrinkled faces
    With flow of wind
    Some roads lead you home
    The home of memories
    Cabin in the woods
    Leaving the footprints of sorrow behind
    It continues to flow and flow high.

    #combination #wod #pod
    Wind - memories have wrinkled faces
    Wind - some roads lead you home
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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