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  • sitstillinthecarplease 1d


    Maiden in saffron gown;
    youthful yarrow and dreamer's thistledown.
    Horizon lightly dappled with orange and blue,
    ultramarine images quietly drawn.

    Morning garnished with an elysian hue
    parting the misty veils of dawn.
    Springtide serenade of midday carillon.

    May Queen in goldenrod groves;
    youthful yarrow and lady-mantle rows.

    Luster of lunaria bloom
    over the violet shaded plain.
    Village spires cloaked in moon,
    eyes aswim in visions of rain.
    Lambent of the vine-woven loom,
    yellow dust drapes the river vein.

    Lillywhite billows of wavering nimbus
    atop a mountain's glacial garland.
    Diamond slopes cascade into the valley,
    yonder voice calls for a summit.

    Lilac grows near the border of glen and glade
    upon the threshold of day.
    Marigold mane of blossoming blane;
    primrose and tulip along a cobblestone lane.
    Sketches of twilight, scribbles of prose.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 4d


    Solemn slits of sun
    plummeting to the moonvale
    where spheres gently drift.

    Maybe we’re dreaming
    in a sliver of cosmos
    filled with opal stars.

    In an astral gaze,
    golden curtains softly close
    on celestial fire.

    Ode to the music;
    simple harmonic motion
    fluttering in space.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 5d


    Overhead in a waltz of cumulonimbus,
    catacumbal sky shatters.
    A song of storms, windswept with fury,
    resonates where the population scatters.
    In petrichor perfumes, the waves turn dark.
    Northward, the thundersong wails
    and branches are conducting the gales.

    Overhead in cyclonic currents,
    fractured firmament in tatters.

    Threads of celestial fire
    impale the champaign.
    Maelstrom carves the countryside
    entangled in black rain.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Sail across the plain,
    do skirmish with lofty foes;
    the windmills turning.

    Shelter from the rain:
    is it madness or my woes
    that I'm adjourning?

    Through cascading grain
    where the bobal vineyard grows,
    autumn returning.

    Sail across the mane,
    do battle on old plateaux;
    the windmills turning.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Observing the sun arc over the wheat
    illuminating each flaxen tendril,
    the eruption of emerald branches
    yellows then reddens then dies.
    Cold gales wander the valley
    as afterglow paints the skies.

    Lament for autumn as it withers in frost
    and day surrenders to the dark.
    Io, Saturnalia with your rings of celestial dust
    spiraling amid antimatter.
    Come the fires of festive chaos,
    we've candied gems to scatter.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Beltane summerhouse of ivied pillar
    and rainbow streams of sun.
    Decorated with lilac and rose;
    eld verse softly spun.

    Columnated pavilion beside the water
    beneath the gown of a willow tree.
    Where blue specters gently swirl
    with eyes of glimmering jewelry.

    Doused in a mosaic of moonlight
    shattered by cherry branches,
    Queen of twilight floats aloft
    weaving stars in astral dances.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Sometimes you feel like rain
    when you gently cascade upon me
    and in those fragile moments
    I felt apart from myself.
    Time pours by the grain
    but my glass is becoming clouded.
    Who's voice whirs from your room?
    Who is this so gracefully shrouded?

    Sometimes you feel like rain
    when gently cascading beside me
    and in those days of youthful reverie
    I felt a part of yourself.
    Space is growing smaller
    but your face is farther away.

    Sometimes you feel like rain
    when gliding through the twilight
    and in these fragments of memory
    I see someone I once was.

    Sometimes you feel like rain
    as I yearn for days away from the pain.

    Sometimes you feel like rain.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    In sun-blistered solitude, my imaginary villa,
    light slips from dunes of shattered gold.
    I've no vivid destination
    in this haze of consternation
    and my mind has no body to enfold.

    Over suburban oceans familiar to past lives,
    tangled in tempests bleeding with rain.
    I've no conscious comprehension
    in this wavering dimension
    and my eyes have no imagery to attain.

    On silver clad mountains whet by ancient ice,
    there lay a million years of frozen blue.
    The mirage of all
    fades in a sunning pall
    as I am I and you are you.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Birdsong cradled on whispers of air,
    darkness engulfed in aurora.
    Light pours across the emerald vale
    and cascades upon sleeping flora.

    Foxtails waver overlooking the shore,
    blush skies fade to blue.
    A caress of sea upon the sand
    as sky dons a novel hue.

    Dawn unveils dew swathed green,
    sunlight parts the white clad screen,
    branches clutch foggy plumes,
    as river splits the forest room.

    We're doused in summer rays,
    a shawl of lavender rose
    and as our eyes are filled with morn
    we'll paint our reams with loving prose.

  • sitstillinthecarplease 1w


    Implosion of the mind, eyes dart coldly,
    illusory horrors are the walls that enfold me.
    Memories are null in the blur of regret,
    people move further away the closer they get.

    Thunder of my thoughts breed
    images of nought but
    my fears becoming what I am.
    Is it a ruse or the cracking of the dam?

    Pacing in the hallway,
    shaking of my limbs,
    as time slowly passes,
    the light inside me dims

    Presto heartbeat overflowing with
    all my logic unknowing what
    predatory panic lurks nearby.
    Overcome with tears but I cannot cry.

    Maybe I'll exist forever in mental anguish,
    maybe I'll wake up tomorrow blind,
    maybe I'll drown myself in questions,
    maybe I won't.