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  • sizzuu 3d

    Have you felt sometimes ??
    No matter how hard you try to share your problems with any body
    It doesn't get any better

  • sizzuu 3d

    I don't know why I feel so heavy
    Since my heart Is filled with emptiness
    May be it's the tears weighing me down

    A existential crisis rise every minute
    When the waves of miseries drown my hope

    I wish for stars and got the dust
    I pray for peace and got the trauma
    My luck failed me and so Did the destiny

  • sizzuu 3d

    You thought you can make me miserable
    Now see how I turn the tables


  • sizzuu 5d

    When you choose to get hurt
    It's love ♥️


  • sizzuu 5d

    Like a bubble the happiness disappear with in seconds
    But like a stain sadness get glued
    Even those leave who promised to hold hands
    You lose your sanity over the people who don't give a damn about your mood

    First excuses
    Second accusations
    Third ignorance
    Finally emptiness
    Is what they do
    And you wonder why can't they walk in your shoes?
    Why can't they see your tears and pain
    But all you have is yourself to blame...
    You feel not being enough for them
    You now find fault looking at the mirror
    Doubting your worth and facing your deepest fears

    A false hope
    Maybe someday they see
    What have they miss

    A dream
    That they still dream of you

    But they moved on
    And you still stuck
    Where they have left you


  • sizzuu 1w

    I feel for you
    I don't just said it
    I mean it
    Your Every problem bother me
    And your happiness just lighten up my day
    I cant even imagine you in pain
    It's just broke me down
    I wanted be your shield for life

    Your dreams your passion your wishes
    I have kept alive within me
    I wish what you wish
    I want what you want
    I try to make you smile

    But now everything seems vain
    Even after all this time
    How could you not know?
    That all I want is what is best for you
    Your happiness your smile your laughter
    You never understood me
    Not my intentions
    Instead raised a question mark behind

    All I have is just one question
    Do you even know me?


  • sizzuu 4w

    Things fall apart when we argue
    Either you are right or I don't get you
    We don't see the thrones we throw to prove us right
    Later the stitches just gave up to mend our bond
    A little more bitterness left from the last fight on our heart
    We continue to give this feeling chance
    Finally Our sleepless night, tired soul, broken heart led us far but better place

  • sizzuu 8w

    Let's lessen the pain
    Let's welcome the rain after the snow
    Let's forget the path we know
    Let's stop the bleeding hurt
    Let us move apart


  • sizzuu 9w

    Already dealt and done with drama
    Neither search nor wait
    Just let things be
    Everything will be in place
    More you try to arrange more messy it becomes


  • sizzuu 10w

    I deleted the insecurity that you gave me from the lack of commitment
    How could you not know how hurt I was from the messages I sent
    I erased the thought of not being enough
    I knew loving was hard but who knows loving wrong one was tough
    Now I don't care about what you do, cause your actions don't affect me like they did

    My tears couldn't prove my love to you but now my happiness define my worth
    I don't fear rejection nor the ignorance
    Because you haven't known me enough
    You can be happy when I am drowning in despair