Few names open heart chakra Like they are cabin for soul

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  • sksfantasy_girl 1w

    Why should I think about you in thoughts when I don't have right in reality.Its betrayal!

  • sksfantasy_girl 1w

    Looking at her hand
    As it reminded me of his hand
    I maundered
    Iska aur uska kya connection
    And ignored leaving a ???
    And universe pulled All my chains
    To show how connections made
    I was teared apart under my shadows

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    You slept on someone's bed
    It ached like I got raped!

  • sksfantasy_girl 2w

    Feeling of being unheard plants worthlessness in you and accepting same behaviour from people multiple times destroy soul.

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    Too much ignorance
    Made me believe I am not good but worst
    made me to choose to be lost
    By choosing bad people circle

  • sksfantasy_girl 2w

    Leave those rascals

    Feeling bad about yourself
    You are in the company of bad people
    Who make you feel that way

  • sksfantasy_girl 2w

    Sab andar hi hai
    Bahar bina deke use
    Nhi nikaal paogi

  • sksfantasy_girl 23w

    I saw love dying
    Breaking knots while time
    How animals graze pastures
    Of someones,crushing land
    To remain forever barren
    Just because they want to do so
    Whether you die!

    Its true what you leave(let go!)
    You have it in fate!

    You were just a mirror
    thats why broken by wind
    Cause love is inside
    Can't be found amongst
    Stuffed dummies of time
    Reason of chaos
    Always enters from outside

  • sksfantasy_girl 23w

    I am pouring out mine
    shadow ink from eerie clouds
    Lifting greys up in the rainbow sky
    alongwith high flying metaphors
    Gold and old wrinkled treasuries
    of time on my wrist bone
    watching the emerging of the
    long lost renessaince period,
    delightning in fancy sweet cake
    ceremonies of newmoon
    Thirty two candles smiling;
    looking at me like a mirror
    Candies busting loud betwixt teeth
    sneaking in my ears as
    ringing millions doorbells
    Banging to upgrade boon boom
    Of the rusted timelines
    "I have own way to be moonglow."

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  • sksfantasy_girl 28w

    #life #lotus
    Lotus know how to suppress darkness and burn it into passion holding self with compassion.
    Teaches patience and working on seeking light,following truth even in darkness and obscured planes(stem is that pull,thread,connection pulled up by invisible power for divine reunion known as destiny)

    Smiles are in florets nature,its the joy and sense of accomplishing purpose of life.Silent and powerful in own grace,standing alone elegantly in praise of his lover.The love of life is the story of divine union.

    We are here to find core existence not make any place in the world or reach somewhere cause this world is mere a shadow total a spellbound illusion
    gleaming like moon from original fire keepers elixers.
    Love yourself!

    No one should be above our existence otherwise real yearning will not survive to blossom as faith and awakening.How will we go back to home without making an original key?
    Its a separation phase that's why its painful because real joy is embodying wholeness.None different from other stars,plants,animals of the creation.All are one, to treat same with equal rights.Hurting them is killing one part of soul healed during process.The life is not as it seems to be.Only self-love,not ruling above anything or anyone but becoming that pure vessel so that white light can flow through the vessel to ripples curves of new era and culture.

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    I love light which make even mud beautiful
    I love this lotus crown wearing enlightenment on head
    Life is the name of broken pieces,this place is an abyss
    We are blooming lotus floating in the pond
    Came here to polish those tiny fragments left with tiny spark
    To join with kintsugi and seed a new lotus seed
    In that darkness like a firefly so that
    one day it will illuminate as an opening of a new bloom
    leaving this world behind
    Freeing self from the chains of overwhelming demons
    Becoming whole making path for the lost one's
    To know how to climb up?
    By looking up!

  • sksfantasy_girl 28w

    Everyone has different fascination
    So i am not criminal if i don't get excited over the things you get just like you make fun of my likes in undercover smile.

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    I don't know why but i am not interested in the famous painting mona lisa.

  • sksfantasy_girl 36w

    Pepper Bird-"Always wanted to live a different life!
    Out of mould but it needs patience,faith and self-love cause a different life is created from within if we use our imaginations than chase....."

    Kettle-"Good people only gives you smile.Stories live in hearts.Stories gives reason to live,because of them heart beats.That's what dreams are for to keep you awake in the sleeping world."

    Knife-"Dreams are messages from the invisible guides; helping us to walk in true direction to create a new fairytale,telling us this is the possibility of our future.Have faith and keep on dreaming like chopping vegetable and slicing fruits.
    Continue following and loving your dream one day it will become your reality.Till then it is reaching towards optimum contidions so that this gift of life can be opened which is going through the process means a struggle.Dreams are awareness;path to enlightment i.e.freedom."

    Glass-"A drunk sleep in this sleeping world with walking sleepers.Dreams carry your archetype,waking up alarm,are peace,passion within.An invisible communication from eternal till eternity.Dreams are sweet drinks of kindness pouring out from you cause dreamers are always kind.
    You should be aware about the difference between dream and mirage created by mind.The last battle to win before it comes true as a test.
    It is possible or not is an another thing but if you don't want it saying it is impossible due to certain reasons is the biggest sin;an irresponsible behaviour.This unconcious choice is a framework ,represents its already in yours existence.You are running away from commitment!"

    Coffee Mug-"Dreaming is a potential work.It needs concentration and passion to awake with wide eyes open.Its like being a magnet and opening various mysteries in a single moment and creating a personal library.
    It is like meditating to get answers and reach new standards.Most paperwork is directly done in imaginations.Data gets safely stored without any risk of virus .Hence final draft comes out in physical parameters.Imaginations are alive only because of daydreaming."

    Kitchen girl-"Its foolish to live in this world for world!!!
    Living for Fantasy is what gives life a meaning and many beautiful turns.Dreams are reason of existence.Dream is a Gift!"

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    I am grateful for having painless body, mind which can focus wherever i want to and breaths heightening in imaginations.
    Happy ingredients to cook bowl of a magic everyday in an ordinary life!