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  • sky_walker_ 100w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Memories

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    Memories are always filled with full of emotions

  • sky_walker_ 139w

    No human is born bad.. their surrounding people makes them like that.
    ""Sometimes"",You can't blame a person for how they really are.. they are...because of a mind programming which they have experience since their birth.
    @vibhavati_ @madeu_bi @zealous_grl @varsharock @indeterminate_love

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    There has never been a born bad or evil born person on Earth.. Nobody is born bad, People and their surroundings make them like that.

  • sky_walker_ 140w

    There is always a solution to a problem which can be found in any book in this world.
    If you still can't find, then the solution to that problems is within you only.
    But if then also you can't find a solution to a problem, then it's basically not a problem but a truth to be accepted...

  • sky_walker_ 141w

    If you are not the king in your own world(imagination), then you can never be the king in the real world.

  • sky_walker_ 143w

    It's not related to me in any way.. I just wrote it..
    "Life goes on and all you need is to move on.."
    Everything unwanted thing that happens with you is in some way gives you a lesson.
    Being sad for someone is a foolish thing..
    "Be happy, enjoy your life with friends and family"
    Do things that scares you, come out of your comfort zone, that's the only way of living a satisfactory life..
    @varsharock @vibhavati_ @madeu_bi @zealous_grl

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    I really wanted it to be happened,
    But it never happened,
    My mind always tried to threaten,
    But this heart always tried to make it done,

    Yeah! I was attached with someone,
    With whom I could always have fun,
    Who was ,for me, like a sun,
    I wanted something but it never happened,

    I didn't know what to do,
    It was a very hard time I was going through,
    Yes!! it was a mistake my heart did,
    That was to love someone which was the only true,

    So, I tried and proceed to know,
    If the same feelings like mine, she had grown,
    And yes!! she had feelings of love,
    But alas! it was for someone else and I was done,

    So I made a decision which my heart resisted,
    But it was needed my mind insisted,
    It was to let her go and forget about her,
    But "not being with her" had been my greatest fear,

    As it is life, it goes on,
    You can not stop and wish everytime,
    But to always be ready and move on,
    And this thing every wise person knows but not a moron.

  • sky_walker_ 153w

    We all have different mind or role at different situations but are in one you.
    If two people are in same problem, and one is your friend and other is your son, I bet you will give different advices to them. Coz our mind working changes with different people.
    #varsharock @vibhavati_ @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #writersnetwork @madeu_bi @zealous_grl

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    Being Yourself

    Being Yourself doesn't mean to be same everytime, everywhere. But it means to act "truly" according to the situations or people.
    Like-if you act like a good son among your friends, you will end up feeling strange to them ,or acting like if you are with your friends when you're with your father, you will be left with a slap, those two people are you only but at different situations.So never doubt yourself at this thing.

  • sky_walker_ 154w

    Nothing remain same forever neither weather nor your problems .And also not you can be.

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    Life and Weather

    Life situations are like weather. Sometimes it is clear and sunny like you are happy and everything is normal. Sometimes it is cloudy or raining like you are sad or crying. Sometimes it is cold like you are feeling lonely. Sometimes it's windy or of storm like getting many problems suddenly.
    But one thing is clear,that weather as well as situations in life never remain the same. In both cases, we just need to wait.

  • sky_walker_ 154w

    Classroom=universe, Teacher=God, limited_period=life time, new students=next generation humans,notes=knowledge.

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    Human Life

    How strange our life is
    We, human beings are like very young students in a classroom.Our questions about everything are infinite and answers are not defined. We don't know where teacher is or if he is really present or not.
    In this classroom, students get limited period and other new students replace previous students but can also share their notes.

  • sky_walker_ 155w

    It's good to spend time with friends but it doesn't means you will waste your time with any people gossiping or doing foolish things unnecessarily most of the time.
    You can only discover yourself or find or create something new if you spend some time with yourself ( i.e, being alone).

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    Sitting alone and thinking or observing people and surroundings is better than wasting your energy by doing meaningless things or spending time with stupid people.

  • sky_walker_ 156w

    Life, a small gap between birth and death,
    Don't let this gap to be filled with bad memories.
    Fill it with beautiful memories. It's too small.
    And also even today is what you have to live because you never know if you get tomorrow to live.
    So, Go and seize the day..

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    We cried when we came to this world.
    But live a life that you would not cry before you are about to leave this world.